Tuesday, 2014-09-02

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BhaalDid the RTC battery issue get solved?02:37
prpplagueBhaal: i've been unable to replicate an issue with the battery02:47
BhaalOhhh? :(  When I set the time via hwclock it doesn't survive a power cycle...02:52
prpplagueBhaal: i've done random tests as well a test on several different configurations of the board with no issues02:52
prpplagueBhaal: maybe you could take some pictures of your setup02:52
BhaalI will try again tomorrow though when I can plug the Max into a monitor, will get back to you after that..02:53
prpplagueBhaal: please note that the RTC isn't an "officially supported" feature03:01
BhaalNoted :)03:13
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BryansteinBhaal, ping18:27
Bryansteinprpplague, also...I've tested the mess out of the rtc clock and it works fine for me :oP18:28
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BryansteinJefro, and his fancy T1 connection :oP18:29
prpplagueBryanstein: dandy18:32
prpplagueBryanstein: thanks for the confirmation18:32
prpplagueBhaal: i suspect you have an issue with your battery configuration18:32
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crisedAny advantage of using x86 board instead of arm?20:14
prpplaguecrised: there are plenty of advantages and trade-offs to consider20:16
prpplaguecrised: x86 and arm are just tools, you simple want to consider using the right tool for the job you need20:16
crisedprpplague: Planning to use as a 24/7 server for automation stuff20:17
crisedprpplague: is it x86 32 or 64 bits20:17
crisedCommercial use20:17
prpplaguecrised: the minnowmax uses a 64-bit processor20:18
prpplaguecrised: but you can flash the max with a 32-bit firmware if you so choose20:18
crisedprpplague: Can I instal centos x64?20:18
prpplaguecrised: yes you should be able to20:19
crisedprpplague: but is it a full compatible x86-64 computer? fully compatible with linux kernel 2.x?20:20
prpplaguecrised: yes it is20:21
prpplaguecrised: all of the core support is in mainline kernel20:22
prpplaguecrised: http://www.elinux.org/Minnowboard:MinnowMaxDistros20:22
prpplaguecrised: there is a list of some of the distros and installation instructions20:22
prpplaguecrised: centos is not one we have tested20:22
prpplaguecrised: but if memory serves me correctly, centos is a derivitative of RHEL is it not?20:22
Jazzdudethe video driver will probably be the biggest obstacle20:22
crisedprpplague: yes, it's binary the same I thiink20:23
crisedI just want CLI20:23
Jazzdudebut since intel provides open source video drivers you should not expect any trouble20:23
prpplagueahh there is a note one the wiki page - http://www.elinux.org/Minnowboard:MinnowMaxDistros#RHEL_.2F_CentOS_6.x20:23
Jazzdudeat least for linux based OSes20:23
prpplagueJazzdude: the drivers are mainline20:23
Jazzdudenever mind, I confused centos with reactos20:25
crisedDoes the minnowBoard receives protective coatings?20:28
prpplaguecrised: i am not sure i understand your question20:32
crisedprpplague: some pcb boards recieve protective coatings when they are manufactured20:33
prpplaguecrised: you'd have to be more specific as to what you are asking... the minnowmax pcb comes with a standard temperature solder mask20:34
prpplaguecrised: it is not industrial rated20:34
crisedprpplague: ok, sorry :)20:35
prpplaguecrised: no worries20:35
crisedprpplague: at least it comes with standard mask20:35
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prpplaguecrised: indeed, very few pcbs don't come with a solder mask these days20:35
crisedprpplague: I believe development board don't come with it20:35
prpplaguecrised: i think we are probably talking about something different20:36
prpplaguecrised: if you could provide me with a URL or something that describes what you are asking for20:36
crisedprpplague: http://youtu.be/2qk5vxWY46A minute 720:37
* prpplague looks20:37
JefroBryanstein I'm pedaling as fast as I can :)20:38
prpplaguecrised: that is an epoxy coating20:39
prpplaguecrised: that is normally only done for industrial rated type devices20:40
prpplaguecrised: so no, minnowmax does not have that20:40
crisedprpplague: so it does not have any coating?20:40
prpplaguecrised: no20:40
prpplaguecrised: that is something that is not normally done for most PCBs20:41
crisedprpplague: How do you compare this board with pc engines boards?20:41
prpplaguecrised: we don't20:41
prpplaguecrised: not even in the same class for comparison20:42
prpplaguecrised: completely different purpose20:42
crisedprpplague: could you compare?20:42
prpplaguecrised: minnowboard max is intended as a small development platform targeted at embedded platforms20:43
crisedprpplague: I saw the minnowboard and it said it also had used for professionals for commercial use20:43
crised*minnowboard video20:43
prpplaguecrised: i assume the video you saw was the for the original minnowboard, not the minnowmax20:44
crisedprpplague: so the minnowmax is not for any commercial use at all?20:45
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prpplaguecrised: minnowmax can be used for commercial use20:56
prpplaguecrised: but the retail version of minnowmax is not rated for industrial use20:56
prpplaguecrised: you are free to use minnowmax any way you choose to do so20:57
crisedprpplague: ok, why pc engines are so different purposes?20:57
prpplaguecrised: because they are targeted directly at commercial use and they tend to come with other expenses20:58
crisedprpplague: will this board be selled at amazon?20:59
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prpplaguecrised: i don't think we have anyone setup to sell via amazon as of yet21:00
prpplaguecrised: mouser, tigal, technodisti.com , rs components21:01
prpplaguecrised: those will be the primary distributors21:01
crisedprpplague: thanks for your help21:01
prpplaguecrised: glad to help!21:01
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