Monday, 2014-08-25

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Cube_Hi guys, when you will release the Minnow board MAX CAD files, with CAD files will be easy to do the researching for our project02:49
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Bhaalcarpman might be able to help you with that03:06
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Bhaalaholler: It arrived!06:22
BhaalAnd has a green dot06:22
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BhaalUbuntu server won't show my SD card in the partitioner12:30
Bhaaldmesg shows it...12:30
BhaalActually, no it doesnt...12:31
BhaalMy workstation detects it...12:34
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seaLnekubuntu installer showed it for me13:09
BhaalDid you try any of the others?13:11
BhaalI can see the card in UEFI ...13:13
seaLnenope sorry13:14
BhaalOk, well downloading the iso anyway, I tried to use ubuntu desktop iso but that didn't even want to boot off the USB key13:14
prpplagueBhaal: make sure you are using the 64-bit image13:15
BhaalYep, definitely am13:15
seaLneits not seeing it at all or it gives lots of errors trying to install to it?13:15
BhaalseaLne: not seeing it at all...13:15
seaLne32Gb sandisks don't seem to be liked13:15
Bhaalplugging/unplugging gives nothing either, and different sd cards makes not difference13:15
BhaalThis is an 8gb transcend13:16
Bhaalclass 413:16
seaLneit was a random 8Gb i installed to after having no luck with the 3213:17
prpplagueBhaal: you following these directions?
seaLneis the server installer still debian-installer?13:17
seaLnewhich would be completly different to the *ubuntu desktop installers13:18
BhaalseaLne: I believe so, but not 100% on that13:18
Bhaalprpplague: I am13:18
Bhaalprpplague: Not to much instruction there though :) I am booting from USB of course...13:18
prpplagueBhaal: the desktop installation for 14.04 x64 should "just work"13:19
seaLned-i might not know about sdcards13:19
BhaalOk, got the desktop iso to boot, will see how we go...13:20
BhaalJust realised...  I don't have a mouse :/13:21
seaLneshould be able to tab through it, space to select13:21
Bhaalyeah, doing that13:22
Bhaalall good13:22
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BhaalOk, detected the card...13:24
Bhaalinstall is going now13:24
BhaalI really didn't want a desktop though..  Annoying.. Oh well, will do to test with at least13:26
BhaalOh, I knew I forgot to do something...  Didn't solder on the RTC battery13:31
Bhaalprpplague: It was the green dot right? for new firmware?13:34
Bhaalcool, thought so, just wanted to be sure, so far its working well... aside from ubuntu server not detecting the drive...13:37
BhaalI will try again on another SD card tomorrow13:37
seaLnei tried prpplague suggestion of USB3 pendrive and it does feel noticably faster than the sdcard13:39
seaLnenot sure what class my sdcard is though13:39
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BhaalJust worked out what the Max doesn't have...  a HDD activity light13:58
Bhaalwell ... sd card activity light13:58
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cube_Hi, When you will release the minnowboard max CAD files? :)14:01
Bhaalprpplague, seaLne: Thanks for your help! :)14:01
Bhaalprpplague: Oh..  IT'S HERE!!! :)14:01
bluelightningBhaal: \o/14:06
BhaalI was just lucky I had someone who could pick up my kids from school...  The courier arrived right at the same time as the school bell...14:10
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BhaalEither my monitor doesn't like the HDMI->DVI converter or something is going horribly wrong...14:21
BhaalGets all fuzzy lines through the screen once it starts booting off the sdcard14:22
BhaalNow though, nothing on the screen at all...14:22
Bhaalkeyboard is still responding14:23
carpmanBhaal: does the initial boot look ok, the one with the progress bar at the bottom of the screen?14:23
carpmanhrm, yeah might be the adapter. Sounds like the intel graphics driver is trying to get into a mode that the monitor doesn't like14:24
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Bhaalcarpman: Possible...  I will try it on a hdmi monitor tomorrow I think...14:28
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carpmanBhaal: you could try hitting Ctrl+Alt+F1 and seeing if the VT shows up correctly14:29
BhaalYeah I am on console now...14:29
carpmanok, cool14:29
BhaalWhich is where I want to be anyway, this unit is going to be headless anyway14:29
Bhaalpresently install ssh :)14:30
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prpplaguecube_: cad files are going to be released on wednesday14:34
cube_thank you, that will be helpful for our design reference based on MBM :)14:35
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adolf_intelhello guys. i've just installed arch on my minnowboard max, but xhci_hcd keeps causing a kernel panic when i plug in an usb3 hard drive. i can't find a solution15:47
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prpplagueadolf_intel: that sounds something speicifc with the kernel used with that arch versions15:50
adolf_intel 3.16.1-1-ARCH15:51
prpplagueadolf_intel: checking our tested distro list doesn't show we've done any testing with arch15:53
adolf_intelmy usb3 flash drive works fine. weird.15:53
