Monday, 2014-08-18

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warthog9Bryanstein: I'm loving the video btw02:06
warthog9Bryanstein: I assume you won't mind if I share that on G+?02:07
Bryansteinwarthog9, thanks...I need to put a note in there telling people the fps is 60 because it matches the sync rate02:07
warthog9Bryanstein: also, we should get you some practice on Q3 ;-)02:07
warthog9yeah, that's worthwhile02:07
Bryansteinwarthog9, you know how long it's been02:07
warthog9kinda pointless to render too many more frames than your monitor can actually show02:08
warthog9Bryanstein: did you figure out what was going on with vaapi?02:09
warthog9remote top02:10
warthog9Bryanstein: did I tell you I'm putting some mPCI-E to 1x PCI-e adapters on order?02:11
warthog9just so I can plug in some ridiculous graphics card into the MAX to show people, that yes it works? ;-)02:11
* warthog9 has a couple of spare 8800GTs sitting around02:11
Bryansteinwarthog9, ummm no but I was just looking at that today ...well I'll have a tesla k40 here in a bit02:12
BryansteinWell it's already here just gotta go get it.02:12
warthog9I think the "nicest" graphics card I own is my 560GTX02:13
warthog9think I got terri a 660GTX02:13
* warthog9 is clearly behind the times02:13
BryansteinI was looking at pcie for an SDR applicationg that I was looking into. Too bad the SDR card is $3k02:13
Bryansteinyes...I'll stick with hackrf02:13
Bryansteinwarthog9, coreboot...any other word on that?02:16
warthog9last i saw, patches available02:16
Bryansteinwell I built it...but err02:16
BryansteinI have the rom...I finally got spi up on the mbm02:17
BryansteinBut for some reason at first it wouldn't allow me to it does but it doesn't like the bins02:17
BryansteinThey go on...and I can read them off and md5sum matches02:18
BryansteinWhen I booth the board I get nada on console or hdmi, :o\02:18
warthog9with coreboot?02:18
BryansteinWell it doesn't matter. Either or02:19
warthog9I haven't had time to play with it much, I know what documentation I read if you want graphics you have to pull some binary blob from the FSP02:19
BryansteinYes I did all of that02:19
warthog9hmmm :-/02:19
BryansteinWell something else is up...neither of the Intel firmware brings it back either02:20
BryansteinBut it's writing to it02:20
warthog9so flashing the firmware I pointed out the other day gets you anything?02:20
warthog9you using flashrom?02:20
BryansteinYep...and the rom that comes off matches the md5sum of the firmware02:21
warthog9you using on minnow to flash to other?02:21
warthog9can you dump your coreboot image somewhere and I'll give it a go tomorrow?02:22
Bryansteinprpplague was saying something about someone whipping up an ftdi programmer and that I'd get one. Maybe things will be different with that02:22
warthog9possibly, I know prpplague was working on that (and I have a quote in for a pile already), I'll have to check with him on where that's at02:23
warthog9I've got a dediprog on order (man those things are PRICEY)02:23
BryansteinI know..too pricey 200 bucks02:23
BryansteinI'll toy around with vaapi again for err like 20 minutes tonight. Everything is there for it to work02:24
warthog9yeah I need to figure out who the mplayer maintainer in rpm forge is so I can get them to build vaapi in02:25
BryansteinWell warthog9 vlc and totem should do it just have to enable it in vlc02:27
warthog9have to try that too02:27
warthog9need to double check my bootable image for Linuxcon this week02:27
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Bryansteintotem if you have vaapi libs and the i965 driver should far on my box with vlc it fails to do it02:28
warthog9I'll double check it02:28
BryansteinI have one thing in mind...if that doesnt work then I'll try another distro just for wtf sake02:28
warthog9Bryanstein: you did upgrade your board to the firmware I e-mailed out about?02:30
BryansteinNo not the current one...I tried it on the borked one and it didn't work hehe02:30
warthog9do the normal upgrade process using the firmwareupdate.efi on your good one02:30
Bryansteinwarthog9, does that give me a sata multiplier?02:30
warthog9it'll make me feel better02:30
warthog9you told me about that AFTER that drop :-P02:31
warthog9and I haven't had time to check with the firmware guys on what's going on there02:31
BryansteinIf I can get my array up then I can do my normal install every distro known to man test of the minnow02:31
