Thursday, 2014-09-18

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sysop2hi guys. is anyone having problems getting their network card to work in kubuntu 14.04?00:26
sysop2to calrify I am using max.00:26
sysop2a max.00:26
warthog9sysop2: what's the problem you are seeing?00:36
sysop2well I see eth0 link up in the logs but network manager cant connect. I tried doing dhclient on the command line and get a wierd error. I am about ready to rip out network manager and configure it by hand.00:36
sysop2I have installed the actual realtek driver and its what got this behavor. before that it wont work at all00:37
prpplaguestsysop2: please check to see if you have a valid mac address assigned to the board00:37
warthog9sysop2: can you run `ifconfig enp2s0 | grep -i ether | awk '{ print $2; }'` and paste me the output?00:38
sysop2ok hold on.00:38
prpplaguestsysop2: you can check this from the terminal window00:38
sysop2you are right its all zeros!!!00:38
prpplaguestsysop2: we had some boards go out with a mac address assigned00:38
prpplaguestsysop2: you can assign a mac via software using the ifconfig command00:38
sysop2oh ok.  thats kinda cool.00:39
prpplaguestsysop2: please send me an email to and i will send you instructions on assigning a mac address permanetly00:39
calculusifconfig hw ether 00:11:22:33:44:55 (or something similar)00:39
sysop2I wish all network cards came like this and I could just pic my mac.00:39
warthog9out or curiosity has anyone else tried booting with a usb NIC in the board?00:39
prpplaguestsysop2: we are ramping up production and one of the validation test operators was doing something there not suppose to00:39
* warthog9 is seeing something odd and wants to see if it's just a "me" problem00:40
ahollersysop2: assigning macs works almost always00:40
prpplaguestwarthog9: hey the standard response is that it is _YOU_00:40
sysop2its ok dude. I will send you an email right away.00:40
calculussomehow my brother managed to get his mac address to be all zeros on his old desktop00:40
* prpplaguest jokes with warthog9 00:40
warthog9prpplaguest: well duh00:40
warthog9prpplaguest: I am a special snowflake from a testing perspective00:40
calculuseven tried a livecd, and it was still zero00:40
prpplaguestwarthog9: still on for 7?00:40
warthog9prpplaguest: that's the plan00:40
prpplaguestcalculus: most have a efuse that can be burned00:41
prpplaguestcalculus: some of the linux drivers can get into a "unkown state" that cause an "efuse" increment00:41
prpplaguestcalculus: never knew about that until recently with the max00:41
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prpplaguewarthog9: dandy00:42
sysop2so how much longer till  these are in full production?  I want a  few more at some point.00:42
prpplaguesysop2: we are doing 500 per week now, and in 5 weeks ramping to 1000 per week00:43
sysop2I have booted with a usb nic.00:44
sysop2it worked fine for me. I am using an apple usb nic.00:44
sysop2thanks prpplague, thats awesome news.  so are you guys going to release a copy of android L that runs on this hardware?00:45
sysop2or at least a howto?00:45
prpplagueintel will00:45
warthog9prpplague: firmware bug confirmed, WHEEEEEEEEEEE00:46
prpplaguesysop2: max is an independent organization from intel or circuitco, but both intel and circuitco are promoting it00:46
sysop2SWEET! cant wait. I want to triple boot 64bit linux, windows and anroid.00:46
prpplaguewarthog9: what bug is that?00:46
warthog9prpplague: plug a Trendnet TU2-ET100 into the board, board can't boot00:47
prpplaguewarthog9: i was testing with some small usb wifi modules but hadn't seen any issues00:47
warthog9plug it in after it's handed over to Linux, everthing works as expected00:47
prpplaguewarthog9: what size wall wart?00:47
warthog9confirmed on two boards, 0.71 and 0.7300:47
warthog95v 2.5a00:48
warthog9From CCo ;-)00:48
prpplagueShaka, When the Walls Fell00:48
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sysop2so has anyone got windows 8.1 non-embedded to boot on these?  I know its not "supported" but from what I read windows 8.1 embedded is the same as windows 8.1 just with things added.  the price difference is whats prompting this.  you would think an embedded os would be cheaper.00:49
prpplaguesysop2: free is hard to beat00:50
prpplague(or so i am told)00:50
prpplaguesysop2: msft has a free package for max00:50
sysop2I am a linx guy, but I want to be able to boot into windows.00:50
sysop2this is going to be my entertainment box or tv box.00:51
sysop2normally running kubuntu and xbmc and booting into windows olny every now and then.00:51
sysop2I read that.00:52
