Tuesday, 2014-08-19

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BhaalWhat's this I am reading about Mouser requiring people to fill out forms/certificates in order to get a Max?06:58
BhaalI haven't received any such request06:58
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ahollerau is part of the five eyes ;)07:54
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BhaalErm...  Isn't AU in bed with the US just as much as the UK is?09:17
aholleryes, but isn't au part of the uk? ;)09:20
tbrI think you are thinking commonwealth09:22
aholleris there a difference? ;)09:22
ahollerjust kidding ;)09:24
aholleri've no idea who is a terrorist in the eyes of the five eyes and needs to fill out forms09:25
BhaalIsn't the person who was asked to fill one out from the UK though?09:27
BhaalI really am hoping that the fact my max hasn't been sent out isn't because I haven't filled out a form I haven't been sent to fill out...  ie: pre-orders before the whole shipping screw up happened haven't been sent this form when they should have...09:28
Bhaalie: only new orders since then are being filled09:29
ahollermaybe they decide who gets a form presented based on some list of evil individuals09:29
Bhaalbody slammed in the head by 2 lorikeets09:30
bluelightningwell, unfortunately being in Australia doesn't get you out of this kind of nonsense... http://www.eevblog.com/2014/02/24/element-14-holding-orders-based-on-us-government-watch-list/09:30
BhaalI wonder if that is why we haven't seen that asrock atom board with 12 sata connectors on it yet?09:31
bluelightningI remember ordering some accelerometers in NZ from Analogue Devices, I had to sign something saying I wouldn't be using them to make missiles or send them to a list of "undesirable" countries09:31
BhaalStarting to think its time to contact Mouser and find out what the go is...09:32
aholleromg, and I though what I've just said is sarcasm09:32
BhaalUnless prpplauge or warthog9 can shed some light on the situation09:32
Bhaalaholler: You didn't think poeople in au/nz would need to sign these things?09:33
ahollerI didn't think that orders will be handled based on lists of individuals09:34
aholler(sekret lists)09:34
BhaalThey probably are... *shrug* I just want to know whats going on09:34
tbrBhaal: sounds more like internal distribution slowness of mouser. especialy if you go by the recent mail of someone base also in the UK09:34
Bhaaltbr: Yeah, saw that, but also that could be a right hand/left hand thing as well09:35
BhaalSome staff know, some don't know09:35
Bhaalhence wrong information is going out...09:35
Bhaalwhen people are calling09:35
ahollerbut as so often, the world has become much more crazy that one could believe09:35
ahollerbluelightning: really an unbelievable story you've posted. crazyness at it's best.09:46
bluelightningaholler: indeed09:47
BhaalThe e14 story?09:47
bluelightningat the very least the element14 folks told him about it; they could have just clammed up09:48
bluelightningall seems a bit silly though09:48
BhaalI don't think there is anything specific to hide behind09:49
Bhaalie: if your NAME is a NAME of interest then *shrug* who cares...  sign the form and move on...09:50
BhaalI am happy to sign a form..  if that is why my Max hasn't been sent :)09:50
ahollermost people don't like to be an official evil for the US09:51
BhaalI don't have enough f's to give with regard to something like that..  They can come pay me a visit at home if they need to, I know they won't find anything here..09:52
BhaalUmmm..  and there is no emphasis placed on the word "here"09:52
BhaalSo I guess "David Rolfe" is a name on that US register :)09:56
BhaalI guess I am not evil enough09:56
BhaalThat could change though, depending on how long it takes Mouser to ship :)09:57
* Bhaal will now try and stop commenting about not having a Max09:58
* Bhaal looks at aholler innocently09:58
Inge-hmm... max vs NUC10:47
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* seaLne wonders what mouser mean when an order is "Processing"11:10
seaLnebah it also still says Pending next to the max, so probably not any closer11:11
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RzRInge-: I have both11:33
RzRwanna me to make some interesting tests ?11:34
Inge-opinions, if one is not going to do gpio stuff?11:34
RzRI can adapt this for max : http://www.reddit.com/r/Tizen/comments/2dm1nx/use_xbmc_on_tizen_until_tizen_tv_are_on_sale/11:34
Inge-just curious for your thoughts on the two. I'm pretty sure the minnowboard follows what one could expect for that cpu / ram combo11:41
BhaalSooooo... what did I miss while I was busy fixing the raid array in my server after a drive lost power11:53
BhaalInge-: If you are looking at those too, then it comes down to requirements like: Do you need it in a pretty case? (that will happen for the max down the track)  Do you want all your connectors on 1 edge of the board?  Do you need more then a regular PC, ie: do you need to control other things or want specialised stuff like mpcie or msata?  Does it matter that you cannot expand the amount of memory for the machine?11:56
