Saturday, 2014-09-20

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sysop2 warthog9  I am running kubuntu 14.04. also you guys wont belive this but I actually played counter strike source! I probably wont win a tournmet playing it on the minnowboard max but I was able to play and have fun.02:14
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sysop2I cant believe I am saying this but hows the "Windows MinnowBoard MAX support package" coming?  will the video be accelerated in windows without it?11:02
sysop2and what devices dont work without it?11:02
sysop2one more thing, I am booting off a sata drive, but I am powering it via an external power supply, if I hooked just the power up to usb via a special cable do you think a 2.5 amp power  would be enough to power it with no problems?11:06
sysop22.5 amp power supply I meant.11:07
seaLne2.5" drives tend to be about 0.5A, there is also the unfitted fan power header that people have been using for that11:10
sysop2sweet thanks!!!11:11
sysop2when they not populated, they mean it doesnt have a pin sticking up right?11:12
sysop2oh well I will do it over usb. try to do this without soldering.11:12
sysop2I wonder why they would put a sata port but no way to power the drives?11:13
seaLneit shouldn't be to hard to solder if you are careful11:13
sysop2yea but thats not the point. dont want to explain.11:13
seaLnefair enough11:14
sysop2but thanks for the info thought I knew there had to be somewhere that had power out.11:14
sysop2well I guess I will. I shouldnt be too secretive. I am trying to build a tv box out of these to sell. and I want to be able to just tell a company just built it from these parts. but if I have to have them solder stuff its going to be more expensive.11:16
sysop2so I am trying to find me a place to build me the usb to sata  power cables.11:17
sysop2do you know of anyone else that is trying to build tv boxes out of these for sale?11:17
seaLnethere are cables for the bananapi that work with that header and the sata connector11:17
sysop2really! awesome.11:18
seaLnealso on ebay11:18
sysop2hmm where do I plug the white plug?11:19
tbrthey didn't put a sata power connector there as sata storage was not the primary imagined use case IIRC11:19
seaLnethe other option would be to use an msata drive with the msata lure11:19
tbrafter all it has SDIO and mSATA is an option11:19
sysop2msata wouldnt be bad.11:20
sysop2when are the lures coming out?  I would like to get one of the pcie lures for my own max11:20
seaLnethere is a thread on the mailing list about that11:21
sysop2I need to sign up for that. will do that today.11:21
sysop2do I hook the white connector to pins 1 and 3?11:23
seaLneto that fan header11:23
sysop2oh the one that is not populated.11:24
seaLnefor what you are wanting using the msata lure board probably is the simplest option11:25
sysop2well the custom cable would be the simplest, just requires me finding a place to make them. I have youtube video on how to, its so simple I am surprised they dont already make them somewhere.11:26
sysop2but I have googled around and the only things I can find have data and power, not just power.11:26
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sysop2I sent the banana pi people an email about getting or making me a cable, I will tell you guys what they say.  its not the hardware thats going to make my box special, its the software. ;)11:35
sysop2also when you guys make the quad core, please include a sata power connector.11:37
sysop2Also what about cases, the only one I have seen is a half case.  anyone know where I can buy a nice case for it?  right now its sitting on top of the sata drive and that sitting on the bag the max came in.11:43
sysop2sweet "We have no cabel like this right now but we are able to produce it for you." from banana pi!12:28
sysop2when I get more details I will post it to the forum. I want to do what I can to help the overall minnowboard community.  I have a couple more ideas for cool products to build when the lures come out.12:35
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