Tuesday, 2014-09-23

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hrwminnowmax with hdmi/ethernet/power connected, microsd with system in slot, keyboard/mouse combo receiver in usb2 port. 5V/6A psu connected. D1 led is on but pressing SW1 does not make D2 to even blink12:37
av500hrw: go back to ARM!12:38
hrwav500: wherever I arrive project gets killed or sth?12:38
av500but you just cause trouble12:39
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prpplaguehrw: i'll give you a ping when i get to the office13:36
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GPSFanprpplague, has anyone had any success booting off a USB3 HDD? I've install linux mint on a usb2 hdd and booted off it in the USB3 port. I've also installed the same os on a USB3 hdd in the usb3 port, but it won't boot. It loads the kernel & initramfs and then can't find the usb3 hdd.17:43
GPSFanprpplague, I at first thought it was a problem with the initramfs not having the xhci-hcd.ko but I've since fount that it is built into the kernel I have.17:44
GPSFanprpplague, then I found this: https://www.mail-archive.com/coreboot@coreboot.org/msg43237.html   which seems to imply that there might be issues with xhci in Bay Trail.17:45
GPSFanat least acording to some core-boot folks17:46
prpplagueGPSFan: i've booted from usb3 thumbdrive and hdd with no issues17:48
* prpplague looks at the post17:48
GPSFanprpplague, interesting, my usb3 drive in the usb3 port drops to the initramfs shell. when I poke around looking for the hdd, there is no /dev entry. the shell is a "very" limited busybox and can't do much.17:52
GPSFanI know that the "bios" is able to read from it, and that grub is as well, since that is what loads the kernel & initramfs.17:53
GPSFanI updated the kernel & initramfs to 3.16.2 to see if that helped, and it didn't.17:54
GPSFanprpplague, bbl, lunch over...;>(17:55
prpplagueGPSFan: interesting17:58
prpplagueGPSFan: i sent out a apb on it17:58
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hrwprpplague: ping18:34
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warthog9GPSFan: what usb3 drive you booting from?20:10
warthog9GPSFan: but speaking to booting off of USB3 it works for me, and I think dvhart still does it by default20:10
* warthog9 has mostly sd cards right now20:11
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warthog9GPSFan: ping me when you are around, I want to better understand this usb3 thing :-/20:12
GPSFanwarthog9, I have a segate goflex 1Tb. I can read the installed OS on other machines, so the install process wrote everything. I did the same install from the same usb stick on a toshiba usb2 hdd and I can boot it fine. it seems to me as the xhci interface isn't being brought up by the kernel after grub has loaded it and its initramfs.20:13
GPSFanbut when I boot from the usb2 drive in the usb3 port the ehci does seem to be functional and thus the drive can be read & boots.20:14
GPSFanwarthog9, I'll be around till beer:30 today. ;>)20:15
warthog9GPSFan: is that the little http://www.amazon.com/Seagate-FreeAgent-Ultra-Portable-External-STAA1000101/dp/B0045JLPMO/ref=sr_1_4?ie=UTF8&qid=1411503319&sr=8-4&keywords=seagate+goflex one?20:15
warthog9GPSFan: when's beer:30 today? ;-)20:15
warthog9GPSFan: so USB3 drive in USB3 port doesn't work20:16
warthog9USB2 drive in USB3 port doesn't work?20:16
warthog9former boots to Linux but then can't find the drive at all20:16
GPSFanwarthog9, no the disk is a 3.5" about a year.5 old. beer:30 in 1hour+45min.20:16
warthog9later firmware doesn't see it?20:17
warthog9GPSFan: trying to figure out how I can double check and test here20:17
warthog9and figuring out what I've got around to test with20:17
GPSFanusb2 drive in usb3 port works fine. usb3 drive in usb3 port can be installed to and seen by linux Mint 17 installer. but won't boot past loading the kernel & initramfs.20:18
GPSFanwarthog9, anything I can do, just ask.20:18
GPSFanwarthog9, question: does the "bios" use the ehci controller or the xhci to read what's on the usb3 port?20:19
warthog9GPSFan: good question, and I don't know20:19
warthog9GPSFan: I'm not sure what the "correct" way to do that is either because of the messed up way that gets negotiated20:20
warthog9GPSFan: can you confirm two things for me? (1) you are on the UEFI firmware, not coreboot / seabios right? and (2) what version of the firmware?20:21
GPSFanI read on one of the 10^12 googles I did looking into this that on BayTrail if the EHCI & XHCI controllers are both enabled by the "BIOS" that it shuts off the XHCI one.  I'll try to find a link but that was last night...20:22
warthog9GPSFan: and question (3) because these things come in 3's: have you modified any of the settings in the firmware20:22
GPSFanI am on UEFI .71 firmware.20:22
warthog9yay for several reasons :-)20:22
GPSFanonly modified boot order and boot device20:22
warthog9ok let me reflash this board down to 0.71 and see if I can reproduce20:23
GPSFannone of the myriad of other unknowable values were touched (he said confidently)20:23