adolf_intelbtw, i tried arch because i had the same problem on debian and blamed the outdated software15:54
adolf_intelperhaps it doesn't like my hard drive very much15:54
prpplagueadolf_intel: that is possible, but you should add some notes to the wiki for reference15:55
adolf_inteli must investigate the problem before15:55
prpplagueadolf_intel: at least put some notes there as to the issue15:56
prpplagueadolf_intel: other wise other people won't know15:56
adolf_intelright before the kernel panic I can use the system for 1-2 minutes, and lsusb doesn't even show the name of the device, it just shows something plugged into usb315:56
adolf_intelso i suppose it's not compatible with this hard drive's controller15:57
carpmanargh, stupid internet15:59
carpmanadolf_intel: I have a similar problem with arch on my x220 thinkpad, its not minnow specific15:59
adolf_inteli'll get another enclosure asap and see if it's a controller issue. if it does, i'll report this enclosure on the wiki as incompatible16:01
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dossea quick question about the minnowboard max: that RTC battery, can I connect it to a regular 3v battery?17:19
prpplaguedosse: yea you can use a standard CR2032 or other coin cell battery if you choose to17:22
prpplaguedosse: please note, soldering to the board voids the warranty17:22
dosseis there a "stable" way to synchronize the clock when the system boots instead? i tried systemd-timesyncd but most times it doesn't work17:28
prpplaguedosse: as long as you have a good net connection, you should be able to use NTP utilities to sync the time17:31
dossethe connection is always up. i suspect it tries to sync time when dhcp isn't done yet and therefore fails17:32
prpplaguedosse: yea that's a possibility17:33
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JazzdudeHi! I've received my Minnowboard Max today!19:01
prpplagueJazzdude: dandy!19:02
JazzdudeAfter setting up archlinux on it I'm not trying to get audio working, using ALSA19:02
prpplagueJazzdude: if it doesn't have a green dot on one of the memory chips, be sure to upgrade the firmware first thing!19:02
Jazzdudeand I was wondering if there's any kind of support for the intel atom low power audio i2s interface19:02
Jazzdudelet me check19:02
Jazzdudeok, so firmware upgrade19:03
JazzdudeI'm in the middle of compiling a realtime kernel19:03
prpplagueJazzdude: yes there is an analog audio lure in the works that will use the i2s interface and serve as an example for doing i2s work19:03
Jazzdudewhat's the worst thing that can happen with the old firmware?19:03
prpplagueJazzdude: you can brick the board19:03
Jazzdudeso should I interrupt compilation or let it run?19:04
prpplagueyou cna let it run19:04
prpplaguejust be aware that if the board appears to not boot, let it sit for 4 to 5 minutes before powering off the board as it will "eventually" boot19:05
prpplaguebut if you power off in the middle of it booting, the board will become bricked19:05
Jazzdudeprpplague: I would design and built the i2s decoder myself, so I'm only interested in driver support19:06
JazzdudeI haven't found anything in the recent kernel releases19:06
prpplagueJazzdude: generally support is there, just hasn't been heavily tested19:07
Jazzdudeis there a patch you can point me to? Or what do I have to do to get there?19:07
prpplagueJazzdude: just use a 3.16 kernel and you should have basic support19:08
Jazzdudestrange, it's not showing up19:08
JazzdudeI have problems setting up ALSA with the HD audio too19:09
prpplagueJazzdude: you have to enable those pins as i2s in the UEFI setup pages, they are currently configured as gpios which gets reported to the kernel via acpi19:09
JazzdudeI think I did that19:09
Jazzdudeat least as far as I could make sense of the setup19:09
Jazzdudeenabling LPC audio is enough?19:09
Jazzdudeor do I have to disable anything else?19:09
prpplagueJazzdude: you have to set the pinmux19:10
prpplagueJazzdude: i am not where i can provide that info atm19:10
JazzdudeI have not found anything about that19:10
prpplagueJazzdude: i'll make a note to try and get it up on the wiki pages19:10
prpplagueJazzdude: the pinmux info is already up on the pages19:10
prpplagueJazzdude: but not directly related to audio19:10
Jazzdudedo you have an URL?19:10
Jazzdudeah, ok19:12
JazzdudeI thought you meant a kernel config file19:12
JazzdudeI've set the BIOS to enable LPC19:12
prpplagueyes but you also have to make the change for the pinmux19:12
Jazzdudewhich should then take care of the pinmux if it's not overwritten by the OS?19:12
prpplague(unless they've change something i dont know about)19:13
prpplagueJazzdude: i'll have to double check/test but iirc they are separate19:13
JazzdudeI'm not seeing anything that would fit that description19:13
Jazzdudebut maybe I'm not looking for the right thing19:13
prpplagueJazzdude: i am not where i can look at it currently19:14
Jazzdudebtw, I'm trying to build an electric piano using the minnow as a signal processor19:14
Jazzdudethat's ok19:14
prpplagueJazzdude: i'll have to get to it later19:15
JazzdudeI'll be hanging out here anyway19:15
prpplagueJazzdude: warthog9 and dvhart can also help when they have time19:15
Jazzdudethanks for your help and support!19:15
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