Thursday, 2014-08-28

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Bhaalwarthog9: Ahhh I wasn't, I was just responding to aholler, and he would have been talking about passive PoE...00:30
warthog9yeah passive is it's own special mess00:38
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warthog9this is cute:
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warthog9prpplague: --^ that's rather amusing00:44
* prpplague looks00:44
warthog9I've got a new robotics project where that could be vaguely amusing00:45
warthog9looks like it even has a charging and full charge indicator00:45
warthog9though that confuses me because I wouldn't consider that a charging circuit per-se00:46
warthog9looks like there's a 3 wire way to read the voltage / amps off too00:49
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warthog9i2c maybe?00:49
prpplaguewarthog9: voltage versus current00:49
prpplaguewarthog9: you should be able to set the voltage/current limits00:50
warthog9yeah but there's a 3-pin header on one side, and a 2-pin on the other00:50
warthog9there's two pots to deal with voltage and current limit00:50
warthog9ohhh gnd, rxd, txd00:51
warthog9that's straight serial00:51
* warthog9 should pick a couple of those up...00:51
warthog9that would be tempting to switch to for big k-9 even00:52
warthog9when I do the max conversion00:52
warthog9prpplague: ohhh side note (speaking of big k-9) did I tell you one of the interns got the spi screen working?00:52
warthog9got spidev up, and basically used the adafruit python library and worked out of the box00:52
prpplaguewarthog9: nice!00:53
warthog9yeah, I was pleasantly impressed00:53
warthog9there's not kernel space driver, but the user space one seems to work, so I may have found the two extra screens for daddy k-900:53
prpplaguewarthog9: yea the tftfb is a driver for those spi displays00:55
prpplaguewarthog9: mdp wrote a bunch of it00:55
prpplaguewarthog9: they are working on pushing it mainline00:55
warthog9that would be awesome00:55
warthog9mind you just being able to generate an image and shove it at the display is easy enough it seems00:55
prpplaguewarthog9: which spi display are you using?00:56
warthog9 if memory serves me right00:56
warthog9ILI9341 chipset00:57
prpplaguewarthog9: dandy00:57
warthog9that's basically what you've got earmarked for the lure right?00:57
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Bhaalprpplague: So CC is having a little trouble keeping up with demand from Mouser?04:13
BhaalOhhh, maybe you have just caught up this week? or going to at least?04:14
BhaalWhich is great news!04:14
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nashiwould someone tell me why the minnowboard 1 is more expensive than the max 2core 2gb?05:22
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ka6soxnashi, when I bought my first 1.023mhz/48kB computer it cost me $3500…today I could buy something that is 1.6Ghz/1GB for $100…call it "progress"05:46
nashika6sox, the minnowboard is still sold new for more than the new max is sold for. that is not progress and has nothing to do with what you just said05:47
ka6soxwhy are you complaining?05:47
nashiI was not complaining. I was asking why it sold for more brand new right now.05:47
ka6soxokay, maybe someone can give you an answer you will like…Night!05:48
nashiit has nothing to do with me liking it, it has everything to do with it being pertinent. yours was not. goodnight.05:48
aholler_more pcb06:00
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seaLnehas anyone else added a  battery to the max for the clock? my expectation had been that after adding the battery booting up with network and ntp from the next boot it would still know the time. which doesn't seem to be the case07:47
ahollerdo you've forgotten to use hwclock?07:48
* seaLne reads aboun hwclock07:49
ahollerjust use hwclock -w -u after you've set the system time07:50
seaLneor this seems relevant
ahollermost distros do it at shutdown07:51
seaLneyeah that was what i was expecting07:52
seaLneor at some point anyway07:52
koencheck if the driver is enabled in the kernel08:20
koenthe original minnow and fri2 lacked it08:20
seaLnei seem to be having problems booting now, the second led flashs a couple of times then goes off. usb and hdmi don't turn on. it was doing this occasionaly before adding the battery but seems to be doing it each time now. it has the fixed firmware. anyone any ideas? i can't seem to see on the wiki what the leds relate to except that not having the second one seems to correspond to it not booting08:25
BhaalseaLne: I added my RTC battery this afternoon...  Haven't tested it yet though, machine booted, and hasn't been shutdown since...  Will see if hwclock gets run or not...08:26
seaLnehmm looking at the schematic D2 seems to be "system power"08:28
BhaalAlright, have run the hwclock command...  Will try and remember to check next time it boots...08:28
BhaalI haven't had any booting problems as of yet...  I've had issues with hdmi->dvi but that appears to be a legitimate bug...08:29
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BhaalseaLne: Hmmm, nope, even after running that hwclock command it's still not keeping time..11:19
Bhaalkoen: Which "driver" do you speak of?11:19