BhaalWhere did my english go?11:57
Bhaals/those too/those two/g11:57
* RzR is running xbmc on max12:16
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* Inge- is running xbmc on rPi12:36
RzRI do too12:39
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RzRjust one question12:59
RzRhow openhardware is max ?12:59
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tbrRzR: prpplague should be able to answer how open the minnowmax is14:01
tbrIIRC it's going to be conforming to the open hardware definition14:01
prpplaguetbr: correct14:04
prpplagueminnowmax complies with all requirements for OSHA specification14:04
prpplagueall design files should be made available by the end of the week under CC-BY-SA14:05
RzRhi prpplague14:09
RzRI got everything fine on my backup board14:09
RzRthe bricked one is untouched14:09
RzRexcept that I dumped the rom14:10
RzRdid you notice that link I posted in list ?14:10
prpplagueRzR: sorry, no, i've been a little under the weather14:10
prpplagueRzR: a replacement board was shipped to you on friday14:10
RzRprpplague: http://lists.elinux.org/pipermail/elinux-minnowboard/Week-of-Mon-20140818/000313.html14:11
RzRwarthog9 did suggest that I can reflash it but I wanted you to confirm ;)14:12
RzRanyway let me finish a short article of my mbm journey ...14:12
prpplagueRzR: yes, if you have everything setup to do the reflash, then i'd recommend going ahead and flash it14:13
Bhaalprpplague: I hope you are feeling better14:13
prpplagueRzR: what device are you using to do the flashing14:13
prpplagueBhaal: thanks14:13
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prpplagueRzR: let me know when you have the article posted14:17
carpmanprpplague: we should probably redo this tank robot with a minnow ;)14:27
prpplaguecarpman: hehe14:28
prpplaguecarpman: indeed14:28
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RzRprpplague:  dediprog SF10015:13
prpplagueRzR: sorry back from meetin16:06
prpplagueRzR: yea if you have dediprog, go ahead and flash the bad board16:06
prpplagueRzR: keep the new one as a "we are sorry"16:07
RzRIn return I will document the whole process to resurect it16:14
RzRand someone near me has a broken one16:14
RzRhe posted to the list16:14
RzRok it's resurected now16:33
warthog9RzR: it's all good?16:56
RzRyes it's perfect17:04
RzRthanks to you and prpplague17:04
RzRthanks for asking17:05
* RzR rates support service 10 of 10 :)17:05
prpplaguecarpman: http://www.ebay.com/itm/3040T-DJ-3-Axis-CNC-Desktop-Router-Engraver-Engraving-Drilling-Milling-Machine-/181441023297?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item2a3eba4d4117:10
prpplaguecarpman: doing a lure to interface to that should be simple enough17:10
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carpmanprpplague: use their motor driver I assume?17:37
carpmanjust drive it from the pc interface17:37
prpplaguecarpman: yea just drive it from the pc interface17:37
prpplaguecarpman: just need 9 gpios17:37
prpplaguecarpman: +5v17:37
carpmanno, we must do full parallel ;) Get me an FPGA!17:38
carpmanyeah, simple enough, its the software interface from linuxcnc that will be tricky17:38
prpplaguecarpman: think so?17:38
prpplaguecarpman: i thought there was an interface already for eagle17:39
carpmanprpplague: maybe, I'm just unsure because I've never interfaced any new hardware to linuxcnc17:39
prpplaguecarpman: hmm17:39
carpmanprpplague: thats to get board files into gcode, different kind of interface17:39
prpplaguecarpman: i had not even looked at using linuxcnc17:39
prpplaguecarpman: right there was a g-code interface for this thing17:40
prpplaguecarpman: guess i need to do some more research17:40
carpmanprpplague: you need something like it, to take gcode commands and set the GPIOs accordingly17:40
carpmanhehe, welcome to CNC land17:40
prpplaguecarpman: yea i was reading a bunch of folks just had a g-code interpreter17:40
prpplaguecarpman: goal would be to do a pcb in eagle, and just "dump" to the cnc17:41
carpmanprpplague: thats what linuxcnc is, but the interpreter has to understand a little of the hardware. I've seen it interface to these kind of parallel drive setups before on PCs, might not be too difficult to interface via GPIOs17:41
prpplaguecarpman: i'd guess if there is a parallel port setup for linuxcnc then having it for GPIOs should be difficult17:42
prpplaguecarpman: but i thought linuxcnc was all gui based and such17:42
carpmanprpplague: it is, you need that to move the head and zero out before a run17:43
carpmantools might be of different lengths, so you have to move the head around and then home it so it knows where the origin is in 3d space17:44
prpplaguecarpman: there a sub $100 unit out there that we could use as a test bed?17:44
