Thursday, 2014-09-04

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holtmanndvhart: So 25 bucks dirt cheap USB keyboard works. Expensive Apple keyboard makes the firmware poop itself.00:51
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holtmanndvhart: So mei_txe driver is having problems. Is that a known issue?01:21
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holtmanndvhart: The CPU does not have TXE support. So mei driver should not even try. Seems that driver needs some fixing.02:02
warthog9holtmann: that sounds like a driver bug vs. anything02:05
holtmannI bet it is.02:05
holtmannThat thing is just super verbose. 15 lines of error messages in dmesg.02:06
warthog9cold be a firmware issue, if the ACPI table claims something that's wrong too I suppose02:06
holtmannARK at least says that the CPU has to TXE support.02:06
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warthog9ark is pretty accurate02:07
holtmannDo we have MEI on the CPU?02:07
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holtmannI bet we do, but maybe PCI exposes it wrongly.02:07
holtmannIt is fine on my NUC.02:08
holtmannBut the MEI driver is also poor quality :(02:08
holtmannI need to find a free Ethernet port and install pci-utils.02:09
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prpplaguewarthog9: ping02:32
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holtmann00:1a.0 Encryption controller: Intel Corporation Atom Processor Z36xxx/Z37xxx Series Trusted Execution Engine (rev 0c)03:59
holtmannwarthog9: So it seems at least the PCI device is listed. Maybe this is a firmware issue for exposing that PCI device.03:59
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holtmannwarthog9: And I checked that is what mei_txe.ko maps against.04:23
warthog9what does it map against?04:23
warthog9prpplague: pong04:23
holtmannPCI modalias.04:23
holtmanndescription:    Intel(R) Trusted Execution Environment Interface04:23
holtmannauthor:         Intel Corporation04:23
holtmannalias:          pci:v00008086d00000F18sv*sd*bc*sc*i*04:24
holtmann00:1a.0 Encryption controller: Intel Corporation Atom Processor Z36xxx/Z37xxx Series Trusted Execution Engine (rev 0c)04:24
holtmann00:1a.0 1080: 8086:0f18 (rev 0c)04:24
holtmannIf that piece of hardware is not part of the CPU, then it better not be exposed over PCI. Seems like a firmware issue.04:24
warthog9holtmann: have you tried running in ACPI mode?04:25
holtmannNo idea what that means?04:25
warthog9there's a way to switch how the firmware reports things into Linux04:25
prpplaguewarthog9: that last max you sent back04:25
holtmannSo even PCI devices are then reported via ACPI?04:25
prpplaguewarthog9: do you know who it belong to?04:25
warthog9I.E. what's populated in the tables04:26
warthog9prpplague: yes04:26
warthog9prpplague: were they naughty and should get twapped?04:26
holtmannI can switch that if you want me to try. Tell me how.04:26
warthog9holtmann: second grabbing the bits04:26
holtmannI still wonder why it is exposed over PCI if the device is not there.04:27
warthog9holtmann: LPSS & SCC Devices Mode, defaults to PCI04:29
warthog9switch that to ACPI04:29
holtmannOkay. Lets see what happens.04:29
warthog9srry that's so burried in the firmware04:29
warthog9there's been some grumbles about trying to make that LPSS section easier to get to04:29
holtmannI think that I want coreboot on this anyway.04:33
holtmannNo difference btw.04:33
holtmannI have less PCI devices, but the TXE one is still there.04:33
holtmannIs ACPI the preferred way?04:34
warthog9holtmann: not really04:34
warthog9it's just different04:34
holtmannSo I should leave it at PCI.04:35
holtmannAnd someone needs to fix the firmware to not expose the TXE PCI device.04:35
holtmannI am switching this back to PCI mode.04:36
holtmannStartup finished in 11.749s (firmware) + 291ms (loader) + 1.844s (kernel) + 3.172s (initrd) + 2.163s (userspace) = 19.221s04:41
holtmannThe firmware is also horrible.04:41
holtmannIt really gets in the way.04:42
holtmannIf I compare this with my NUC.04:42
holtmannStartup finished in 23us (firmware) + 1.549s (kernel) + 462ms (initrd) + 463ms (userspace) = 2.475s04:42
warthog9holtmann: can I get you to file a bug for the TXE PCI?04:43
holtmannSure. Where?04:43
warthog9against hardware, hw-minnowmax04:44
warthog9holtmann: and yeah, Darren, prpplague and I are *VERY* aware of the firmware issues04:45
holtmannSo what does it take me to just get coreboot into it.04:46
warthog9holtmann: only so much we can do on it so far though, I'm mostly pushing for them to get to the point of getting the source out the door04:46
* prpplague is not a big uefi fan04:46
warthog9holtmann: from what I've read it's basically snag the source, grab the graphics blob from the baytrail bsp and compile04:46
warthog9holtmann: I haven't done it (mostly due to time / priorities)04:47
holtmannNeed to give that a try. I really want to get the firmware out of the way.04:47
holtmannHow do I find my board version?04:47
warthog9holtmann: you have an A104:47
warthog9ok I need to go muck with the soldering iron and fix this starship bridge04:48
warthog9and get it packed up04:48
holtmannThere you go. Bug filed.04:50
warthog9holtmann: number?04:50
holtmannDo I need the magic firmware programming cable if I start messing with the firmware?04:51
prpplagueholtmann: yea04:51
prpplagueholtmann: no real magic though04:51
prpplagueholtmann: just a little hookup04:51
holtmannOkay. Then someone has to send me one of these.04:52
* prpplague notes the pun04:52
prpplagueholtmann: we have a tool designed and prototypes on order04:52
prpplagueholtmann: we are calling it "The Hook"04:52
prpplagueholtmann: dual use04:52
holtmannI ordered an FTDI cable and had to buy a USB keyboard since the firmware does not like the Apple keyboard.04:52
prpplagueholtmann: you can use it as a usb->uart adapter for the serial console04:52
prpplagueholtmann: or use it to program the spi firmware04:52
holtmannOnce you have these, send at least one to me.04:53
prpplagueholtmann: danders@circuitco.com04:54
holtmannprpplague: What am I suppose to do with that email?04:56
prpplagueav500: go back to drinking04:56
prpplagueholtmann: uhhh i need a shipping to send it to?04:56
holtmannYou can to send it directly and not to the guys in Portland first?04:58
* prpplague confused by holtmann 's comment05:00
holtmannDo you want me to send my mailing list address to that email? Or just make sure they guys in Portland have enough of these cables and they just send one to me?05:02
prpplagueholtmann: not sure what "guys in portland" you are referring to05:03
holtmannDarren or John.05:03
prpplagueholtmann: but i'd prefer you give me a shipping address so i can ship it directly05:03
holtmannSo if you stick a Bluetooth dongle on top of a USB flash drive, then the interference is so high that you can find any devices around you.06:30
holtmannWonder if it is flash driver that is causing it or the board itself.06:30
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aholler(in regard to what causing it) ;)07:00
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hrwprpplague: board arrived10:29
av500installed XP already?10:57
hrwav500: fighthing with that distro starting with U to get my PC/BIOS bootable pendrive booting on efi11:08
av500not F?11:10
hrwthat pendrive is older than my work at fedora11:17
hrwand for multimedia purposed I prefer debian/ubuntu rather than fedora11:17
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