sysop2damn u key. linux!00:52
sysop2but what about after 180 days. the lifetime of my media hardware is usally alot longer than that.00:53
prpplaguedidn't realize it was time limited00:54
* prpplague makes a note to send an email00:54
warthog9prpplague: I think you are confusing the 7in screen one with the one offered for the MAX00:54
prpplaguewarthog9: indeed00:54
warthog9there's a program to give devices with smaller than a 7in screen or something a perpetual free license, but that's it's own exciting mess00:55
warthog9(this actually came up during the webcast)00:55
prpplaguewarthog9: ok, well i'm brain dead this evening00:55
warthog9the one that msft is offering for the max is limited to 180 days, but you can just got get another one at the end of 180 days00:55
warthog9or you can buy a full normal license and just run win 8.100:55
sysop2ok so normal win 8.1 is ok. thats what I really wanted to know.00:56
sysop2thats likea an $80 licencse as opposed to like a $180 dollar licesne.00:56
sysop2thanks guys you have been very helpful well off to assign a mac and play some more. going to install steam for linux and load geekbench3.00:57
warthog9sysop2: if you have a 00:00:00:00:00 mac address can you e-mail ?00:58
sysop2I already emailed danders but sure are you trying to keep track of them to see how many went out?00:59
warthog9ohhh if you e-mailed danders you are fine00:59
prpplaguesysop2: got your email01:00
prpplaguesysop2: i'll send something out asap01:00
prpplaguesysop2: traveling this evening and tomorrow, but i will get something out to you01:00
sysop2now you know my secret identity!01:00
sysop2if I can do it by hand temporary no rush. thanks for everything.01:01
prpplagueifconfig can square you aaway for now01:01
prpplaguesysop2: so.....01:02
prpplaguesysop2: impressions so far?01:02
prpplaguesysop2: what are you planning to do with the board?01:02
sysop2its surprissingly fast in KDE01:02
sysop2make tv boxes.01:02
sysop2to replace those crappy arm android tv boxes I have now01:02
prpplaguecan i quote you on that? hehe01:03
sysop2hold on in a few I will post my geek bench results.01:04
sysop2I have become really anti arm and this really helps out.  when you guys get the lure with the extra nic I will make one of them into a linux based firewall for the house.01:05
sysop2I just wish intel had started kicking arm's but sooner though. but glad they finally got around to it.01:06
sysop2I also am going to try out the steam local game streaming. I hope it works.01:07
sysop2cant do that on arm!01:07
prpplaguesysop2: need to read up on some history01:07
prpplaguesysop2: funny thing01:07
prpplaguesysop2: Intel was one of the FIRST adopters of arm01:08
prpplaguein fact01:08
prpplaguethe very first mobile devices were created as a joint project between intel and compaq01:08
ahollersysop2: xscale is arm.01:09
sysop2but even still  arm has had its place. I like the idea of running the same code on everything. there no need for arm for commerical devices anymore. they have atom phones and I see no reason for android as an os really. I would rather have a phone that dual booted kubutnu and windows anyday of the week.01:09
sysop2arm is still great for small lower power embedde d things. but for phones and tv boxes and such its time has passed.01:10
ahollerit's because of crap drivers01:10
ahollerand broken hw of course ;)01:11
sysop2its not just drivers. its having to recompile things.01:11
sysop2brb feed cat01:11
sysop2ok putting a sun  mac address on the max.  it was that or an atari one.01:21
sysop2according to mac changer all 0's is a valid xerox mac address LOL.  just wish the network driver thought so.01:31
sysop2going to have to boot to windows to test the game streaming. steam for linux does not support game hosting :(01:56
sysop2geekbench3 score on my dualcore doing 64bit tests is 590. 101602:06
sysop2so when are the quad cores coming out?02:08
sysop2I kinda hoping someone will build a phone out of one of these like with PI.02:14
sysop2the 32bit tests were about the same 567 95802:17
sysop2I was using a netbook with a n270 1.6 ghz single core arm and the geekbench on it was 351 494 for 32 bit tests. so the minnowboard is quite in improvement.02:43
sysop2an improvment.02:43
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inflexThe N270 was a pretty good workhorse for me for a long time ( ASUS eeebox B202 )03:17
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inflexI'm excited to see what the MMax will be like03:18
sysop2 well according to geekbench its a good bit faster 590 1016 vs 351 49403:23
sysop2the only weird thing is my steam downloads start off fast them get really slow. but that may be something on my end(like my networking)03:24
