Monday, 2014-09-08

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holtmannprpplague: Maybe that is why the Apple keyboard does not work. It has a builtin hub and the keyboard itself is behind a HUB.00:50
holtmannwarthog9: I wonder if our fancy firmware is not able to handle USB hubs correct.00:51
warthog9holtmann: huh?00:51
holtmannUsing the Apple USB keyboard made the thing not boot at all.00:51
warthog9holtmann: weird00:52
prpplagueholtmann: i've been using several different types of combo devices00:52
warthog9I have used a variety of random hubs, and it works fine00:52
holtmannI had to go and a buy a 25 dollar keyboard.00:52
holtmannAt firmware level?00:52
prpplagueholtmann: can you send me the info on the apple keyboard so we can test?00:52
warthog9holtmann: 0.7100:52
warthog9only time my lenovo/thinkpad usb keyboard didn't work was in the Fedora installer because it reports as a combo device vs. two devices with a hub00:53
warthog9and the Fedora installer didn't have the driver on the install medium00:53
warthog9worked fine in the firmware, and the full os once installed though00:53
warthog9holtmann: at what stage does the keyboard not work?00:53
holtmannFirmware. And not at all there. Everything stays black.00:54
warthog9and you don't have an ftdi cable00:54
holtmannBut I had it attached to a screen.00:54
warthog9and nothing came up?00:54
warthog9but unplugging it booted fine?00:54
holtmannYep. Then it just boots fine.00:54
warthog9what happens if you leave the keyboard plugged in, boot it, it doesn't boot and you pull the keyboard out?00:55
holtmannYou have to love our firmware ;)00:55
holtmannIt crashed by then. So only power cycle helped.00:55
warthog9the firmware itself crashed?00:55
holtmannThat is my guess.00:55
warthog9or it just wasn't showing anything at all and the only way to get it to progress was to reboot?00:56
holtmannEither crash or endless loop trying to enumerate USB.00:56
holtmannOnce I realized it was the keyboard, I went and bought a dirt cheap and simple one.00:56
warthog9grief, the mac keyboard is expensive00:57
prpplagueholtmann: what size power supply are you using?00:58
holtmannThe one that come with the board.00:58
warthog9holtmann: and you got that board from dvhart?00:59
holtmannYep. Original box. Board and power supply.00:59
prpplagueholtmann: power supply normally does not ship with a mx00:59
warthog9prpplague: it's one of the 2a ones from you guys00:59
prpplaguewarthog9: ahh00:59
warthog9not sure on that one01:03
warthog9obvious answer is to replicate, but I'll have to buy one of those keyboards01:04
warthog9maybe I can convince dvhart he needs one ;-)01:04
warthog9holtmann: do you have anything else plugged in via usb, other than the keyboard?01:04
holtmannI tried only keyboard and that did not work either.01:05
holtmannBefore I had keyboard and USB drive.01:05
warthog9usb2 or usb3 port?01:05
holtmannUSB 2 for the keyboard.01:05
holtmannUSB 3 for the drive.01:05
warthog9prpplague: you seen anything like this?01:07
* warthog9 hasn't but he uses mostly descrete hubs, and now that I think about it mostly usb3 ones)01:07
prpplagueno i've tested a whole range of usb devices, but not an apple keyboard01:08
holtmannwarthog9: Do we have an internal copy of the Baytrail FSP and the binary tool for it somewhere?01:10
holtmannOr someone that already modified it for use with coreboot.01:10
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prpplagueholtmann: coreboot support for max is already mainline01:11
holtmannBut you need a binary firmware blob.01:11
prpplagueholtmann: yea01:12
prpplagueholtmann: there is a place to download it01:12
holtmannYes. And then you have to go through Intel fun stuff ;)01:12
holtmannFedora 20 linker is also broken.01:13
holtmannI think we only have public blobs for Sandy Bridge.01:13
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holtmannCoreboot is also missing SD card boot. So that is another challenge.01:16
warthog9holtmann: that fsp stuff should be public already01:37
warthog9holtmann: if it's not I need to go a grumbling01:37
holtmannNot with a simple download.01:45
holtmannMainly sign NDA and get a magic account type of thing.01:45
prpplagueholtmann: the fsp binary is suppose to be public without nda01:46
prpplagueholtmann: i'll double check on the status of that tomorrow01:46
holtmannIf you have a the link that would be great.01:47
holtmannPreprepared modified ones for the minnow board would be also great.01:47
holtmannIf it is public, then I wonder why it is not in 3rdparty of coreboot like the Sandy Bridge stuff.01:47
prpplagueholtmann: i'll have to check tomorrow at the office01:48
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KJHOk. Last night I tried to make a CD boot from my minnowboard max. That didn't work. So now I downloaded an image. Still doesn't work. It says 'IA32 is not supported by this X64 shell'. I can see that, but where do I get a proper image for my minnowboard max then? There was no u-SD card with the board.18:15
KJHSimple question: where do you download an u-SD card image for the Minnowboard MAX?18:24
KJHI'm asking because it seems like the image available from the website is only suitable for the Minnowboard, not the MAX.18:28
tbryeah, minnow was 32bit uefi18:29
KJHAnd? Do you have any pointers?18:30
tbrI'd guess using OE/Yocto would be one option18:30
KJHBut that means building from scratch18:32
tbrother people run things successfully, so there must be a way18:33
KJHI realize that. I just can't seem to make it work. So who are these people?18:37
holtmannJust use a 64-bit installer. debootstrap on a proper formatted SD card will be just fine.18:41
holtmannI am bootstrapping my Fedora images and then just booting them. Installers always complicate things.18:42
