Sunday, 2014-08-17

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Bryansteinwarthog9, you alive?13:33
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warthog9Bryanstein: for various definitions of alive18:07
Bryansteinwarthog9, I posted a max video19:01
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warthog9Bryanstein: link?21:13
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Bryansteinwarthog9, had some issues with vaapi though and h264 wasn't being accelerated21:25
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BhaalBryanstein: Best camera work every *cough* :)23:38
BryansteinBhaal, lol I don't know if that is an insult or a compliment :oP23:38
BhaalCan't even get my insulting compliments right...23:39
BryansteinWell I was trying to actually show the board for a second...instead of moving all over the place and falling in the video, I just left it on the tripod23:40
BhaalIt's ok, I creak a little when I stand up as well :)23:40
BhaalNah, tis good work, been waiting to see something like this...  xbmc playing video would be good also23:41
BryansteinBhaal, I've got one of those planned too actually23:42
BryansteinI've been having some issues trying to get vaapi working as is23:42
BryansteinWell...I have i915 and i965 with vaapi all in the mix but vaapi enabled stuff literally stopped playing the minute I enabled it23:43
BryansteinSooo I'm going to take a deeper look...the minute I installed vaapi video output in totem stopped23:44
BryansteinVLC with vaapi...I try a big ole blueray rip and err it doesn't like it23:44
BryansteinNow mind you I only tried this a few times so I haven't actually taken a look into it23:45
Bhaalfirmware or bad compatibility?23:45
Bhaal(your first thoughts)23:46
BryansteinBhaal, oh I doubt seriously it's firmware23:48
Bryansteinvainfo shows the h264 stuff23:52
BhaalGah...  my local pc parts store's website is down...23:56
BhaalThis makes it difficult to chose what I want before I go there...23:57

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