Thursday, 2014-09-25

warthog9the later is obviously a bug in the pxa code00:00
warthog9but the switch from pci to acpi is a Windows induced change00:00
warthog9for better compatibility00:01
BryansteinLol..well...I have no plan on running Windows on my max so good for those guys00:02
warthog9for the Linux users it's a no-op unless you are running on an sd-card00:03
warthog9if you are you may have to flip it back, or add sdhci-acpi to your initramfs00:03 you want me to reflash my firmware and see if that does something00:04
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Bryansteinwarthog9, also...please do find out for me about booting FreeBSD on the max from your buddy. I'd like to test out bhyve on it00:07
BryansteinWell I'd like to run FreeBSD on it primarily then test out bhyve, which I don't think will work but I'd like to try it!00:07
warthog9yeah I'll go poke him00:08
warthog9I don't remember exactly what he did00:08
warthog9but it spawned some interesting questions from one of the FreeBSD maintainers I think00:08
BryansteinWell the only things I can think of are putting things in the loader.conf and or toying with the uefi options00:09
warthog9no it was some specific path through the uefi shell00:09
Bryansteinwarthog9, as is...I can boot the freebsd uefi loader no issue...I actually have an entry for it00:10
warthog9yup, and it crashes on boot?00:10
warthog999.5% sure you are hitting the same thing my buddy was00:10
BryansteinWell warthog9 and to be for uefi in freebsd is new so back to your original point...I'd say you're right. I just had to defend my beloved FreeBSD00:11
warthog9defend away, I'm not ragging on it00:12
warthog9I'm being realistic :-)00:12
warthog9the fact that it's got support at all makes me happy00:12
BryansteinWell I boot it fine on like 4 machines using uefi00:12
warthog9it might actually be doing a compatibility layer00:13
BryansteinNaw I have strict uefi on00:13
Bryansteinno csm00:13
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warthog9Bryanstein: ok poke into my buddy, he'll likely get back to me tonight00:16
BryansteinCool...because I actually tried booting freebsd from grub..which should work dice00:17
prpplagueBryanstein: you have the worst luck00:19
prpplagueBryanstein: btw00:19
prpplagueBryanstein: did you give away those boards?00:19
warthog9Bryanstein: and did you get pictures of those with the boards ;-)00:19
Bryansteinprpplague, of course I did...I'll be bringing those folks out of the shadows see how they are doing with the max00:19
Bryansteinwarthog9, well I've got myself on video giving the boards away...I'll get better pics of those with the boards at home...I'll track them down!00:20
Bryansteinprpplague, it was funny, one person thought the calamari was two minnows, they tried to give it back00:21
* Bryanstein doesn't even have calamari 00:21
BryansteinI just opened the box to take this pic00:23
* Bryanstein downloading .71 debug00:29
BryansteinHmm I already have it00:31
prpplagueGPSFan: we just pushed a bunch of changes to the witch-e emulator01:37
prpplagueGPSFan: you can give it a try if you like01:37
prpplagueGPSFan: i'll be back on the hardware side this weekend01:38
prpplagueGPSFan: so i'll get those schematics updated01:38
GPSFan prpplague I just saw that, looking now. it's been a busy week, not done yet.01:43
prpplagueGPSFan: no worries01:44
prpplagueGPSFan: just wanted you to know01:44
prpplagueGPSFan: hehe gotta keep my witch-e crowd interested, hehe01:44
GPSFanjust wondering where the cut & paste examples are.01:45
prpplagueGPSFan: text files that you an cut-n-paste into the tape readers01:48
prpplagueGPSFan: that's with the squares program cut-n-pasted01:51
GPSFanprpplague, yeah, found them running cubes now.01:54
GPSFanprpplague, looks like the emulator only runs till the program is done, resetting the tapes sets them back to their original position, but pressing start again does nothing (I think).01:59
prpplagueGPSFan: that was tested, let me look to see if something got broken01:59
prpplagueGPSFan: oops bug02:00
GPSFanprpplague, I'm just starting, so take what I say with a mountain of NaCl. ;>)02:00
prpplagueGPSFan: i was able to replicate02:00
GPSFanwhen I ran cubes, it printed out the cubes from 1.1 to 1.9 then stopped with the log saying Sign: False:02:01
prpplagueGPSFan: finish light on?02:01
prpplagueGPSFan: welcome to computing from 1951, hehe02:02
prpplagueGPSFan: that's is as expected02:03
GPSFanwow, maybe it was just real slow I guess I'm too impatient....02:04
GPSFanindeed fun stuff for a cold snowy day. ;>)02:05
prpplagueGPSFan: we still have a lot of work to do02:05
prpplagueGPSFan: but we need more eyes on it02:05
