Saturday, 2014-09-13

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GPSFanprpplague, ping... I got some hardware coming on Tues to do some I2C testing with. I rummaged through my stash of stuff and didn't find anything I could use so things need to wait till at least Wed/Thurs.01:10
GPSFanprpplague, Beer:30 now so don't expect any sane comments from now on ;>)01:12
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prpplagueGPSFan: hehe same here01:19
prpplagueGPSFan: sending time on my side project this evening as well01:19
GPSFanprpplague, side as is WitchE?01:20
prpplagueGPSFan: hehe yea01:20
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prpplagueGPSFan: guess you saw some of my posts01:20
GPSFanprpplague, I think that is a cool project, maybe you should think of how to do a lot of witchE cores in an FPGA01:21
prpplagueGPSFan: yea01:21
prpplagueGPSFan: Ka6sox is looking to do that01:21
GPSFanprpplague, those folks who did that original work in basic computing with "hardware" had some unique ideas that could be "innovative" today.01:22
prpplagueGPSFan: absolutely01:23
prpplagueGPSFan: that's why i started witch-e01:23
prpplagueGPSFan: lots of educational opportunity01:23
GPSFanprpplague, because by and large those folks were at the top of their profession.01:23
prpplagueGPSFan: yea, but what i find interesting most: the people designing these things were mathematicians01:24
prpplagueGPSFan: the folks building them were often Post Office techs01:24
GPSFanprpplague, yep. exactly.01:25
prpplagueGPSFan: the original witch is built mostly with parts that were used as part of the Post Office systems01:25
prpplagueGPSFan: speaking of that....01:26
* prpplague makes a note to watch "The Zero Theorem" again01:26
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GPSFanprpplague, I'd like to contribute a bit more to witche, I looked at the schematics of some of the parts and saw a few things of concern. ie.. clocking a FF from a carry output.01:27
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GPSFanprpplague, but I'm just swamped till at least the end of Sept and probably longer. Now that I'm back on IRC I'll make an effort to poke at it a bit more.01:28
prpplagueGPSFan: no worries01:28
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prpplagueGPSFan: yea i had to do some tweaks to the design to get it to work with 7400 stuff01:28
prpplagueGPSFan: actually i think the schematic on the wiki isn't up to day01:29
prpplagueGPSFan: the pdf that is01:29
* prpplague makes a note to double check tomorro01:29
GPSFanprpplague, time for din din cul... hmmm almost dusk, times are a changing...01:29
prpplagueGPSFan: love to have you aboard on witch-e01:29
prpplagueGPSFan: join #retro-computing for discussions01:29
GPSFanprpplague, have to talk to you off line about my wife's grandfather,...01:30
prpplagueGPSFan: hehe will do01:30
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prpplagueGPSFan: yea the schematics on the wiki aren't up to date01:33
prpplagueGPSFan: i'll get them updated tomorrow01:33
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nateI need some hints for booting Minnowboard Max. Just got mine a week ago and finally had a chance to hook it up. I get a blue power light, but nothing else: tried 2 monitors but both don't see a signal.05:23
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johnny2kI'm trying to find a download for a 64-bit version of Angstrom. Anyone know of where to get that? The only image I can find appears to be for Minnowboard V117:29
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tbrjohnny2k: looked at narcissus yet?17:47
johnny2kNever heard of it. I'll take a look.17:47
johnny2k:D Awesome! Thanks!17:50
johnny2kDo you know which machine to select for minnowboard max?  I don't see the word "minnow" anywhere in there.17:55
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tbrjohnny2k: oh, I thought it was18:14
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