BryansteinThat rtc works too02:32
warthog9you solder on a battery?02:33
warthog9nice :-)02:33
BryansteinWorks like a champ...the it didn't. Like I said I wasn't going to even try my array without the rtc on it02:33
BryansteinWhen I got it on and found that it was degraded lol...I was like errr why02:33
warthog9I need to bring that up with a few folks who want to put these things in data centers02:33 makes for a bad day with a big ole ugly array. Or even doing something with pcie like a big ole beefy controller for a san pfff02:34
BryansteinI'm set on bringing this other board back from the dead for some reason, but I think something is funky with it02:35
warthog9it's become one of those problems02:36
warthog9you will defeat it!02:36
warthog9Bryanstein: you aren't going to Linuxcon right?02:36
BryansteinNo man...I'm going to Fossetcon!, lol too close to our event02:37
BryansteinI went last year...this year it's just way too close for comfort. Why you want to give me a million dollars or something?02:37
warthog9no, just checking02:41
warthog9I'm working on my slides02:41
warthog9for my file syncing talk02:41
warthog9I'm not really confused by the number of pictures of toilets on Flickr02:44
* Bryanstein trying to flash coreboot one more time02:48
Bryansteinwarthog9, ah...seems there was an issue with the file I was using!03:30
warthog9got it working?03:31
Bryansteinwarthog9, yes indeed03:33
BryansteinI'm running xbmc and it's using like 16% CPU03:33
warthog9for x264?03:33
warthog9full hd?03:34
BryansteinYes...really it's like 9% on CPU0 and 6% on CPU103:34
Bryansteinthe xbmc process itself is at 15-18%03:34
Bryansteinfull hd x26403:34
warthog9that's not bad03:35
warthog9and good to hear :-)03:35
BryansteinOh it's definitely accelerated03:35
Bryansteinwarthog9, I'll make a video tomorrow03:36
warthog9I like videos :-)03:36
* Bryanstein thinks of a cooler movie to show03:36
warthog9though I'm actually starting to like my slides for this talk03:36
warthog9always a good set of slides when you can use a toilet and the pictures of the VLA in a single presentation03:37 said your talk was on what again?03:38
warthog9titled: A Walk Down File Syncronization Lane03:39
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BryansteinHmmm this is pretty good performance...and it's over nfs too03:40
Bryansteinwarthog9, you did a talk about robots when last year?03:41
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warthog9Bryanstein: ELCE last year04:31
warthog9talked about K-904:31
warthog9I've got a talk in this year for ELCE called "teaching fish to fly"04:31
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zenlinuxI approve of that title04:56
tentengcan i buy minnowboard max?04:56
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warthog9zenlinux: yeah, step one is to buy an octocopter05:32
warthog9that's tomorrow' project....05:32
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BhaalSorry about the restarts06:16
BryansteinI got XBMC up...runs pretty smooth06:16
Bhaalreplaced motherboard in my house server...06:16
BryansteinVERY smooth06:16
BhaalBryanstein: Are you able to try 4k files?06:16
BhaalI don't have the TV/monitor for 4k yet, but nice to know if its possible...06:17
BryansteinBhaal, I don't think my tv can do 4k06:17
Bhaalok, np..06:18
BhaalI don't imagine it would be a problem06:18
Bhaalxbmc is the only use I would have for the video06:19
BhaalBryanstein: Thank you heaps for testing that for me!06:19
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warthog9Bhaal: we won't be able to output 4K07:24
warthog9Bhaal: meaning we would have to resize it on the fly anyway07:24
BhaalAh ok07:32
BhaalThat's cool, I haven't quite seen the point in 4k anyway :)07:32
BhaalOther then revenue07:32
warthog9yeah the hdmi port on the minnow only outputs 1080p07:32
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warthog9if we swapped it for display port I think we can get to 2k07:33
warthog9but I'd have to go check the chip specs07:33
inflexHow common will it be for the MM to even drive such a large output?07:33
inflex( okay, to be fair, I plan on pushing 1920x1200 )07:34
warthog9inflex: not sure you can push it that far07:34
warthog9think it tops out at straight 1080p07:34
warthog9as for how many people will do it: no clue07:34
warthog9but Bryanstein had xbmc w/ va-api running earlier and was highly amused07:34
Bryansteininflex, I have it connected to a tv now 1920x108007:36
