Friday, 2014-08-15

warthog9ka6sox: it says "planned"00:10
warthog9meaning they are in various stages of not being available yet00:10
warthog9if there's a picture, at least some exist and it's obviously further along and likely not far from production00:10
* prpplague comes into the conversation late00:10
prpplagueka6sox: which ones are you asking about?00:10
prpplagueho ho hum00:16
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warthog9ohhh hey I can change the topic!01:57
*** warthog9 changes topic to "Announcing the MinnowBoard - Open Source Hardware w/ Intel Atom! | wiki resources at | Please update your firmware (see g+/facebook/mailing list)"01:57
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Bhaalprpplague: Are new boards being made going out with that brand spanking new firmware warthog9 has been posting all over the webs?04:10
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aholler_no, they want everyone to end up with a brick ;)09:17
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inflexmmm... bricks09:26
* tbr builds a fort out of bricks09:31
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seaLneupgrading the firmware is pretty easy and simple13:56
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warthog9seaLne: good to hear :-)22:10
warthog9seaLne: I assume you updated to the version I blasted out about yesterday?22:11
seaLnewarthog9: yeah22:11
warthog9I assume not issues?22:12
warthog9err no issues22:12
warthog9(sorry brain rather fried)22:12
seaLnenot really, not sure if it might be worth saying that after doing the upgrade you probably have to go back in to uefi to tell it to boot off what it was before rather than wondering if you have bricked it when it doesn't come back up22:14
warthog9that it powers off vs. rebooting?22:14
seaLneassuming that is normal behaviour that uefi just does what it did the last boot?22:14
seaLneno that it doesn't boot back off what ever you were using before the upgrade leading to a few panicy moments of did it brick22:15
seaLnethis is my first experience with uefi which probably isn't helping22:16
warthog9I know if we blast it down with a programmer it wipes the nvram space22:16
warthog9it might do the same with the online upgrade, which would be slightly obnoxious22:16
* warthog9 will put that on his todo to verify and see if it can get fixed22:16
seaLneit seems to sit just displaying a "." for a long time before giving the uefi comand line22:17
seaLnei may be mis-remembering but it feels like it is taking way longer to boot22:17
seaLnewell to get to the point of starting the OS boot22:19
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seaLnebut not having to worry about whether this will be the boot that bricks it is definitly an improvement :)22:51
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Bryansteinwarthog9, any idea when we can get multiplexer support in the firmware?23:09
BryansteinI've got 4 drives, in an enclosure that are in an array and I can't use it. Well I can use usb3 but I need that port open!23:10
warthog9seaLne: interesting23:11
warthog9I apparently really need to fix my znc bouncer to support multiple clients better, as I'm clearly missing something exciting (hi Bryanstein!)23:11
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Bryansteinwarthog9, I'm ready to get this dog and pony show on the road...but I need to use my enclosure23:13
Bryansteinwarthog9, it seems you and I have the same enclosure23:13
warthog9Bryanstein: same one I've got?23:13
warthog9having problems with it?23:14
BryansteinWell it's a firmware issue perhaps...the mbm only shows 1 drive23:14
warthog9usb3 or sata?23:14
warthog9no idea if that works23:15
BryansteinWell I'm telling doesn't hehehe23:15
warthog9ok, I'll have to snag a minnow and bring it home23:15
warthog9or buy one of the enclosures for work23:15
BryansteinIn uefi shell 1 drive23:15
Bryansteinmanagement interface...1 drive23:16
BryansteinOS...1 drive23:16
warthog9is yours the raid version?23:16
warthog9or the non-raid version23:16
BryansteinYes but it's off23:16
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BryansteinI wouldn't use that on a dara23:16
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warthog9one the one drive what's the size reported by fdisk?23:16
warthog9or gdisk23:17
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Bryansteinoh these are 3Tb23:17
BryansteinBut...I have some old smaller drives..same issue. It's the minnow. The minute I hook it up to this ancient dell or my v1 it reads all the drvies23:17
Bryansteinprpplauge mentioned something about multiplexer not being enabled...I was like hmmm interesting...why have it!23:18
warthog9looks like it's probably supported23:19
warthog9(can you run lspci and tell me what the controller string is?)23:19
Bryansteinit is..I mean multiplier sorry23:19
warthog9(I don't have a minnow handy)23:19
warthog9(I should leave one of the A0's at home for playing with)23:19
BryansteinSATA controller: Intel Corporation ValleyView 6-Port SATA AHCI Controller23:27
Bryansteinwarthog9, it's the firmware man, just inquire about it please.23:27
warthog9Bryanstein: send me an e-mail23:28
warthog9to my @intel address, and I'll punt it up23:28
warthog9I know usb3 works fine23:30
warthog9(that's what I'm using at home on my server)23:30
BryansteinYes I know usb works also because I tested it23:33

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