seaLneso not just me then, hmm11:27
koenRTC_CMOS most likely11:29
Bhaalthat needs to be set from the console?11:30
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Bhaalkoen: Nothing in modules for rtc-cmos11:31
Bhaalkoen: Sorry11:31
Bhaalroot@recnode00:~# dmesg |grep -i rtc11:32
Bhaal[    0.136370] RTC time:  0:00:27, date: 01/01/0111:32
Bhaal[    2.163753] rtc_cmos 00:00: RTC can wake from S411:32
Bhaal[    2.163937] rtc_cmos 00:00: rtc core: registered rtc_cmos as rtc011:32
Bhaal[    2.163981] rtc_cmos 00:00: alarms up to one month, y3k, 242 bytes nvram, hpet irqs11:32
Bhaal[    2.198127] rtc_cmos 00:00: setting system clock to 2001-01-01 00:00:29 UTC (978307229)11:32
BhaalSo that is working, but the battery isn't?11:32
koendid you write to the cmos before powercycling?11:34
koen'hwclock -w -u ; reboot'11:35
koen(and remove power)11:35
BhaalI did that, but might have been a second or 2 before I type in halt and hit enter11:36
koenthat shouldn't matter11:37
koenlooks like the battery doesn't work11:38
koenthe firmware doesn't enable it11:38
BhaalMust be the firmware11:39
koenthe original minnow had the + and - reversed on the slikscreen11:39
BhaalThis is the 3 pin vertical mounted CR203211:40
seaLneyeah i assumed that ment you couldn't put it in wrong11:41
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Bhaalprpplague: Sooo :)  rtc battery soldered in...  Still not battery backed RTC .. suggestions? :)11:48
seaLne is what i used, i may look at seeing about a smaller one, as it sticks above everything else11:54
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seaLne12xx would fit better but not sure about current11:55
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bitzillaHi! I just finished installing debian on my minnowboard max dual core and noticed that it gets really realy hot, like 60 degrees when idle, 80-90 degrees when busy. Is it normal?18:54
prpplaguebitzilla: no that generally is not normally18:57
prpplaguebitzilla: 60C is pretty typical with a heavy load, but not 90C18:58
prpplaguebitzilla: it's possible the debian build is not running any thermal management or you may have it disabled in the firmware18:58
bitzillauhm, I didn't change any setting in the bios, so I suppose it's active, but debian always says it's at 26.8 degrees (acpi -t)18:59
bitzillais there some way to check via ssh?19:00
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prpplaguebitzilla: nothing directly that i can recommend19:01
prpplaguebitzilla: how are you measuring the temp?19:01
bitzillaexternal thermometer19:01
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bitzillacpu governor is ondemand apparently19:06
bitzillafrequency stuck at 1.33 ghz19:06
prpplaguebitzilla: yea it shouldn't be stuck at 1.33ghz19:10
prpplaguebitzilla: i would test with one of the other known good images from the distribution page19:10
prpplaguebitzilla: just as a point of reference19:10
bitzilladebian is one of the recommended distros. also, images? I spent an hour installing it and there were images?19:11
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koenprpplague: someone mentioned today that the RTC wasn't keeping time, even with a battery installed19:19
koenrtc_cmos was enabled and picking up the hwclock19:19
prpplaguekoen: yea i have that on the todo list to double check19:20
prpplaguekoen: all of the boards i have off the line for testing are working with my generic build from yocto19:20
prpplaguekoen: so i suspect it is something else19:21
koenI've had issues with BIOS messing up the rtc before19:21
ahollerwhat happens if someone connects the battery upsidedown?19:22
ahollermoon-time ;)19:24
prpplagueaholler: hehe19:30
prpplaguekoen: yea19:30
prpplaguekoen: i have it as a bug item to try to replicate19:30
prpplaguewarthog9: performance tests look pretty good19:31
ahollerkoen: oh, but the rtc is one of the things which just do work with acpi, acording to jmasters ;)19:31
ahollerno problems with those drivers ;)19:32
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aholler"There are certain expectations that software running on top of a UEFI platform can have," Masters explained. "For example, a standardized way to install an operating system kernel, and a standardized way to get certain runtime services, like the time of day. I don't have to have a special driver for the realtime clock on my platform, because I have one UEFI RTC driver and that just works."19:40
ahollersometimes reality just crosses our way19:50
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newbehi guys :)23:43
newbeI have a few question about the upcoming minnowboard max. I am planning to buy two of those singleboardcomputers. The first one should be used as a home server for backup storage and video/music streaming maybe a cubs printer also..... The second one should be desktop replacement only for coding and browsing/video watching.  So will the minnowboard provide enough computing power for the stated tasks? And will there be an expansio23:53
newbeaudio/mic jack? Will the community support a arch linux image for the microsd card? (I love this distro, realy I do)23:53
newbeAny chance to get a third version of minnowboard with the intel atom e3845 quadcore?23:58

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