prpplagueGPSFan: testing and such02:05
prpplagueGPSFan: we need to find a bunch of the TI calculator programs and covert them over to witch02:05
prpplagueGPSFan: i.e. calculate pi and such02:06
GPSFanprpplague, yeah, first I need to rtfm and see what what all those codes do.02:06
prpplagueGPSFan: did you get the link for the programming manual?02:07
GPSFanprpplague, btw warthog9 tried to duplicate my minnowmax mint non booting issue and couldn't. I made an interesting discovery when I plugged the non booting usb3 drive into the usb2 port (kbd & mouse in usb3 port) and I was able to boot to the OS. Very wierd.02:08
prpplagueGPSFan: interesting indeed02:10
prpplagueGPSFan: yea that is the link02:10
prpplagueGPSFan: any sign of hardware issues around the usb3 stuff?02:10
prpplagueGPSFan: bad solder joints and such?02:10
GPSFanprpplague, might have something to do with the usb3 controller in the HDD itself. the usb3 interface works fine with the usb3 drive and the installer usb stick. The install to the usb3 drive in the usb3 port went very fast. It just won't boot in the usb3 port.02:12
GPSFanI wondered to warthog9 if the UEFI/BIOS used the ehci or xhci controller to read the usb3 port? as well as what grub used.02:14
GPSFanneither of us had clue02:14
prpplagueGPSFan: uefi uses the xhci02:15
GPSFanprpplague, good to know.02:15
prpplagueGPSFan: i am totally swamped this week, but i'll get it on my todo list to run some tests02:16
GPSFanI wonder if after UEFI reads in grub and grub reads in the kernel if there is some sort of bus reset that makes the drive think it needs to spin down then back up and take more time than the kernel is willing to give it. I'll try a root delay in the kernel command line02:17
prpplagueGPSFan: if you have the make/model of the drive you have, i can see about ordering one02:17
GPSFanprpplague, it is about a 2 year old 3.5" 1TB Segate GoFlex usb3. They probably don't make them any more.02:18
GPSFanprpplague, warthog9 used a usb3->sata bridge and an SSD. and his install came right up.02:20
prpplagueGPSFan: ahh02:21
prpplagueGPSFan: well 2 years is a while for usb302:21
prpplagueGPSFan: i'd be willing to bet it is the controller02:21
GPSFanprpplague, all this was because I wanted a bit snapper os experience than from the old usb2 hdd I had. I'm still wanting to get some I2C tests done, and first I had to update the kernel. now that's done I need to drag the scope over and watch the i2c pins since I still don't get any response from my i2c device.02:23
GPSFanprpplague, and then maybe I'll be able to ask a semi intelligent question.02:24
prpplagueGPSFan: hehe no worries02:25
prpplagueGPSFan: thats why i sent you one...02:25
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koenprpplague: in case gpsfan returns, the goflex is a regular usb3->sata bridge07:04
* koen has one as well07:04
koenhaven't tried it on minnow(max) yet07:04
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JazzdudeSeriously, why does the max not provide a header for power a power supply? That little DC plug is getting on my nerves ..10:11
av500solder something else10:14
Jazzdudesure, but that shouldn't be necessary10:22
Jazzdudealso, fitting a pin header into a DC plug PCB space is not exactly nice10:23
bluelightningit's a hard road catering to everyone's requirements, I guess10:34
JazzdudeI don't think anything speaks against having a DC connector and a pin header in parallel10:35
Jazzdudethere's enough space too10:36
Jazzdudeoh wait, is there even a reserved space for that on the PCB?10:36
Jazzdudeseems so, but with a strange form factor10:36
bluelightningdo you mean BH1? if so that's for the RTC battery holder if I'm not mistaken10:38
bluelightningthere's J2 but that's for a power output, not input10:39
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prpplagueJazzdude: you can inject power in from the LSE header12:17
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Jazzdudeprpplague: is that documented?12:25
Jazzdudewill I have to provide just the 5V or also the 3.3V?12:28
prpplagueJazzdude: the pinout of the LSE is well documented on the wiki12:29
prpplagueJazzdude: just 5V12:29
Jazzdudeok, I'll check the schematics to see how that works12:29
prpplagueJazzdude: may i ask what you are doing with your minnowmax?12:31
JazzdudeI'm currently building an electric piano12:31
JazzdudeI'm using a minimal realtime linux kernel and some custom physical modelling DSP code together with an old GEM piano keybed (by fatar) and the parts of its case12:34
Jazzdudethe UI is done with an atmel microcontroller and the diode matrix key scanning with a cortex m412:35
Jazzdudeboth serially attached to the minnowboard12:35
Jazzdudepics will come when it's ready :)12:41