inflexI've often found that a lot of the Intel Atom setups only quote to 1080 but usually work fine on 120007:36
inflexcould be wrong this time though ( oh well, just a pair of black bands :) )07:36
Bhaalinflex: dodo back on track nwo?07:37
warthog9yeah hdmi tops out at 1920x1080p07:37
warthog9if we switched to display port the chip can do 2560x153607:37
warthog9but keep in mind the graphics share main memory07:38
BhaalAlso I guess, the Max isn't designed for that kinda thing...07:38
inflexwarthog9: I'm running several machines here off HDMI and doing 1920x120007:38
warthog9inflex: limitation is in the graphics core, not hdmi itself07:38
inflexah right okay07:39
warthog9no idea why there's a limitation but not much I can do about it07:39
BhaalSo does the new firmware work?  fixes that bug?07:39
inflexTalk sternly to it.07:39
warthog9Bhaal: which one?07:39
warthog9(bug that is)07:39
Bhaalwarthog9: not booting07:40
warthog9inflex: I'll have a very stern talking to with it07:40
warthog9Bhaal: assuming we've root caused all the issues: yes07:40
inflexwarthog9: are you involved in the spinning of the board layouts?07:40
Bhaalgood work07:40
warthog9and all the information I've seen says "yes" we've root caused them all07:40
warthog9inflex: on levels07:40
inflexwarthog9: nice.  Just nice to meet someone who works with such stuff.07:41
warthog9inflex: I'm mostly in the vague realm of putting requests in and arguing why I want them ;-)07:41
warthog9inflex: prpplague and carpman get to do the actual board work07:41
Bhaalwarthog9: Time to argue higher resolution? to break into the htpc market? :)07:42
warthog9Bhaal: we already broke into it, honestly who has 4K content to even display? ;-)07:42
inflexwill be nice to just get our hands on the MMax's07:42
Bhaalwarthog9: No I07:42
warthog9I own a total of 1 blu-ray drive in my house, and that's hooked up to my big desktop07:42
BhaalNot I07:42
warthog9and if I want blu-ray moves, I rip them down07:42
BhaalI own a BR drive ... not actually sure where it is though...07:43
* inflex did have a nice 40" Samsung 6 series... until my cute kitty decided it was a nice place to jump up to.07:43
warthog9I believe this starts to prove my own case ;-)07:43
Bhaalwarthog9: hehehe it was purely the question :)   Speaking of htpc, have you done plans for a VESA mount case?07:44
warthog9Bhaal: hand't thought about it07:44
warthog9easy enough to adapt my current case though07:44
inflexwhat about just a CNC'd flange ?07:44
warthog9Bhaal: --^ pull requests welcome ;-)07:45
warthog9or fork as needed07:45
inflexbtw Bhaal ... been a month since we've conjured a new electronics project... then again, I should just finish building those controller boards for you first :|07:45
BhaalI have a VESA plate which I could drill holes to use with standoffs but concerned about dust07:45
Bhaalwarthog9: I wouldn't even know where to start :(07:45
Bhaalinflex: hehehe yes, yes you should :)07:46
inflexwarthog9: handing out free Formlabs Form 1 printer by chance?07:46
warthog9inflex: good lord no07:46
inflexBhaal: hey, you don't have your MMax's yet... so I'm still safe.07:46
warthog9mine's cost me a pretty peny as is07:46
warthog9I got "lucky" and my laser went bad a week before they announced the 1+07:46
inflexBhaal: that said, my relay boards have been destroying HDDs07:47
warthog9so I got a 50% off upgrade, and a jump to the front of the queue07:47
inflexwarthog9: nice nice nice07:47
warthog9inflex: yup, it's sitting to my left as I type this07:47
inflexwarthog9: workshop?07:47
warthog9inflex: nope, home office07:47
warthog9it's super quiet07:48
Bhaalinflex: Please define "destroying"07:48
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warthog9inflex: it's also a 3d printer I'm happy to let run, overnight, without supervision07:49
RzR[MinnowBoard] Important - Firmware Update07:49
BhaalHello again rzr07:49
* warthog9 waves at rzr07:49
RzRthx for the status07:50
warthog9RzR: I see you got my e-mail :-)07:50
RzRi'll try this out today07:50
warthog9RzR: sooner = better07:50
RzRhow many mbm where killed so far ?07:50
RzRwarthog9: ok I can try to do this now07:50
warthog9by my last count I think it was 7-907:51
warthog9I haven't heard of any new ones since I sent the e-mail though07:51
RzRso for your info I have 2 mbm07:51
warthog9so I think people headed my advice and upgraded asap07:51
inflexwarthog9: they are nice, certainly different in the way they do the pull-form07:51
RzRone bicked and the other untouched07:51
