Monday, 2014-09-29

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ajtagGood Morning, hoping there I can get some minnowboard advice08:18
ajtagI have a minnowboard that wont boot, after ggling a lot found a post suggesting wait 10 mins with it powered up, with nothing plugged in, reboot and it will go08:21
ajtag^ that boots it every time08:21
ajtaghave updated bios since then, but still have the same issue, any suggestions?08:22
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tbrajtag: hmm, sounds like something you might want to discuss with warthog9 and prpplague. might also bring it up on the ML.09:08
* tbr isn't sure if that's a known issue09:08
ajtagI spotted a post that suggested the fix, and that is how I got it to boot initially (after many days of no response)09:09
ajtagso guessing someone has had this issue before09:09
ajtagbut I cant find the post now09:09
ajtag& thanks for the pointers re warthog9 and prpplague,09:10
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ahollermighgt be a problem of the psu (maybe too weak).09:47
ajtag4A 5v brick09:48
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ajtagahh yes from
ajtagthats a mbm post but I tried "prpplague from #minnowboard said that there supposed to be a reset feature10:06
ajtagif you just boot it with nothing plugged for 10min or so..10:06
ajtag" out of desperation anyway10:06
ajtagon boot, I get "Running from SPI Flash10:09
ajtagMemory Available10:09
ajtagon the serial port, nothing else10:13
ajtag is the behaviour10:16
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ajtag_\o it is alive11:08
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Bhaalprpplague: Mouser still has no stock, are there issues with ramping up production?11:40
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seaLneor possibly there are still lots of preorders coming in?12:18
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sean_Hi, I wrote kind of a long question:
Bhaalsean_: For the record there is an active mailing list as well13:40
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seaLnesean_: according to the DeckLink page it says it works with 1 pcie lane so it might be possible to get it working with one of the upcoming lure (daughter boards) which has mpcie and use an mpcie to pcie adaptor15:11
warthog9sean_: we only have 1 pci-e gen2 lane pulled out15:36
warthog9sean_: what about bluetooth? I know the gopros can push video over it, just not sure what the quality is over the bluetooth15:38
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GPSFanwarthog9, I got a sabrent usb3-sata bridge, put a 64G ssd in it and was able to replicate your success with linux ,int 17. I'll chalk my problems with the Segate GoFlex up to old usb3 hardware in the GoFlex.15:45
GPSFanthat's mint 17 ;>P15:46
warthog9GPSFan: it's early enough I was trying to think of what was normally attached to int 17 ;-)15:47
warthog9GPSFan: I'm glad you were able to replicate, bummer on the goflex though15:47
GPSFanwarthog9, sorry, slip of the thumbs15:47
warthog9happens, and it's early15:48
warthog9early + in an early meeting = brain overload15:48
GPSFanwarthog9, interestingly, it came rigut up after the install, I didn't have to adjust the grub.cfg at all. looking at it after the boot it is still saying hd1.15:48
warthog9still have the install media plugged in?15:49
GPSFanread speed is ~140MBytes/sec15:49
GPSFanI was expecting it to dump me to the uefi shell, but it just started mint...15:50
warthog9I would have expected linux to bail15:50
warthog9because it couldn't find the root partition15:50
warthog9since mint doesn't use labels or uuids15:51
GPSFanso would I after playing around with the GoFlex.15:51
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warthog9GPSFan: maybe I'll go crazy, order up a new backup drive, transfer some data and try my goflexes at home17:38
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smurraywarthog9: I'm finally filing a bug for the SPI driver trap with PCI mode, wondering what component to file against?21:22
prpplaguesmurray: think he's on a conference call atm21:26
GPSFanprpplague,  I got a sabrent usb3-sata bridge, put a 64G ssd in it and was able to replicate warthog9's success with linux Mint 17. I'll chalk my problems with the Segate GoFlex up to old usb3 hardware in the GoFlex.21:31
prpplagueGPSFan: oh dandy!21:33
GPSFanprpplague, I also got the i2c bus on the low speed conn working with my 9dof imu, I needed to update the kernel and modprobe i2c_hid. Turned out to be i2c bus 7, and it works with no issues so far. ;>))21:34
GPSFanprpplague, I found and tweaked some rpi python code to demo it. I'll try to write something up over the next few days.21:35
prpplagueGPSFan: ahh good thanks21:36
prpplagueGPSFan: if you get a chance, hook it up to an oscope to see if there are any oddities21:37
warthog9smurray: file it against the hardware, I can refile it from there21:37
warthog9smurray: add to the cc list21:37
GPSFanprpplague, sure, any signal lines in particular (I guess there are only 2 duh..)21:38
smurraywarthog9: okay21:38
prpplagueGPSFan: hehe21:38
GPSFanprpplague, I'm pretty impressed with the MMax so far, it is unbelievably cool to be able to use mainline everything and have smooth accelerated graphics work without futzing around.21:42
warthog9GPSFan: you should say that on <insert your favorite social media outlet here>21:48
warthog9(assuming that IRC isn't your favorite social media outlet)21:49
GPSFanwarthog9, it is, I don't do social media.21:51
warthog9GPSFan: I've been on IRC since ~1994, so I can completely sympathize21:51
GPSFanooooooh first snow in the mountains... been raining all day, just cleared up enough to see...21:52
calculusI think GPSFan went to go make yellow snow21:55
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shuffle2anyone know the status of mouser orders? :P22:20
warthog9shuffle2: mouser got 80 boards on friday22:22
prpplagueshuffle2: the back orders continue to rise even as we are shipping more and more22:23
prpplagueshuffle2: we hope to get things in stock shortly22:23
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warthog9smurray: my kernel is building23:08
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