Jazzdudeso far it's a pile of parts12:41
Jazzdudeand I have not yet been able to use the minnowboard audio i2s (LPE) interface that I require for getting the sound out12:42
prpplagueJazzdude: surprised you are using an atmel controller for the UI12:49
Jazzdudeprpplague: why is that?12:49
prpplagueJazzdude: just seems redundant as the max could handle that easily from the linux side and there are a ton of libraries already existing for UI from linux12:50
av500maybe the UI blinks LEDs?12:51
Jazzdudewell, the UI is a character LCD display, a few buttons and sliders. The reason I go for an external microcontroller is that I want to keep signal processing and user interface separate and only communicate using a minimal protocol. And also, the microcontroller will controll a PSU relay for controlled shutdown and power on sequencing before the minnow has even booted12:53
Jazzdudeit just seems to be the cleaner design decision12:53
JazzdudeI have to build an extra UI PCB anyway, and it doesn't really matter if I put a uC on it12:54
av500the interface to max should be MIDI :)12:54
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JazzdudeI'm using something that is similar to midi, but more advanced12:55
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JazzdudeI've found the parameter range of midi always very limiting13:20
Jazzdudeso I use a protocol with more control data bits, time stampting and a few other extras13:20
JazzdudeMay I ask what you are doing with your minnow?13:26
av500waiting for it :)13:29
Jazzdudeyeah, I've been lucky enough to get one of the first charge13:30
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warthog9Jazzdude: what kind of header are you thinking we should have?  What's wrong with the standard barrel connector?17:29
dvhartThe barrel isn't ideal for industrial applications where a terminal bus (screw down) would be more appropriate17:33
dvhartbut that's less accessible to the casual user17:33
smurraywarthog9: after some more tinkering I have a F20 kernel RPM, wondering if the spi-topcliff-pch driver should be loading automatically? (since it's not)17:35
warthog9smurray: going to make me remember how I got spi working now aren't you :-P17:35
warthog9I think you still need a board file17:35
smurrayyeah, I figured that out17:36
dvhartsmurray, this is for the MinnowBoard 1?17:36
warthog9if you've got that, that should require the spi driver17:36
warthog9dvhart: MAX17:36
dvhartthere is no topcliff on the Max17:36
smurrayah, okay17:36
dvhartthat's the minnowboard 117:36
warthog9smurray: <--- that's a basic board file I know works17:37
dvhartyou need the spi-p2xx* (the designware) for the max17:37
smurrayah, okay17:37
smurraythat was auto-loading, but the description in Kconfig made me think that was an accident17:37
smurraypxa makes me think Marvell's ARM SoCs17:38
smurrayk, I'll need to tinker with my config-x86_64-generic and rebuild the RPM again17:39
prpplaguesmurray: hehe of course pxa was intel first, hehe17:39
bluelightningdvhart: I've become a fan of these lately: .. not exactly "industrial" but saves you soldering a bunch of plugs and sockets :)17:39
smurraydoes SPI work on out of the box Debian?17:39
smurrayprpplague: yeah, we used them at a former employer before they were sold to Marvell17:40
dvhartbluelightning, nice!17:40
bluelightningthey are pretty easy to find on ebay17:41
dvhartsmurray, which kernel are you using on debian?17:41
dvhartsmurray, if you configure your max for acpi enumeration, it should work with 3.14+17:41
dvhartif you configure it for PCI, you really want 3.16+17:41
smurrayI'm running Fedora atm, but am curious if things would "just work" with Debian instead17:42
dvhartjust depends on the kernel (which depends on which debian release you are referring to)17:42
smurrayI can install whatever is required, just takes time17:43
smurrayit might be useful to have some notes on elinux wrt to SPI/I2C/GPIO support on the various distros17:44
warthog9prpplague: did I show you the interesting breadboards that are up on Kickstarter right now?17:44
prpplaguewarthog9: no! are the LICHEN approved?17:45
warthog9the LICHEN?17:45
warthog9it's the through hole from the bottom and top that caught my eye17:46
warthog9I should e-mail them and tell them it's MinnowBoard MAX compatible too ;-)17:46
prpplaguewarthog9: i'll have to check the dimensions but you should be able to use that in conjuntion with the proto lure17:48
warthog9that'd be cool17:49
warthog9I went nuts and backed it for 20 boards17:49
warthog9but considering how many projects T and I have around the house, I think they'll find homes17:49
warthog9and I'll probably give some away as gifts17:50