warthog9there are a lot of switches and knobs to poke20:23
GPSFanyep, and precious little of that I understand, I haven't played with UEFI, EFI or BIOS stuff for years.20:24
warthog9the mint I've got around is 16, not 1720:24
* warthog9 assumes 17 is new20:25
warthog9one of our intern's really liked mint20:25
GPSFanyep, and mint 16 has a real old kernel. I updated the mint kernel on both my working usb2 and non-working USB3 drives to no avail.20:26
warthog9GPSFan: http://www.linuxmint.com/download.php <-- which one?20:26
GPSFanMATE 64bit V1720:26
warthog9GPSFan: http://www.linuxmint.com/edition.php?id=160 that look right?20:26
warthog9when the deuce did mint make it into kernel.org?20:27
warthog9ok downloading20:27
GPSFanI followed the elinux wiki install insts. you need to boot the installer usb stick fully, then plug in the usb3 drive to the usb3 port. I had a 4 port hub on the usb2 port for the kbd/mouse/install stick20:29
warthog9I'm going to try it with a random disk + usb3 enclosure20:29
GPSFanonce the install is finished you need to update the grub config on the newly installed disk.20:29
warthog9since they use /dev/sd* vs. uuids or something "sane"20:30
GPSFanthat's basically what the goflex 3.5" is. sata drive & usb3 bridge20:30
warthog9yeah, I'm hoping that if I can replicate then it's a common issue20:30
warthog9if I can't, then it's something screwy with the goflex20:30
warthog9and I have to go find one to test with ;-)20:31
warthog9I've got a few at home, don't know if they are 1T though20:31
warthog9and they have actual important data I'd have to pull off first20:31
GPSFanI'm pretty sure that the installer was using the xhci because the install took way less time than the usb2 one.20:31
GPSFanAt first I was certain it was a mint/ubuntu/debian problem with the kernel not having the xhci-hcd.ko driver, but the kernel config for both the original 3.13 & newer 3.16 kernels says that xhci-hcd is built into the kernel.20:33
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GPSFanbbiab, not quite beer:30 yet..20:57
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warthog9GPSFan: I'm starting my install21:06
GPSFanwarthog9, ok, let me know how it goes. what make/model usb3 drive?21:12
warthog9sabrent enclosure (usb3)21:14
warthog9and intel 37G ssd21:14
warthog9it's what I had sitting around and easily grabbable21:14
GPSFanwarthog9, ok, just wanted to know the actual thing you are using.21:15
warthog9GPSFan: it *SHOULDN'T* change things dramatically21:16
GPSFanfor various definitions of "shouldn't"21:17
warthog9GPSFan: yeah21:23
warthog9GPSFan: all tests are useful tests ;-)21:23
* GPSFan tests the waters.... nope not beer:30 yet 21:27
warthog9GPSFan: it's always beer:30 SOMEWHERE21:27
warthog9GPSFan: this is slow21:28
warthog9I'd hate to see what this was like on USB221:28
warthog9ohhh I see why21:28
warthog9it keeps trying to connect to the internets21:28
warthog9and that don't work here21:28
GPSFanyeah it likes the internet of stuff, like time... can't install an OS if you don't know what time it is.21:30
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smurraywarthog9: I'm currently trying to prod rpmbuild through building a F20 kernel with SPI enabled, figured I'd ask if am I re-inventing the wheel?21:32
warthog9smurray: you are21:33
warthog9smurray: want me to toss my rpm somewhere for you?21:34
warthog9assuming you'll trust a random rpm from me? ;-)21:34
smurrayis it 3.16.2-201?21:35
warthog9smurray: think it was21:35
warthog9I'm looking for where it went...21:35
warthog9smurray: apparently not21:36
smurrayI think I'm pretty close to making the spec file's option checking stuff happy21:36
warthog9smurray: I just futzed it and had the full config in config-x86_64-generic21:37
warthog9I tried doing the option passing thing21:37
warthog9and eventually just gave up and did the whole config file21:37
smurrayyeah, that probably would have made more sense21:37
warthog9smurray: it's obnoxious21:38
smurrayI added CONFIG_SPI and CONFIG_SPI_MASTER, and now am trying to make their new option stuff happy21:38
warthog9holtmann I think has some patches in for spi master to actually be a module config now21:38
warthog9or well maybe not in, but at least out there being argued about21:39
smurrayit'd be nice if there was an assume 'm' or 'y' knob in the spec file21:39
warthog9smurray: yeah, and spi is a bit of a mess since there's a chunk that has to be in the kernel right now21:39
warthog9vs. fully modular21:39
smurrayyeah, I did see that discussion21:40
holtmannI have no final patches.21:40
holtmannBut it is possible to make the spi_core modular.21:40
holtmannJust needs to fix some other cases where they have wrong ifdef in the code.21:41
smurrayI could imagine writing a script that iterates rpmbuild to generate a working config, but it wouldn't be pretty21:41
NullMoogleCablewhat is the max transfer speed of the sata on the original minnow?22:35
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warthog9NullMoogleCable: same as the MAX: SATA2 3gb/s23:44

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