carpmanprpplague: the DMS has one of these kind of CNC mills, with a parallel interface. We could hook our hardware up to it for testing17:45
prpplaguecarpman: yea, i was looking for something for myself to learn on17:46
carpmannothing quite that cheap, unfortunately17:47
seaLnelooks like that is mouser shipping out some more maxs17:47
prpplagueseaLne: yea we've been doing pretty consistent shipments to them17:48
prpplaguecarpman: aren't there some mini 3d printers?17:48
seaLnefor a max ordered on 27th june17:48
carpmanprpplague: the printrbot simple is the best of those. $349.17:50
carpmanfor the wooden one17:50
prpplaguecarpman: hmm17:51
prpplaguecarpman: i swear i had seen a mini 3d printer for less than $10017:52
prpplaguecarpman: but then i am old17:52
carpmanprpplague: you might be thinking of the peachy, it exists but is as yet unreleased17:53
carpmanits an SLA, SLAs are hard to get right17:53
prpplaguecarpman: i was less thinking of actually doing 3d printing17:53
prpplaguecarpman: just wanted to play with the x/y/z17:53
carpmanyeah, I just brought it up because its the right price.17:54
seaLneone of the really annoying things about the mouser shipping emails is that they only tell you there is a shipping reference number in the html version, not in the plain text part17:54
carpmanprpplague: you could borrow my printrbot simple if you wanted. It needs a little TLC, I've borroed a couple of parts off of it for another printer ;)17:54
carpmanall the platform hardware is there, just the nozzle part I've taken off17:55
prpplaguecarpman: yea, i'd not want to tear up your stuff17:55
prpplaguecarpman: plus looking for stuff tends to help me understand all of the requirements17:56
prpplaguecarpman: http://www.homedepot.com/p/Dremel-4000-Series-High-Performance-Rotary-Tool-Kit-4000-6-50/20271334917:56
prpplaguecarpman: http://www.instructables.com/id/Easy-to-Build-Desk-Top-3-Axis-CNC-Milling-Machine/18:01
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maxtothemaxso if I apply power to my minnowmax, and the power indicator comes on, but the on/off indicator stays off, and there's nothing on serial or HDMI, and the power button does nothing, and a reflash doesn't fix it, that means the board is dead right?18:03
prpplaguemaxtothemax: yea18:05
prpplaguemaxtothemax: most likely an issue with the PMIC18:05
maxtothemaxpower manegement integrated circuit, according to google18:06
prpplaguemaxtothemax: yes18:06
maxtothemaxthat's like those voltage regulator transistors right?18:06
prpplaguemaxtothemax: simplified, but yes18:06
prpplaguemaxtothemax: any idea about what was being done to the board before it stopped working?18:07
maxtothemaxI was done for the day18:07
maxtothemaxshut it down18:07
maxtothemaxnext day it's dead18:07
maxtothemaxhowever it had its power adapter plugged in all night18:07
maxtothemaxand I didn't have it in a case18:07
maxtothemaxso maybe it brushed up against  something metal and shorted out?18:07
maxtothemaxI don't see any scorching18:07
prpplaguewhat kind of power supply are you using?18:08
maxtothemax+5v 2.5A18:08
maxtothemaxlooks like steve is getting a box of like 75 of them today18:09
prpplaguemaxtothemax: yea18:09
maxtothemaxso I'll be able to replace it18:09
prpplaguemaxtothemax: ask stephen to send that one back to circuitco so we can check on what failed18:09
maxtothemaxand then I can send this one to dave anders18:09
prpplaguehehe yes please do send it back to me18:10
* maxtothemax maps nick to name18:10
maxtothemaxunfortunately I didn't think to rip the firmware before I reflashed, so you won't be able to look for deadly settings18:13
prpplaguemaxtothemax: i doubt it is firmware related18:19
maxtothemaxI have heard that bad settings can release the blue smoke18:19
prpplaguemaxtothemax: i suspect that the pmic might have had a bad solder joint and after leaving it running all night that the head expanded the connections enough to not make a connection18:19
maxtothemaxalthough I think all I did was change LPSS enumeration to ACPI18:19
maxtothemaxthat makes sense18:20
prpplaguecarpman: http://dlnmh9ip6v2uc.cloudfront.net/datasheets/Robotics/EasyDriver_v44.pdf18:20
carpmanyep, three of those and a relay for the spindle18:22
carpmanand some hardware to read limit switches18:22
prpplaguecarpman: have you used one of those before?18:23
carpmanprpplague: not that one specifically, but its the same circuit on almost every 3d printer/CNC board18:24
carpmanthe problem comes down to reading the limit switches, and controlling the stepper drives in close to real time with linux. Thats why the BB capes for this use the PRU18:25
carpmanlast thing you want to have happen is an interrupt right when the limit switch closes :)18:26
prpplaguecarpman: hmm18:27
carpmanfor destructive processes though, interrupts during a cut are fine, if theres a tiny pause nothing gets ruined18:27
