Thursday, 2014-08-21

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prpplagueguess we aren't the only ones with a firmware issue00:34
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scorpiushi, I would like to build a 6inch tablet based on the minnowboard max. how can I order the max with components that suit my application?02:01
scorpiusie, no ethernet jack, but a wifi module, among others02:02
prpplaguescorpius: there is no option for that currently02:03
prpplaguescorpius: if you want those options depopulated you will have to do that yourself02:03
scorpiushow can I do that myself? start soldering?02:04
scorpiusI mean, I can solder, but is it that straightforward?02:05
prpplaguescorpius: desolder to be exact02:14
prpplaguescorpius: you do need some experience doing that sort of thing02:14
prpplaguescorpius: if you have a local tech shop or maybe a makerspace02:14
prpplaguescorpius: someone could help you02:14
scorpiusI am also hoping that when intel ships its 14nm chips, that the minnowboard will have them right away, too.02:18
prpplaguescorpius: hehe, we'll see how max goes before deciding on that, hehe02:19
scorpiusI can't wait that long.....02:19
ka6soxdoes a board that is shipped now have the firmware issue?02:34
prpplagueall boards that are shipped with a green sticker on the board have the latest firmware without the brick issue02:37
ka6soxthank you!02:39
scorpiuswouldn't it be wise to use a more space-saving connector(s) for the expansion port, than the current 'i don't know how this 3mm pitch pin connector is called'02:48
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* ka6sox very much likes the connectors on the Max04:29
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Bhaalaholler_: What you think; Scorpius sounds a bit like me? :)05:53
BhaalWell, I never complained about the size of the board or connectors...  but perhaps the impatience anyway05:55
Inge-it isn't the size that matters.06:01
Inge-it is how you use it.06:02
BhaalWell its definitely not the kind of board to try and make a tablet from...06:17
BhaalThough I do like the guys enthusiasm :)06:18
aholler_just buying a tabled is easier07:03
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ahollerer, no led ;)07:05
ka6soxwhat do you call a "lure" that only has one small function and isn't full sized...07:09
Bhaala small lure?07:10
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tbrka6sox: how about chum?07:16
tbrka6sox: cf.
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ahollerhmm, I wonder what the LF will ask in their LFCE. I assume questions like "How many characters per line are allowed in high quality linux source?" ;)07:50
tbranswer: checkpatch.pl08:07
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ka6soxtbr, as much as I like "chum" I'm going with micro-lure :)17:50
prpplagueka6sox: hehe17:54
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JefroMy max suddenly stopped pushing any video (via hdmi). Is this a known issue? Are the stars misaligned?19:46
ahollera shark is around19:48
Jefroshark week is over19:48
aholleryou think they care?19:48
prpplagueJefro: no know issues19:48
tbrJefro: you updated UEFI as instructed?19:48
JefroI was just going to update UEFI, but will be hard with no video. I'll dig into my closet for a serial cable.19:48
Jefrowish list item - a "return to factory" de-brick button19:49
prpplagueJefro: already on rev B19:49
* Jefro cancels wish list item19:49
prpplagueJefro: does your board have a green dot label on it?19:51
prpplagueJefro: did the video stop between reboots, or was the board running and then stopped?19:52
prpplaguecarpman: did the Hook get ordered?19:57
carpmanprpplague: I sent the email. I'll confirm with yogesh in a minute19:57
prpplaguecarpman: yes please do20:01
prpplaguecarpman: he's pretty swamped so it's always good to get confirmation from him20:01
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Jefropprplague sorry, had a call. I don't see a green dot label. video stopped between reboots.20:53
JefroI just tried freehanding a UEFI upgrade - loaded the files onto a key and typed into the console with no visual feedback. I don't know if it is upgrading now or just sitting there, but figured I would leave it for an hour and see what happens.20:53
JefroIt looks like the same problem described here:
Jefrotwo lights, no video. I confess I haven't dug for a serial/usb converter yet.20:54
