Thursday, 2014-09-11

holtmannwarthog9: Fedora is funny. They have a lot of things not enabled. You need to file a bug for each and one of them.00:09
warthog9holtmann: yeah, I'm having to recompile the kernel to get it in00:10
warthog9turns out SPI has to be compiled into the kernel, it's not a loadable module00:10
holtmannThat is just stupid. We might want to fix that upstream.00:10
warthog9we should00:12
warthog9the drivers are all modular00:12
warthog9but the base support isn't :-/00:12
warthog9the only reason this is obnoxious right now, is I'm trying to read the spi-pot from the calamari and show it on a little matrix orbital screen00:13
holtmann  CC [M]  drivers/spi/spi.o00:14
holtmann  CC [M]  drivers/spi/spidev.o00:14
holtmannCompiles fine.00:14
holtmanndrivers/built-in.o: In function `regmap_spi_read':00:14
warthog9but when it goes to depmod00:14
holtmanndrivers/built-in.o: In function `regmap_spi_async_write':00:14
holtmanndrivers/built-in.o: In function `spi_write':00:14
warthog9there you go :-)00:14
holtmannCauses issues in the drivers, but that is most likely because someone was stupid.00:14
holtmannLet me check.00:14
holtmannIt is the drivers that reference something.00:15
holtmannActually the CONFIG_SPI and CONFIG_SPI_MASTER need to be tristate.00:18
holtmannAnd the only one bug here is spi_register_board_info.00:19
holtmann  CC [M]  drivers/spi/spi.o00:19
holtmanndrivers/spi/spi.c:550:5: error: redefinition of ‘spi_register_board_info’00:19
holtmann int spi_register_board_info(struct spi_board_info const *info, unsigned n)00:19
holtmannWe most likely can fix that.00:19
holtmannThe export assumes it is not modular.00:19
warthog9that's obnoxious00:21
holtmannI have it compiling.00:22
holtmannEasy, but needs some Kconfig cleanup.00:23
holtmannThe Kconfig is a mess.00:23
holtmannSo everything depends on CONFIG_SPI, but should actually depend on CONFIG_SPI_MASTER00:23
holtmannfilename:       /data/kernel/bluetooth-next/drivers/nfc/trf7970a.ko00:24
holtmanndescription:    TI trf7970a RFID/NFC Transceiver Driver00:24
holtmannlicense:        GPL v200:24
holtmannauthor:         Mark A. Greer <>00:24
holtmannalias:          spi:trf7970a00:24
holtmanndepends:        spi00:24
holtmannintree:         Y00:24
holtmannvermagic:       3.17.0-rc1-devel+ SMP preempt mod_unload modversions00:24
holtmannSo works just fine.00:24
holtmannfilename:       /data/kernel/bluetooth-next/drivers/spi/spi.ko00:24
holtmannintree:         Y00:24
holtmannvermagic:       3.17.0-rc1-devel+ SMP preempt mod_unload modversions00:24
holtmannThe only trick part that we have is that DT files using SPI would result into having spi.ko in the inited.00:25
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warthog9holtmann: but spi.ko could be compiled straight on still, right?00:29
holtmannYep. No changes needed. Except for fixing some ifdef to expect y and m.00:29
holtmannI mailing SPI mailing list and let see what reason they come up with.00:29
warthog9can you CC me on it?00:30
holtmannWhich email do you want me to use?00:30
holtmannLet see what they have to say.00:32
holtmannI bet it is because nobody cared. And this was simpler and nobody wanted to deal with the detail.00:32
holtmannFor example NFC needs a bit of Kconfig magic to make this work nice. We have issues there as well.00:34
warthog9holtmann: I'm always in awe of the hackery that goes on to make portions of the kernel work with kconfig properly00:37
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thiagottjvAnyone know when will the Max Lures with mPCIe or the mSata Schematics will be released?01:24
prpplaguethiagottjv: we normally don't release schematics until they are in production01:24
prpplaguethiagottjv: however01:24
prpplaguethiagottjv: we just made the decision this afternoon to release the eagle files early01:25
prpplaguethiagottjv: flotsam, jetsam and seacat01:25
thiagottjvI cant find the Eagle lib for the mPCIe (and mSATA) connector and the High Speed 60 pins01:26
thiagottjvSo I can`t make my own... I was going to ask just these libs, but if you guys are going to release then I`ll wait01:27
thiagottjvThank you David!01:28
prpplaguethiagottjv: friday01:32
prpplaguethiagottjv: we'll have them up on the wiki on friday01:32
prpplaguethiagottjv: libs and designs files01:32
thiagottjvprpplague: Thanks, I can`t wait to make them!01:33
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prpplaguewarthog9: do you know where "Kean Nam Yeoh" is located?14:51
prpplaguewarthog9: we need to send him a couple prototype lures14:51
