Sunday, 2014-09-14

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PhibsThe max sounds really interesting, will it ever be in stock anyway? :)00:15
prpplaguePhibs: we are currently filling backorders00:32
prpplaguePhibs: the number of pre-orders was beyond what we had scheduled00:32
prpplaguePhibs: we expect to have max in stock at several distributors in a few weeks00:32
prpplaguePhibs: we are currently cranking out 500 pieces per week00:32
PhibsI bet00:32
prpplaguePhibs: and ramping to 1000 pieces in 4 weeks00:33
Phibswhat distributions run on it 'well', and is there a 'case' yet ?00:33
prpplaguePhibs: there are listings of all the distros tested on the wiki00:33
Phibs(I currently have two cubieboard2s for DNS/NTP, and want to replace w/ minnowmaxes)00:33
prpplaguePhibs: plus microsoft has a page specifically for windows 8.1 support on max00:33
Phibsseems like takes effort to work with booting SD?00:33
prpplaguePhibs: not really00:33
prpplaguePhibs: pretty straight forward when compared to other embedded systems00:34
PhibsI dunno my cubie just boots from it ;000:34
Phibswould be awesome if the max had a DDR3 SODIMM socket ;000:34
Phibsah warthog9 has a case design, not bad00:35
prpplaguePhibs: "it just boots" from max as well00:36
flatfaceI think I'm being affected by this bug, but I'm on the firmware from 8-13... Should I submit an EDID dump?
yoctiBug 6599: normal, Medium+, Production Release, tim.he, RESOLVED FIXED, HDMI-DVI conversion does not work: fix in GOP driver required00:36
prpplaguePhibs: when there is a prepared image, which is what cubie has00:36
Phibsah ok, so you're saying the initrd there has the driver gotcha00:36
prpplagueflatface: are you able to get a serial console on your device?00:36
Phibshmm interesting, w/ the nic lure could make it a firewall00:37
flatfaceprpplague: Yes, and I can usually get it to display whatever it's trying to by replugging the HDMI cable.00:37
prpplagueflatface: i doubt then that it is that bug00:38
prpplagueflatface: most likely there is a bad solder joint on the hdmi connector00:38
prpplagueflatface: so if you use a different cable it works?00:39
flatfaceprpplague: Doubtful, I use the same cable on my laptop. I've got a couple more in transit though00:39
flatfaceIt also seems like it depends on what I've got plugged in at the time... Trying to see what that is.00:39
flatface(what sata/usb/sd boot devices)00:40
Phibsprpplague: anyone working on CentOS for it ?00:40
Phibsnm I'm dumb, I see 'known to work'00:40
flatfacePhibs: I'm running Fedora 20 on it, I'd imagine CentOS 7 would be fine00:40
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nicksydneyhi...i tried ubuntu 14.0.1 64bit AMD iso image that I've dd'ed to my USB drive to try to boot it using minnowboard max ...but when i get to the EFI shell i ran    efi\boot\grubx64.efi i'm getting error.....Security Violation ?10:24
nicksydneyfound the issue...the secure booting inside the BIOS need to be disabled10:50
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inflexYep, that'll so it11:08
inflexdo it11:08
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