prpplagueJefro: yea, you are probably borked21:01
prpplagueJefro: need to see if you can find warthog9 , he's got a dediprog that he can reprogram it for you21:01
warthog9Jefro: did you not update the firmware?21:01
* warthog9 will look sternly at jefro if he did not heed the firmware update21:02
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ahollerDon't change a running system.21:08
ahollerUnfortunatley it's the wrong thing for this case.21:09
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Jefrowarthog9 I'm TRYING to heed the firmware update! just hard to type with no video.21:32
ranixserial console is your friend21:39
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Jefroserial console used to be my friend when I had a serial port on my host21:59
Jefronow I am lame and modern21:59
warthog9Jefro: usb serial ports exist22:01
warthog9also don't plug a normal 12v serial port into the 3.3v pins of the ftdi serial connector on the max ;-)22:01
Jefronot in mendocino22:05
Jefroquestion - if the board "powers down" as reported in the link above will the lights go out?22:05
warthog9I've had board and firmware upgrades that do not22:06
warthog9if it doesn't go ahead and pull the power (when you are sure it should be powered down) and plug it back in22:06
Jefrohow long does a firmware upgrade take? it has been "going" (if itis going) for about an hour22:09
warthog9uefi or dediprog?22:09
warthog9dediprog: 5-10 minutes22:09
warthog9uefi 3-522:09
Jefroah, ok, I'll risk it in a bit22:09
warthog9is there anything on the screen?22:09
warthog9or is it black and both light sare on?22:09
JefroHDMI NO SIGNAL and two lights on22:10
warthog9if [[ black and both light are on, and it had been putting things on the screen ]]; unplug power and plug it back in22:10
warthog9yeah power cycle ;-)22:10
Jefrostill no HDMI. I'm guessing I didn't actually accomplish anything. I'll go find a usb/serial.22:11
Jefroor plug in an ancient machine with a serial port. that might be faster22:11
warthog9Jefro: seriously a normal serial port will not help you22:11
warthog9and is in fact bad22:11
* Jefro reads back and a light bulb image forms over head22:12
warthog9unless you have a ttl level adapter22:12
warthog9got get one of those22:12
warthog9 <-- pretty decent one22:13
warthog9little expensive22:13
warthog9 <-- cheaper, slower shipping though22:14
Jefroall shipping is slow to my house. looks like I'm hosed for at least a week22:14
Jefrois this because I installed ubuntu on a card and then tried booting it without that card?22:15
warthog9Jefro: no22:15
warthog9well not entirely22:15
warthog9short version: if you didn't update the firmware like I was telling people, it's possible you just ended up hitting that firmware bug22:16
warthog9serial port won't help you much22:16
Jefrothis is a monitor that used to display, now shows nothing. I rebooted it specifically to install firmware, was running fine before.22:16
JefroI think maybe I should have put those files on the SD card in the system and then just rebooted with the card in place22:17
warthog9you might be dead till you pop up here next22:17
JefroLooks like I only have one HDMI monitor, what a cheapo I am22:18
JefroI have an HDMI-DVI dongle, will that make any difference?22:20
Jefrowrong again - I have an HDMI-DVI *cable* but that leaves me with the wrong genders22:55
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BhaalMy stuff from china arrived, even though it says it hasn't left china yet *shakes head*23:18
zenlinuxBhaal, no worries - by the time it finally arrives, you'll find that what you were promised bears no relation to what's actually in the package ;)23:20
BhaalNope, all is well hehe23:21
Bhaalone aftermarket RPi NOIR camera with 6mm CS mount lense also additional M12 mount and gasket23:22
BhaalAnd Mouser shipped my Max this morning23:23
zenlinuxsnazzy - I just ordered a rpi camera (with the ir filter) to test with23:23
zenlinuxthat should arrive tomorrow23:23
Bhaalzenlinux: Well I needed to buy an after market NOIR to use the proper mounts with, as I also have a controllable IR filter, I am hoping for both good day and night shots...23:24
BhaalIts for my weather cam23:25
BhaalWhich is up on the roof...23:25
BhaalAnd its raining23:25
BhaalSo I cannot go up to retrieve it :/23:25
BhaalAnd all my other Pis are in use23:25
BhaalShould have ordered more yesterday *sigh*23:26

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