Tuesday, 2014-09-09

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ed121im interested in minnowboard NAS performance13:14
ed121anyone here got any experience with that?13:15
Jazzdudeyou mean disk to ethernet performance?13:15
ed121well yes13:16
ed121raid to network i guess13:16
JazzdudeI don't see any reason why both sata and ethernet could not be saturated by the max13:16
ed121is the bus speed good?13:17
Jazzdudewhat bus?13:17
ed121i know the raspberry pi is sopposed to be slow13:17
ed121fsb i think13:17
ed121the networking bus and disk bus13:18
ed121ethernet and sata13:18
ed121i guess13:18
Jazzdudehere are the specs: http://www.elinux.org/Minnowboard:MinnowMax13:18
ed121i know people say the pi is seriously bad13:18
Jazzdudeimho the max is way superior to most actual NAS platforms used13:19
ed121oh really13:19
ed121good to know someone thinks that13:19
ed121i was hoping13:19
ed121someone would say that13:20
Jazzdudeit's certainly faster than a pi or a cubie13:20
ed121is wake up on lan working good?13:20
JazzdudeI have no idea13:20
ed121that would be good if it did13:21
ed121so many machines dont do it13:21
ed121like its very hot and miss to find that feature working on diff machines13:21
ed121is there any bad things anyone has noticed about the minnow board?13:24
ed121has anyone did any kvm on it?13:24
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holtmannwarthog9: So if you have PCI enumeration, then you need sdhci-pci and if you have ACPI enumeration, you need sdhci-acpi in your inited.23:05
holtmannwarthog9: And in ACPI mode all 3 SDIO controllers on PCI are gone.23:07
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