Sunday, 2014-09-21

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guest_____Hi I just found this board in google and I was wandering if it supports completely free software bios drivers etc?07:47
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tbrtoo bad he wandered away09:30
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sysop2the max runs xbmc in linux much faster than  my quard core arm based android running tv box.12:28
sysop2man I think you guys have built a pretty awesome media gadget. and yes you can quote me.12:29
sysop2games, media, the box I build from this will have it all.12:39
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* tbr ponders if he can still sign up for some more minnowmaxes at yocto-workshop price under fake identities ;)18:05
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prpplaguetbr: hehe19:50
sysop2prpplague, did you ever send me those instructions for the mac address?20:26
sysop2I put it in rc.local but still would like to have a permenant mac address.20:26
prpplaguesysop2: i thought i did, however i was traveling last week for meetings20:26
prpplaguesysop2: i will check later this evening20:26
sysop2np dude check tomrrow. just dont forget abou me!20:27
prpplaguewill do20:27
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