bluelightninghmm, I recall Lego not being too happy about third-party stuff that plugs into their bricks... still, neat idea17:52
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Jazzdudewarthog9: well, I'd like to have a connector that easily connects to my internal PSU (and also lab psu) and that does not detach due to vibration18:43
smurrayheh, just finished my Fedora kernel RPM build and then noticed that a yum update is about to pull in 3.16.3, doh19:08
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warthog9smurray: doh20:01
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shuffle2is there a nice concise list of mmio regions on minnowboard(max)?20:52
shuffle2something as useful as ibm documentation...but for intel products...hmmm20:53
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warthog9shuffle2: I can boot one and look22:05
warthog9but I don't think that's documented explicitly anywhere :-/22:05
warthog9(well I didn't document it, so it's unlikely to be documented basically)22:06
shuffle2i don't get why intel doesnt just publish these things?22:06
ahollerthey don22:12
aholler't have to22:12
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warthog9shuffle2: oversight22:18
warthog9shuffle2: most folks don't care from a MSFT perspective22:19
warthog9shuffle2: and remember Intel is a big company, some people might try to argue that's secret (ignoring the fact it spits out in Linux dmesg during boot up....)22:19
warthog9shuffle2: if it's helpful I'll jump on my MAX that's booted and pull the info out and throw it on the Wiki in the Processor page22:21
aholleryou might need to ask a dozens inhouse bureaucrats if you work for intel and want to publish such datas ;)22:26
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ahollerplaying open can be pretty hard inside such big companies22:31
warthog9aholler: meh22:35
warthog9aholler: remember I'm the black sheep of the black sheep22:35
warthog9I work for a hardware company, in the Open Source Software side of the company, building open hardware22:36
warthog9and honestly if it's present in dmesg on a booting system, that's public information ;-)22:36
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ahollerI don't know the relations between circuitco and intel. the question was about docs from intel.22:38
shuffle2i'm used to opening the datasheet for a device, ctrl+f "memory map"... :p22:47
shuffle2i've ordered a minnowboard max but am still waiting for it,of course22:47
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aholleruse the time to update your bash everywhere ;)22:51
warthog9shuffle2: when did you order?22:51
warthog9aholler: jeez luiz, tell me about it22:52
* warthog9 has been pawing over all his systems22:52
shuffle2i ordered it the 15th22:52
shuffle2from mouser22:52
warthog9I gotta get to mine before my SO (who happens to be an Intel Security Researcher) goes and tries to hack my systems just so she can mock me22:52
warthog9shuffle2: 15th, being 10 days ago?22:53
shuffle2some other people i know ordered a larger batch a while ago and i'm going to borrow one of those when they come in though22:53
shuffle2i assume they'll arrive a lot sooner than mine, dunno when they were ordered though22:53
warthog9I've got a meeting in 7 minutes or so, I'll check on where Mouser's back log is :-)22:54
warthog9shuffle2: I *THINK* Mouser just got a big drop22:54
warthog9I don't know if it's enough to clear out the current back log yet or not22:54
warthog9I know it was close...22:54
ahollerwarthog9: you can do that in a few days again :/22:56
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shuffle2btw is there any special thing needed to be done to get a jtag lure?23:04
smurraywarthog9: after installing my new F20 kernel, I get a divide by zero oops trying to insmod low-speed-spidev.ko23:21
warthog9is that your kernel module?23:21
warthog9smurray: --^23:22
smurrayyeah, I built the one from minnow-max-extras with just the clock speed changed for my SPI device23:23
smurrayI'm currently installing Debian Jessie on a USB stick to compare23:23
warthog9can you post the code?23:23
smurraymy change is literally a one-liner from what's on github23:24
smurraychanged the speed to 250 KHz instead of 1 MHz23:24
dvhartThat means we got it right?23:25
warthog9smurray: that's interesting23:26
smurraythat's one word for it ;)23:27
warthog9smurray: I live in interesting times23:28
warthog9"interesting" carries a specific exciting meeting ;-023:29
warthog9errr meaning23:29
smurrayI'll get back to you after trying it on Debian23:31
warthog9I'll try it on my board23:42
warthog9when I get back to my desk23:42
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