carpmanprinting, OTOH, it causes huge issues, since you are melting plastic if you sit too long18:27
prpplaguecarpman: ahh right18:27
prpplaguecarpman: but from what i was reading, doesn't the A3967 handle the stepper control from a single step pulse?18:28
prpplaguecarpman: the gpio doesn't need to toggle the step pulse with specific timings, right?18:28
carpmanprpplague: right18:29
carpmanprpplague: most boards nowdays use that family of driver, see http://smoothieware.org/smoothieboard18:30
prpplaguecarpman: do we have any steppers hanging around over there?18:30
carpmanone I think, and tanners has some nice ones for about $518:30
prpplaguecarpman: i didn't even think about tanners18:31
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prpplaguecarpman: been so long since i had some place local to purchase from18:31
prpplaguecarpman: think they have a controller as well?18:31
carpmanprpplague: they might, I'd ask jimmy18:31
* prpplague looks carpman like he is asking "who the hell is jimmy?"18:32
carpmanprpplague: Jim Tanner's son, runs the shop most days, curly hair18:32
prpplagueahh ok18:32
Labsolzacatecashello i need some to help, i need the best vendor for buy a Minnowboard board18:33
* prpplague wonders if he could salvage some steppers from several old printers in his garage18:33
prpplagueLabsolzacatecas: mouser is the only source currently18:33
prpplagueLabsolzacatecas: tigel and several others are coming online in the next two weeks18:33
prpplagueLabsolzacatecas: but for now mouser is the only game in town18:34
carpmanprpplague: actually yes, that usually works out pretty well, just have to figure out what wires go to what phase18:34
maxtothemaxprpplague, it's on chelsea's desk18:35
prpplaguecarpman: sparkfun carries a boat load of hardware - https://www.sparkfun.com/categories/155?page=all18:35
prpplaguemaxtothemax: dandy!18:35
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prpplaguecarpman: https://github.com/winder/Universal-G-Code-Sender20:16
carpmanhuh, pretty cool20:17
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prpplaguecarpman: tanners closes at 6, correct?20:37
prpplaguecarpman: i can't decide if i want to order from sparkfun or see what tanners has20:38
carpmanI'd go visit tanners and then order from sparkfun if they didn't have anything.20:39
carpmanyou can order from sparkfun any time20:39
prpplagueyea that is what i am thinking20:39
* prpplague decides to go to tanners to see what they have20:41
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Bryansteinprpplague, that ftdi flasher...do you have an eta on that?23:23
prpplagueBryanstein: should go out for a 5 day turn tomorrow23:24
prpplagueBryanstein: so probably 7 to 10 days for the prototypes to be ready23:24
Bryansteinprpplague, ok cool...so that "custom" cape...it would be nice to have one of those :oP23:24
prpplagueBryanstein: i could send you one of those, but i don't generally want them out to the public23:25
prpplagueBryanstein: i don't want to have to support them23:25
Bryansteinprpplague, I gotcha23:25
BryansteinI'm actually wondering if my flashing method is the culprit of this board not coming back23:26
prpplaguei'll check on sending you one tomorrow23:26
BryansteinCool thanks!23:26
prpplagueBryanstein: can you ping me in the morning23:26
BryansteinSure I will...making a note for myself23:26
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BryansteinI should be doing an XBMC video tonight...methinks23:26
* prpplague thinks Bryanstein is behind the times23:27
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prpplagueBryanstein: hehe, there is no more xbmc!23:27
Bryansteinprpplague, well I mean cmon...it was xbmc for ever23:28
BryansteinAs a matter of fact...they just changed the name like errr 18 days ago!23:29
BryansteinNow I can 1 up someone else!23:29
* prpplague jokes with Bryanstein 23:29
prpplagueBryanstein: jeeze i thought you were on the bleeding edge of things!23:30
Bryansteinprpplague, well my flux capacitor broke...what can you expect23:30
prpplagueno worries23:30
Bhaalkeep forgetting to buy a micro-hdmi to hdmi cable...23:33
Bhaalor dvi if I can find one...23:34
Bhaalor both23:34
BryansteinBhaal, I really hope this max takes you to the moon or something :oP you're sure making a lot of plans23:34
BhaalBryanstein: Well it is only probably a few hundred times more powerful then the computer which did take people to the moon, so who knows :)23:35
BhaalBryanstein: As for micro-hdmi -> hdmi being a plan, its not..  its a requirement23:36
BhaalI don't have a monitor with a micro-hdmi connector on it :)23:36
BhaalI just keep forgetting to buy a cable when I am at my local parts retailer23:37
georgem_homeBhaal: yeah I need to get a micro hdmi cable too23:46
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* Bhaal pokes inflex23:48
inflexgetting coffee23:49
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