Wednesday, 2014-08-20

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aholleras I recently noticed it depends on java, hmm, did they rename it to jbmc?03:36
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Bhaalaholler: xbmc does?07:44
aholleryes, to build it you need java. it isn't required for runtime.07:52
ahollera very painful requirement07:58
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BhaalAhhhhh, that might be a remnant of the fact it runs on android...08:21
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koenBhaal: no, it's used for generating some files08:22
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Bhaalkoen: Ohhh, weird...  I've not tried compiling it before, been lazy and just used the otb releases...08:24
koenI sent in some patches a few years ago to clean up the recursive autotools stuff08:25
koenthat made building it a lot easier08:25
ahollerjust wait until it will be replaced by ant maven or something else from the tools java-people invented to survive in their ridiculus ecosystem ;)08:37
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prpplagueBryanstein: prototype lures ready!
prpplagueBryanstein: calamari lures ready!
BryansteinCalamari is looking spiffy16:27
Bryansteinprpplague, btw I soldered on a works as advertised16:27
prpplagueBryanstein: dandy!16:28
BryansteinI know I was quite pleased...just wish I could use my RAID array. If couldn't without the rtc in it is. We need firmware!16:28
prpplagueBryanstein: yea i know16:29
prpplagueBryanstein: just trying to finish up with a bunch of the basic lures before moving on to some other issues16:30
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laen_So I have two shiny new MinnowMax boards, but I seem to be having HDMI problems.  Both are showing "No Signal".  One _was_ giving signal (to the point that I started an Ubuntu install), but suddenly stopped after a power cycle using SW1.17:01
laen_Any ideas on where to start for debugging this?17:03
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laen_Bryanstein: Hey! Sorry, did you say something?19:02
Bryansteinlaen_, you said something actually19:02
Bryansteinlaen_, you asked about debugging your issue19:04
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laen_True. :)19:21
laen_If you replied to that, all I saw was "< Bryanstein> laen_,"19:21
Bryansteinlaen_, no I didn't yet...that is why I called you. Did you update your firmware FIRST laen_ ?19:22
laen_Oh, no I haven't.19:22
laen_Hmm..  This looks like it's going to be challenging, since I can no longer get to the EUFI shell.19:24
laen_Thanks for pointing me in the right direction. :)19:25
Bryansteinlaen_, are both of your devices dead?19:31
BryansteinIf the other isn't...stop booting it19:31
Bryansteinlaen_, you should upgrade that firmware on the other IF it's still alive...don't boot it unless you have the firmware and the updater ready on media to upgrade it19:33
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