Wednesday, 2014-09-10

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ecdheDoes the MAX have a SPI port/15:39
hrwecdhe: you mean spi to connect spi devices?15:43
hrwecdhe: check low speed expansion headers15:44
ecdheYes; to control an external spi device.15:44
hrwecdhe: there are SPI master pins. 3.3V15:48
ecdhehrw, thanks!15:52
Jazzdudethis bug report lists a target milestone "A2". Does anyone know if this refers to a hw board version, a firmware version or something else?16:05
yoctiBug 6663: normal, Medium, A2 Release, dvhart, NEEDINFO , P-states reports incorrect max frequency16:05
JazzdudeAnd is there any information on when it's due?16:05
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warthog9and got the matrix orbital screen sitting on my desk working18:35
warthog9now to figure out how to make bar graphs and such18:35
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hrwprpplague: any plans for LSE lure with 3.3 to 1.8 & 5V level shifters?19:43
prpplaguehrw: nothing had been discussed as of yet19:43
prpplaguehrw: seems the high priority lure for most of these folks is multiple sata, and multiple nic19:44
prpplaguehrw: which is extremely surprising19:44
prpplaguehrw: i would have expect most people who wanted that to get one of the com8 or pc engine modules19:44
hrwprpplague: pcie x1 is present so multisata or multinic is possible19:45
prpplaguehrw: yea19:45
hrwprpplague: I would not mind HSE lure with minipcie + usb host pins + reset pins ;D19:47
prpplaguehrw: i'd have to add an additional usb hub onboard for that19:47
prpplaguehrw: since we have the single usb host tied into the mpcie slot19:48
hrwah, right. forgot that minipcie has usb as well19:49
hrwsuch hub would be even better cause mainboard usbhost connector is for 2 ports19:49
tbrprpplague: people will always jump on random stuff that's not quite close enough and then complain how it should be different19:50
tbrsomeone could make an low end ARMv6 board and people would complain it's not ARMv7 *snerk*19:50
hrwtbr: that reminds me that I need to design t-shirt...19:52
warthog9I need to get onto designing some shirts19:52
tbrhrw: I keep complaining to av500 about an ELCE t-shirt but looks like he won't get it done19:52
warthog9tbr: what's the shirt going to have on it?19:53
tbrwarthog9: I suspect a variation of this
warthog9eek someone is very brave!19:57
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ahollergreat shirt ;)20:20
ahollersystemd was missed on it20:22
ahollerunfortunatley I did all 3 things too. I'm part of that horror (besides that I don't think device tree is horror) :/20:30
aholleron the other side, almost any arm-user had to get in contact with these 3 things. ;)20:33
warthog9prpplague: saw that, reshared alredy :-)21:04
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* warthog9 sighs22:35
warthog9apparently Fedora does not *SHIP* with SPI compiled into their normal kernel22:35
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