Friday, 2014-09-26

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fdnyhfbAny news on release date?05:13
fdnyhfbI can't directly pre-order it because of the sanctions, so I only could get it if it's released;05:14
av500its released05:14
fdnyhfbso why is it only available via pre-orders?05:15
av500they are being shipped05:17
fdnyhfbI asked ; which is the only SBC reseller in my country and they want an amazon link.05:17
av500I guess they are sold out everywhere05:18
fdnyhfbThanks for the information,05:19
fdnyhfbdo you own a minnowboard max?05:19
fdnyhfbdoes anybody itt have bought and own one?05:21
fdnyhfbthanks:) I'll look forward to restocking of MMM; I think by the time it get's here at new atom and minnowboard generations have came. Raspberry pi is a new thing here:(05:28
Inge-what is your country, fdnyhfb ?05:39
fdnyhfbyeah, I wish I was sonewhere non-islamic05:40
Inge-sounds like your new president is a level-headed guy though05:41
Inge-I like reading
fdnyhfbhe is better than the previous guy, but still our country is a dictatorship05:42
Inge-Indeed it it. and will be for some time. Still, small steps.05:43
Inge-yeah I know.05:43
Inge-some guy executed just the other day for insulting - not Muhamme - but Jonah.05:43
fdnyhfbyeah, you get whipped and have your fingers cut one by one in public for stealing equal of 30$.05:44
fdnyhfbwarning nsfw:
fdnyhfbwe have barbaric eye for eye punishment so if you pour acid on somebody's face you have acid poured in your face in a hospital;05:46
tbryou guys mind if we switch back to technical topics?05:47
fdnyhfbour medical staff part in executions, tortures, and dismemberment's05:47
tbrand yes, stuff is bad and all that, not going to argue with that.05:47
fdnyhfbsorry for the off-topic conversation.05:47
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tbrfdnyhfb: I'd keep an eye on mouser. they should be out of their preorder backlog soon. once they are, give a link to their store to your broker.05:48
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fdnyhfbthanks for your help; i'm going afk; bye.06:24
Inge-any decent case offerings for the MAX yet?06:28
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Jazzdudedoes anyone have any information on LPE audio kernel support? Specifically, if there's a patch to support it? Or if it's already included in the latest kernel? If so, which kernel compilation options are required and what's the name of the module?17:41
JazzdudeI've been trying to figure this out for much too long now without getting anywhere17:42
Jazzdudeany pointers are welcome17:42
prpplagueJazzdude: it's supported in mainline17:43
prpplagueJazzdude: just havn't had time to write up a howto yet17:43
prpplagueJazzdude: i have an audio lure designed17:43
prpplagueJazzdude: but won't be able to get to a point where i can document it until end of october17:43
prpplagueJazzdude: (on the todo list)17:43
JazzdudeCan you at least point me into the right direction?17:44
prpplagueJazzdude: i can't right at this moment17:44
prpplagueJazzdude: i'll see if i have some time this weekend to get something up on the wiki pages17:44
JazzdudeI've recompiled the latest kernel with preempt patch and enabled SOC alsa support as well as some modules that I thougth might be relevant17:44
prpplagueJazzdude: no guarantees17:44
Jazzdudehighly appreciated, thanks17:44
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dvhartJazzdude, I'll see if I can dig up the right contact19:29
dvhartJazzdude, msg me your contact info? (email)19:30
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smurraywarthog9: I'm still plugging away trying to get SPI going on Fedora, I started debugging the spi-pxa2xx driver23:03
smurraywarthog9: it looks like the spi-pxa2xx-pci wrapper is not initializing the clk field in what it passes to spi-pxa2xx, so the max clock rate ends up as 0, blowing things up later23:05
smurrayI noticed that there are no clocks defined in debugfs/clk, I'm wondering if there should be?23:06
warthog9smurray: dunno23:31
warthog9you could try flipping the board to acpi, see if that works better?23:31
smurraywhat do I toggle in the bios to do that?23:32
smurrayah, "LPSS & SCC Devices Mode"?23:34
smurraywarthog9: okay, that fixes the seg fault, and I get a /dev/spidev0.0 now23:39
smurraywarthog9: should I open a bug for the PCI enumeration problem?23:40
warthog9and include your code please23:48
warthog9and I'll test it over here23:48

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