calculusright next to me, but I also need a max to test with ;)14:56
prpplaguecalculus: ??14:57
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calculusprpplague: just teasing you to send me samples15:02
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bluelightningprpplague: Penang apparently, but I don't have an address15:06
prpplaguebluelightning: yea i sent him a message on G+15:11
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thiagottjvprpplague: Thanks for the schematics!17:05
prpplaguethiagottjv: the prototype lure and the calamari are heavily tested17:25
prpplaguethiagottjv: the msata and mpcie have only gone through one round of prototypes17:25
prpplaguethiagottjv: but we've not seen any issues as of yet17:25
thiagottjvprpplague: seeing how to connect from sata to msata there is no mistery... we almost just need to convert the 5V input to the 3.3V that mSata uses...17:26
prpplaguethiagottjv: indeed17:27
thiagottjvprpplague: For the mPCIe i'm not sure... but I'll give it a try17:27
prpplaguethiagottjv: please note though that the signals are differential pairs17:27
prpplaguethiagottjv: so you need to be careful about that17:27
thiagottjvprpplague: Could you explain more?17:27
thiagottjvprpplague: Do you mean for PCIe and the mSATA?17:29
thiagottjvprpplague: That... is like the signals come mixed?17:30
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prpplaguethiagottjv: yea for both msata and pcie17:32
thiagottjvprpplague: I was reading something about it... that mSATA use almost the same things that mPCIe uses17:32
prpplaguethiagottjv: similiar in nature, yes17:32
thiagottjvprpplague: and we should have something to "switch" from one to another17:32
prpplaguethiagottjv: i am not sure i understand your statement with more information17:33
thiagottjvprpplague: Is this what the SW1 and the U7 doesin the Seacat Lure?17:33
thiagottjvprpplague:  This is what I was reading yesterday:
prpplaguethiagottjv: ahh no17:36
prpplaguethiagottjv: these are dedicated slots17:36
prpplaguethiagottjv: msata can only be used in the msata slot17:36
prpplaguethiagottjv: mpcie and only be used in mcpie slot17:36
thiagottjvyes, I know...17:36
prpplaguethiagottjv: you only need one of these IF you want to support using both msata and mpcie in the SAME slot17:37
thiagottjvprpplague: Ahhh17:37
thiagottjvprpplague: But can I use both Jetsam and Flotsam schematics to make something like the Seacat?17:38
prpplaguethiagottjv: no, they are designed to be used separately17:38
prpplaguethiagottjv: but if you combine the schematics together, they make a seacat17:39
thiagottjvprpplague: ???17:39
prpplaguethiagottjv: we'll have the seacat schematics available in about a week17:39
thiagottjvprpplague: But i'll need some switching to make both work together?17:39
prpplaguethiagottjv: the jetsam and flotsam boards were not designed to be stackable17:40
prpplaguethiagottjv: no, no switch needed17:40
thiagottjvprpplague: Are they both using some same pin?17:40
thiagottjvprpplague: hm... simplifying what I'm in doubt is: Can I get both schematics, join them together (using their pins on the High Speed Expansion connector) and can I use both mPCIE and the mSATA?17:44
thiagottjvprpplague: Yay! Thats what I wanted to read!17:46
thiagottjvprpplague: I'll use the Minnowboard to make a GroundStation for my Multirotor. This is perfect to control it using the Windows application but in the same time reading feedback using the expansion ports.17:47
thiagottjvprpplague: With the mSata I'll install the windows (to run everything quickly) and with the PCIE I'll use a Wifi/Bluetooth board to send the video to the clients phone so they can see the same thing I see.17:49
thiagottjvprpplague: Well... this is the first thing...17:49
thiagottjvprpplague: I'm going now, thanks very much for the help!17:50
prpplaguethiagottjv: like i said, doing differential pairs can be difficult. please ready up on what is required17:50
thiagottjvprpplague: Ok, I'll read, thanks.17:52
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ka6soxhaving to get defamiliarized with Eagle isn't as easy as I thought.19:01
carpmanyeah... eagle. eeeeeagle.19:02
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prpplagueGPSFan: if you get some time, i'm interested in seeing if you can do some i2c testing21:44
GPSFanprpplague, swamped till end of the month. You have any specific tests you need, I'll see if I whip something up before then though.21:48
prpplagueGPSFan: just general i2c tests21:50
GPSFanprpplague, I'll rtfm.21:51
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