Wednesday, 2014-08-27

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menckenefi shell triggered at boot or do I need to trigger it?02:03
prpplaguemencken: depends02:06
prpplaguemencken: if it finds a bootable image, and/or finds a startup.nsh it will boot02:07
prpplaguemencken: so you have to press esc to stop the boot02:07
menckenI think i might have a bad usb boot image to be honest  i am just getting black screens no matter what i do02:07
menckengoing to re-image that and try again02:07
prpplaguemencken: 1) did you upgrade the firmware? 2) are you getting anything one the debug uart? 3) are you using a known good image?02:11
mencken0 for 3   just getting to play with the board and i clearly just ran before walking  ... going to eat dinner and start fresh  :)02:12
prpplaguemencken: do you have a green dot label on one of the ICs on the board?02:15
menckeni don't see any02:18
menckenoh  greenish yellow?02:19
menckenon the microhdmi?02:19
prpplaguemencken: no this would be a bright breen circle on one of the memory ICs02:21
menckenmemory ICs are clean02:22
prpplaguemencken: i am afraid you have gotten one of the boards that had the UEFI firmware issue02:22
prpplaguemencken: please send me your shipping information to so that we may send you a replacement02:22
prpplaguemencken: we will send you later a tool to recover the board you have now02:22
prpplaguemencken: and you can keep both02:23
menckenok  will do  i will check the other boards but I assume they are the same02:23
menckeni have 10x total02:23
prpplaguemencken: oh02:25
prpplaguemencken: so you need to make sure the first thing you do is upgrade the firmware02:25
prpplaguemencken: if the board does not have a green dot on the memory02:25
menckenok  i'll try that tonight02:26
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BhaalCan I tell from within Linux what firmware I have?06:50
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BhaalCan't believe they haven't finished filling backorders yet! haha10:59
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seaLnehmm CR2032 batteries are awfully tall in the max11:24
BhaalseaLne: Gah, I keep forgetting to put mine in11:28
seaLnemine just got delivered with some other stuff11:29
seaLnei presume its the current capacity that dictates than size?11:29
tbrI'm pretty sure anything that provides ~3V would do11:44
seaLnei can't remember who suggested the cr2032 a while back11:45
hrwis there a way to power sata hdd from minnowboard max?11:46
seaLneyou can use a header11:46
seaLneneed to solder it in yourself though11:46
seaLneits just next to the sdcard11:48
seaLnehrw: these cables look good for using with it
seaLnethey seem to be available from a few places11:51
tbror just rip it out of an old adaptor or PSU11:56
hrwtbr: hi11:57
tbrhrw: siemaaa, you left AArch64 land for a minute? :)11:58
hrwtbr: I am tired of armv7a status11:58
hrwtbr: wandboard quad is nice etc but hardcoded XGA resolution suxx11:58
hrwtbr: so I consider going for minnowboardmax for my media player project11:58
tbrit seems to be quite good for that11:59
tbraccelerated decoding and all that11:59
hrwtbr: first of all: foss all way down11:59
tbryeah, that was _the_ big thing for me, no bloody SGX11:59
hrwtbr: I am tired of arm cpus with their 'screw users, use one of those shitty cool gpus' mantra12:00
hrwmali? nope. powervr? even worse. vivante? I heard that there is something (unless not wandboard quad where fb0 is XGA), ardeno? no usable boards12:01
tbrnvidia _might_ be interesting12:02
hrwTK1 looks nice12:02
tbrbut they haven't been very lucky so far with their SoCs12:02
hrwand may be one of nicest options12:02
hrwtbr: nvidia screwed OEMs too many times promising one thing and delivering other12:03
tbryes, exactly12:03
tbrnow they are trying in IVI land12:03
Bhaalhrw: Just remember you can only draw about 1A and its 5V ... so its only good for an SSD or a smaller HDD ...12:13
seaLnethe 2.5" disks i looked at seem to be 0.5A12:13
Bhaalyeah, pretty much anything that can run off USB3 will run off that header...12:14
BhaalUSB3 has a max of 900mA right?12:14
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ahollerseaLne: otherwise they couldn't be used in usb-enclosures, which is where most 2.5" drives end up12:15
seaLnenot in laptops?12:15
Bhaalaholler: *USB3*12:15
BhaalseaLne: haha12:15
ahollerBhaal: i've responded to the 500mA12:16
Bhaalaholler: Ohhhhh12:16
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Bhaalaholler: Weird, coz I've had USB2 enclosures that just won't stay running unless they have their 2nd power source...12:17
Bhaalor won't even start12:17
aholleri have some of those too, but these are old ones12:17
BhaalMost likely IDE drives...12:18
ahollerno, sata12:18
BhaalOhhh?  The controller must be drawing a lot of current on its own then12:18
aholleranyway, another limiting factor might be those small power cables. e.g. I can't drive a wandboard+sata-2.5" using ethernet-cables and poe-injectors.12:26
aholler(using the same power supply as without an ethernet-cable inbetween).12:53
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hrwBhaal: I have 750GB hdd which takes 0.75A14:29
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JazzdudeDoes anyone have an idea what kind of GPIO switching frequencies are achievable with the MinnowMax in user and kernel land respectively?15:00
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GPSFanprpplague, ping22:00
prpplagueGPSFan: hey there!22:01
GPSFanprpplague, hey dude, long time..22:02
prpplagueGPSFan: indeed22:02
Bhaalaholler: With regards to running a wandboard+2.5" drive via PoE ... PoE isn't meant to go above 500mA :) Though I don't see that stopping many people..  What I was wondering though, are you pushing more voltage in at the PSU end and then using a dc-dc converter at the wandboard end to keep the voltage at the standard input voltage for the wandboard?23:03
Bhaalaholler: Most of these devices are so sensitive to the voltage drop over PoE that they often will not operate correctly/stably or at all...  I've found even lengths above 5mtrs are enough to upset most of these small devices like Pi's and cctv IP cams...23:04
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warthog9Bhaal: what are you trying to do?  Most of the POE stuff I know of is 48v at <something less than an amp normally>23:48
warthog9downgrade that to 5v and you've got several amps of power to play with23:48
warthog9 looks like it'll output 5v 2a23:50
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