sysop2so I have not been able to test a game yet.03:24
sysop2it finally downlaoded. I am pretty impressed. I am playing a game which was painfuly slow on the N270 but on this box its playable and almost snappy. moving the map seems a tiny bit laggy but that may be just how the game is, not sure.  WOW. I may not need to stream games after all, at least the ones that play under linux.05:23
sysop2the game is shadowrun returns, so its a pretty recent game.05:24
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macmeckdoes anyone know what "any pin may be switched to being a generic GPIO as well" means in the wiki?12:05
macmeckis there any setting somewhere which switches the GPIOs from their primary configuration to generic GPIO or is it just the way how you use them?12:06
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sysop2ok,tested two more steam games under linux. I am pretty impressed with the graphics on this little box.  red orchestra 1 just played.  I had lower the res and put everything on low but after that it seemed to play quite well. I did not get in a battle with a bunch of ships or anything but I was able buzz a ship and fly around without lag.  Linux and steam on the minnow board makes it a little gaming box, better than any roku game!12:29
sysop2asfter just played I was talking about x3 albion pride sorry I left that out..12:30
sysop2prelude not pride12:30
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warthog9sysop2: are you running a full SteamOS, or just normal linux + steam?20:04
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GPSFanprpplague, ping.  I've been poking at the I2C on the board and am having some problems. i2cdetect -y 4 sees 3 devices on the bus at address 37, 3a, 50. but I don't see anything else when I plug in my i2c device. In fact I see no transitions on SDA or SCL (pins 13 & 15 of the low speed conn).23:18
prpplagueGPSFan: 4 should be the i2c bus on the hdmi edid23:19
prpplagueGPSFan: what you are seeing is the edid and cec23:19
GPSFanprpplague, ok so 5 should be pins 13 & 14 on the low speed conn?23:20
prpplagueGPSFan: yea23:20
prpplagueGPSFan: and 6 on the hse iirc23:20
GPSFandon't see anything on i2cdetect -y 5 and no transitions on SCL either.23:21
GPSFando I need to setup some pinnctl function?23:21
prpplagueGPSFan: can you do a i2cdetect -l23:22
prpplagueand paste it23:22
prpplagueGPSFan: i'm out of office and dont have my notes handy23:22
GPSFanit shows 6 busses 5 labled 1915 gmbus dpd23:23
GPSFan4 is same but dpb23:23
GPSFansorry, it must be beer 30 then, I've been swamped till this afternoon, just rolled the scope over to look at the pins23:24
prpplagueGPSFan: can you pastebin the output?23:25
GPSFannope, I'll have to set up something on the minnowMax, maybe later,23:26
prpplagueGPSFan: no worries23:27
prpplagueGPSFan: the last two ones in the list23:27
prpplagueGPSFan: those are the LSE/HSE23:27
GPSFani915 gmbus dpc for bus #3.  i915 gmbus dpb for bus #4, i915 gmbus dpd for bus #5, and DPDDC-B for bus #623:29
prpplaguenone of those23:29
prpplagueGPSFan: those are for the video interfaces23:30
GPSFanbus 0 is i915 gmbus ssc, 1 is vga, 2 is panel23:30
prpplagueGPSFan: which os are you running?23:31
GPSFanso the label on the low speed conn pins 13 & 15 of i2c bus #5 doesn't mean something.   I'm running linux mint 17 MATE.   it works almost as good on the MMax an on my laptop.23:32
GPSFanBTW, my friend from N.J. liked the MMax and will probably order one or two when he gets back off vacation.23:34
prpplagueGPSFan: well #5 is the 5th i2c interface as it is pinned out23:37
prpplagueGPSFan: that will certainly not match up 1 to 1 on the linux side, because it depends on which ones are enumerated23:37
prpplagueGPSFan: what kernel version is in that distro?23:38
GPSFanlet me try i2cdetect -y x from 0 to 623:38
GPSFannothing other than but 3 & 4. 3 looks bogus as each address reports something. and unless the pulses are real fast (which they may be ) I can't trigger on anything on SCL.23:42
prpplagueGPSFan: those busses are "internal" to the soc23:44
prpplagueGPSFan: they don't exist outside of the SoC23:45
GPSFankernel 3.1323:45
prpplagueGPSFan: yea you need at least 3.14 for it to recognize the acpi ids for the baytrail23:45
GPSFanok how does the gpio mapping get done23:45
prpplagueGPSFan: so you wont see some of the periperials without it23:45
GPSFanah!! that makes a bit of sense.23:46
prpplagueGPSFan: i think warthog9 has a wiki page with the mappings23:46
GPSFanok I'll see about a new kernel23:46
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