inflexBhaal: cycled until it ceased to accept coming back online again :(07:52
RzRso let's upgrade the working one07:52
Bhaalinflex: But it wouldn't have pulled any more data anyway?07:52
warthog9RzR: yup!  Bryanstein is in a similar boat, I need to check tomorrow if we can update the firmware using a MBM (unless Bryanstein got his working?)07:52
inflexBhaal: about 80GB I still wanted off it... might have to wait for the cleanroom to arrive before I do anything more.07:53
warthog9RzR: do you have something like a dediprog you might be able to use to re-flash your dead board?07:54
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warthog9RzR: dediprog or something else?07:55
warthog9RzR: and do you use windows or linux to flash with?07:55
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Bhaalinflex: Hmmm, would it have pulled as much data off as you got if it wasn't being cycled?07:56
warthog9RzR: can you move that known issues you put on the bios page back to the main page under instead?07:57
warthog9RzR: I think more people will see it there07:57
RzRwarthog9: i have SF100 and been said I need windows to use it07:57
RzRwarthog9: funny thing there is a letter from you in this box :)07:57
warthog9RzR: yup07:57
RzRsee who am i ?07:58
warthog9RzR: I'm EVERYWHERE! BWAHAHAHahahaha...07:58
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RzRok let's update this fw07:58
warthog9RzR: awesome!  If you use the sf100, you can take that same firmware and flash it down, I've been told by the folks who use the windows software to be sure you do an erase first07:59
RzRi'll update wiki too07:59
* warthog9 uses linux and flashrom so doesn't have any experience with the windows software07:59
RzRwarthog9: sorry should I touch the bricked one ?07:59
warthog9RzR: you can use the sf100 to flash it and get it working again07:59
RzRyea I know08:00
warthog9RzR: unless you like it being bricked :-)08:00
RzRbut it could help to return it to where it came08:00
RzRthat's what I dealt08:00
RzRjust to do autopsy08:00
warthog9if you want you can pull the firmware off of it, zip it up and e-mail it to me08:00
RzRso let me update the working one08:00
RzRwarthog9: ok i can do this once i update the working one08:01
warthog9RzR: yeah, I can pass it along to the firmware team just to have them verify your issue isn't a new one08:01
RzRok we'll do that08:01
warthog9but the symptoms you are reporting are identical to the ones we've been troubleshooting08:02
RzRone problem at time :)08:02
warthog9RzR: and your board will be working today, as opposed to shipping it back stateside and getting one back to you08:02
RzRprpplague sent me one to replace that bricked one08:02
warthog9bonus points08:02
BhaalNot fair...  RzR gets 2 Max's and I got none08:04
warthog9ok I'm going to crash, it's 1am here and I've got an octocopter with a MBM's name on it to buy tomorrow08:04
warthog9Bhaal: you in the mouser queue?08:04
Bhaalwarthog9: Yeah, still...08:04
BhaalAnd it still said "pending"08:04
Bhaalwarthog9: go to bed :)08:05
warthog9Bhaal: e-mail me your address, I'll get something in the mail for you that rzr doesn't have ;-)08:05
* Bhaal is intrigued08:06
warthog9I am an intriguing kinda guy08:06
Bhaalhehehe a sleepy intriguing kinda guy08:06
warthog9or silly, and possibly insane08:06
warthog9depending on who you ask...08:06
warthog9ok off to sleep with me08:07
BhaalNight night08:07
warthog9RzR: let me know how those updates go08:07
RzRi was hunting for usb pen08:09
RzRsend me one of those freebies :)08:09
RzRand a windows box too to use it :)08:09
tbrdid I mention today already that waiting for ELCE to get my Minnowmax is torture?08:14
RzRwarthog9: ok upgraded from 2.40 [1.0] RM=1.1.2 to same version08:20
RzRnow let's cook this OS08:21
BhaalRzR: Going to brick test it first?08:23
BhaalRzR: Was it impatiently resetting the max during boot that kills it? or is it entirely random?08:24
inflexawww what08:26
RzRBhaal: the 1st one ? I did describe it on the mailing list08:31
BhaalRzR: will go look08:32
RzRsee links08:33
BhaalYep ok...08:36
BhaalWell hopefully I won't have to worry about it :)08:37
BhaalEither because my max will come with the newest firmware already installed or I will be sure to flash it the very first moment I can08:39
BhaalOooer, china post have updated their tracking site...08:40
BhaalNo more annoying captcha and a slightly nicer layout08:41
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RzRwarthog9: is partially working safe enough in ?09:08