prpplagueKJH: minnowmax is shipped with 64-bit uefi firmware18:42
prpplagueKJH: you need to use the 64-bit images18:42
holtmannFunny how this always references grub as boot loader. I am happily using gummiboot.18:44
prpplagueholtmann: hehe18:46
KJHSo, effectively I need a distro that is a) 64-bit ia, b) sits inside an image that has an efi/boot subdirectory, and c) is offered to the firmware on the first partition that is of type VFAT and is marked bootable?18:50
prpplagueKJH: yes18:50
prpplagueKJH: which is basically all of the stanard "64bit" distros18:51
KJHOk. I'll have a go. Thanks. AFK18:51
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prpplaguewarthog9: looks like we are going to have to do some more "exactsteps" info18:51
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warthog9prpplague: for which bits?19:37
* warthog9 is in testing and docs writing mode today so today is a good day to catch me on those things19:37
prpplaguewarthog9: explaining the difference between 32-bit and 64-bit19:37
warthog9OS or firmware?19:38
prpplaguewarthog9: seems some people still think even though that max is configured for 64-bit that they can still use a 32-bit os19:38
warthog9got it19:39
warthog9welcome to the wonderful world of UEFI19:39
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prpplagueCrofton|work: welcome mr.sdr19:40
Crofton|workanyone know if the max has sane floating point perf?19:41
Crofton|workand what shape the oe bsp is in19:41
prpplagueCrofton|work: dvhart is the one that handles OE stuff19:42
prpplagueCrofton|work: i'll see if he can join the channel19:42
Crofton|workI ahve a demo idea19:42
prpplagueCrofton|work: if you can recommend a test for the floating point i can collect some data19:42
Crofton|workI suspect it is sane enough19:42
Crofton|workI am curios what simd instructino sets it suports19:42
Crofton|workand yes, I am being really lazy19:42
Crofton|workbadly add atm19:43
warthog9Crofton|work: oe - the yocto core-i7 64-bit bsp supports the Minnow19:50
warthog9Crofton|work: and dvhart is making sure of that19:50
* warthog9 has a board on his desk booted with it19:51
Crofton|workthis should work fine for a distroless build, ie no meta-poky^H^H^H^Hyocto19:51
warthog9Crofton|work: if you are doing SDR stuff, I know for a fact that there were 3 people over the weekend doing SDR with MAXes19:52
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hrwhm. plugged power. blue led on. pressed button, nothing happened20:24
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hrwwill wait for 30W psu and that 3.5A one will go to trash^Wbox20:24
warthog9hrw: what power supply you trying that with?20:37
hrwwarthog9: 5v 3.5a which I used so far with pandaboard, wandboard, mx53 quickstart and several others.20:38
prpplaguehrw: that's very odd20:38
hrwprpplague: I would rather say 'do not worry about it' as I got a feeling that during last months I had bad luck with most boards ;D20:39
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prpplaguehrw: hehe20:40
prpplaguespeaking of which20:40
prpplaguewarthog9: did i forward you the failure report of that cap?20:40
* prpplague can't remember20:40
warthog9don't think so20:40
warthog9I berated and beat the engineer who caused it20:40
warthog9if you give me a report I can print out and hit them with, I'll do that20:41
prpplaguewarthog9: i doubt it was their fault20:41
prpplaguewarthog9: we've removed that cap from the bom20:41
warthog9prpplague: ohhhh don't defend him!20:41
prpplaguewarthog9: it wasn't really needed20:41
warthog9I have him believing he plugged a 12v supply into the board20:42
warthog9prpplague: send it on over, I'll go tell him it wasn't his fault20:43
warthog9and I just closed a pile of bugs \o/20:43
prpplaguewarthog9: it is potential that it could have been a 12V power supply20:44
prpplaguewarthog9: only that cap was damaged though20:45
prpplaguewarthog9: forwarded20:45
prpplaguewarthog9: did you get any more testing done on the Flotsam lure?20:45
warthog9prpplague: I've got some, all indications look good20:47
warthog9I'm using terri's new robot as a test bed for it20:48
warthog9prpplague: that is an absolutely gorgeous write up btw20:49
prpplaguewarthog9: you mean on the cap?20:50
prpplaguewarthog9: yea, we like to get the mfg to do those when we find a failure20:50
prpplaguewarthog9: really want to know the root cause20:50
calculusprpplague: you say you have tested many usb devices... any good 4-port usb hubs to recommend?21:12
* calculus just went through several 4-port ones and a 10-port one... only the 10-port one worked sucessfully on multiple machines, but it is too large21:13
warthog9calculus: I've used
warthog9and generally liked it21:13
prpplaguecalculus: you are saying you have 4-port hub on max that doesn't work?21:13
warthog9I've got the 7-port one hooked up to my home server21:13
calculusprpplague: no max, this was on the bbb21:14
prpplaguecalculus: ahh21:14
calculuswarthog9: thanks, I will forward that on21:14
prpplaguecalculus: i haven't done any testing on bbb in ages21:15
prpplaguecalculus: completely abandoned from my part21:15
prpplaguecalculus: best to quiry someone on #beagle21:15
calculusprpplague: we are using the bbb for work projects21:16
calculussure thing21:16
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dvhartCrofton|work, I hear you have questions re max and OE21:51
dvhartCrofton|work, best way to get a response from me will be email to the public lists (minnow or similar, with me on Cc)21:51
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warthog9Bryanstein: wish I had better news on the SATA port multiplier22:52
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