BhaalThat was one of my quakers walking on the keyboard...09:18
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RzRwarthog9: I've dumped the bricked mbmax09:43
RzRwarthog9: i made you an image this and shared it to you09:52
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RzRif anyone want a copy of it pm me10:21
BhaalJust want to know if you have successfully unbricked it yet10:38
*** bluelightning_ is now known as bluelightning10:42
BhaalOh, found my BR drive..11:21
BhaalIts in my data recovery machine11:21
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RzRhi again12:18
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RzRanyway want to analyze the faulty mem dump ?13:02
RzRgive me your email and I share it13:02
BhaalI don't possess the skill set for that :/13:03
BhaalBut thanks for offering13:03
RzRanyway I booted my faveOS on mbm :)13:19
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RzRgot ethernet working on mbm ?14:59
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BryansteinRzR, huh?15:25
BryansteinRzR, ethernet works problems what so ever on my end15:27
RzRworks fine here too15:46
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warthog9Bhaal: combination of slightly bad programming and a users impatience17:06
warthog9RzR: any supported programmer that can do 1.8v should work fine, that being said the only one I know of is the dediprog17:07
warthog9RzR: sorry you mean it being listed as partially, is that safe with flashrom: short answer it's all dvhart and I use around the office, we haven't had problems17:08
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RzRwarthog9: hi again18:00
RzRwarthog9: did you get my dump image ?18:00
warthog9RzR: I did but I'd have to sign up for dropbox I think18:00
RzRI can upload it else but not until tomorrow18:01
warthog9if you wouldn't mind18:01
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RzRwarthog9: got scp ftp or other ?18:12
warthog9google docs? or is there a way to share it without requiring a dropbox login?18:13
RzRare  there private data in it ?18:13
RzRlike serial number of hell ?18:13
warthog9shouldn't be18:14
warthog9at most there would be a mac address18:14
RzRyea i can share this18:15
RzRcan you browse this ?18:15
warthog9I see 3 files18:17
warthog9looks like firmware and two disk images?18:17
warthog9I.E. I can ignore the two disk images?  If so I have the firmware18:17
warthog9and you can lock that / delete / whatever18:17
RzRI will share them on the list if someone cares18:19
RzRwarthog9: is this helpful ?18:32
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warthog9RzR: probably, I need to punt it over to the firmware guys19:40
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RzRwarthog9: I shared link into the list too19:42
RzRwarthog9: i suppose doing the reverse operation using the file you attached to bugzilla19:43
RzRwill revive it ?19:43
RzRright ?19:43
RzRthat's my plans but i the spare one i had is working fine19:44
RzRso i keep this one is bricked state until someone grant me to resurect it :)19:44
warthog9RzR: I have no objections to you flashing it, prpplague isn't in, carpman can you think of any reason not to flash it up and get it working again?19:45
* warthog9 puts carpman in the hot seat ;-)19:45
RzRI'll wait prpplague19:45
RzRno hurry19:45
RzRi can assist also someone who broke his mbm not far from me19:46
RzRhe posted to the list19:46
warthog9yeah, if you need it go ahead, if you are willing to wait I'd wait, see if prpplague has anything else he wants19:46
warthog9RzR: that would be awesome19:47
RzRcan make some howto too19:49
RzRi have made some pictures etc19:49
RzRanyway I'll promote this device as your letter suggested ;)19:49
RzRjust asking how many distros/OSes are avaiable for mbm ?19:50
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carpmanRzR: I can't think of a reason not ot20:01
carpmanI'm a little interested to see if after reflashing it happens again, just another data point20:02
carpmanin addition I've gotten Debian Wheezy installed with no issue, just like on a regular pc20:12
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RzRBryanstein: yea?21:07
BryansteinRzR, did you flash you dead board yet?21:08
RzRnot yet , i just dumped the broken mem21:10
RzRi am leaving now21:10
RzRi'll catch you later21:10
*** RzR is now known as rZr21:10
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