Tuesday, 2014-09-30

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RzRI am back from vacations15:46
RzRfor who ever cares :)15:46
RzRIs there a place to check for latest news ?15:46
RzRmailing list i suppose15:46
dvhartyup, mailing list15:47
RzRbtw http://www.reddit.com/r/minnowboard15:53
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RzRno fw release yet ?15:54
prpplagueRzR: close15:55
prpplagueRzR: days now15:55
RzRcount on me to test this for tizen15:58
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prpplagueRzR: ??16:20
prpplagueRzR: why do you need the fw source to test tizen?16:20
RzRI just need the source for a demo related to openhardware and tizen16:22
RzRno real interaction from OS to FW :)16:22
RzRdont panic :)16:22
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Mosfethi anyone here16:24
Mosfetanyone knows where to order16:25
Mosfetin volume16:25
Mosfetfor minnowmax boards?16:25
prpplagueMosfet: for volume contact circuitco directly16:25
prpplagueMosfet: volume > 250 units16:26
Mosfetwill they help put E3845?16:26
Mosfetinstead of E382516:26
prpplagueMosfet: yes, i already responded to that question on the mailing list as well16:26
Mosfetsorry I did not see it16:27
Mosfetlet me check the mailing list archives16:27
Mosfetdo you have any contact details at circuitco16:29
prpplaguethat will get you in contact with the core sales team16:29
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Mosfetthanks prpp16:52
Mosfetone question17:00
Mosfetin the design files ...do we know where to find the copper weight or thickness of pcb?17:00
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prpplagueMosfet: stack up is going to vary with your manufacturer17:03
Mosfetif a manufacturer is asking me to mention copper weight while submitting files for a prototype17:05
Mosfetin 0z17:05
Mosfetwhat value could i give?17:05
prpplagueMosfet: sorry back, there should be a stackup info on the mfg document17:23
* prpplague looks17:23
Mosfet* mosfet thanks17:24
prpplagueMosfet: yea the stackup is in the fab drawing pdf17:27
* prpplague makes sure that is posted 17:28
Mosfetfab drawing pdf is where prpp?17:28
prpplagueMosfet: in the gerbers zip file17:29
prpplagueMosfet: inside there, is a zip file marked as PDF17:29
prpplagueMosfet: which includes the fab and assembly pdfs17:29
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smurraydvhart: thought I'd check with you, I don't see any clocks defined on my mmax when booting in PCI mode instead of ACPI, is that known behaviour?17:30
Mosfetyes saw it17:30
Mosfetgot it17:31
Mosfetsome are 0.517:31
Mosfetand some are 117:31
dvhartsmurray, which kernel?17:32
dvhartcan you send me detail in an email?17:33
dvhartsmurray, :-) I'm not terrible difficult to find on google, but darren.hart@intel.com will do17:37
smurrayokay, was going to use the @linux.intel.com I dug out of bugzilla17:38
dvhartthat works too17:39
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flatfaceFor the Max's ttl port, do I absolutely need the 6 pin adapter? Or can I use one with only 3.3v, txd, rxd and gnd?18:49
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flatfaceWoo, turns out I can. Ignore cts/rts and disable hardware flow control.19:06
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prpplagueflatface: http://www.elinux.org/Minnowboard:MinnowMax#4-Wire_Serial_Console19:08
flatfaceprpplague: Damn, I wish I had that before. I was using https://uefidk.com/sites/default/files/MinnowMax_documentation.zip as my reference19:11
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prpplagueflatface: all info is on the wiki19:13
prpplagueflatface: if you find something that isn't let us know19:13
prpplagueflatface: that should be the first place for you to check19:13
flatfaceprpplague: I thought I checked the wiki first, but I guess I didn't after all. Sorry :x19:13
calculuswould this work too, https://www.sparkfun.com/products/9873 looks similar to the 6-wire sparkfun one already mentioned on the wiki19:33
calculusoh wait, dtr vs rts19:35
flatfacecalculus: I got it working with http://www.dx.com/p/usb-to-uart-5-pin-cp2102-module-serial-converter-8187219:54
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GPSFanprpplague, i2c, scope image SCL on top 2V/div. SDA on bottom. Horiz 2us/div.  http://imgur.com/Wisdaej20:04
prpplagueGPSFan: thanks20:06
prpplaguecalculus: yea, i specifically made sure that the max worked with that sparkfun board20:07
prpplagueGPSFan: see any issues or anything?20:10
GPSFanprpplague, signals look good, on my 1969 Tek 465. a better digital scope might show up something, but I haven't seen anything I'd worry about. the app talks to the driver ok. the imu has 4 i2c devices on it and they all work ok.20:14
prpplagueGPSFan: ok thanks!20:14
GPSFanprpplague, no problemo.20:15
GPSFanprpplague, the app is reading 3 of the 4 at 15hz so the bus is being exercised.20:15
prpplagueGPSFan: thanks i basically needed some independent confirmation20:16
GPSFanprpplague, ok, that was bus 7 which comes out the low speed connector.20:18
prpplagueGPSFan: yea that is the primary one we were interested in20:18
prpplagueGPSFan: the HSE hasnt had any reported issues20:19
ahollercalculus: get a buspirate as serial-converter ;)20:25
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calculusaholler: I should get a buspirate considering some of the recent work I have been doing21:02
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calculusprpplague: it was more of a is what is on my desk usable21:07
calculuskind of statement21:07
calculusI think I actually have both kinds between my desk and the lab bench21:07
warthog9anyone have a MAX with arch or ubuntu on it willing to give me a hand?21:10
smurrayI could probably install Ubuntu on mine given an hour or so21:12
warthog9as I'm not sure I've got one sitting around and being grumbly about wanting to install it21:12
warthog9smurray: naw, if we've got to install then I'll do it21:13
smurrayk, let me know if you change your mind21:13
warthog9I'm trying to find someone who's got p-state vs. acpi_cpufreq on the board21:15
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warthog9smurray: what are you running?21:18
smurraystill the Fedora 2021:18
warthog9me too, that's acpi_cpufreq21:18
smurrayI had installed Jessie on a USB drive, but was having enough issues, I switch back21:18
* warthog9 nods21:18
warthog9paw through my usb sticks21:18
warthog9maybe one has something useful on it21:20
Jazzdudewarthog9: I have arch installed21:27
Jazzdudewarthog9: also, as this is probably about the cpu frequency reporting issue, I've looked into the ACPI tables and all seems ok there21:29
Jazzdudewarthog9: interestingly "cpupower monitor" seems to give a different cpu frequency. I get 1332 there while lscpu tells me 1000MHz21:33
JazzdudeI run the performance governor21:34
warthog9Jazzdude: you have the board up?21:43
warthog9and accessible?21:43
warthog9I'm not expecting what I'd have you run to be different but I'm being paranoid21:43
* warthog9 really needs a stack of boards running various OSes in his cube21:46
warthog9Jazzdude: so it looks like there's two conflicting points of info21:47
warthog9I.E. truth21:47
warthog9acpi has a table, we populated, that has 1.33ghz21:47
warthog9based on the specs for the cpu21:47
warthog9the cpu is reporting something different21:47
warthog9and who was it that had the delock dual-port sata?21:49
warthog9I've got one now21:49
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Jazzdudewarthog9: sorry, was afk22:09
JazzdudeI have the board running in front of me22:09
warthog9Jazzdude: rdmsr -d -f 16:8 0x66a;rdmsr -d -f 24:16 0x66a;rdmsr -d -f 8:0 0x66c22:11
warthog9can you get me the output from those22:11
Jazzduderdmsr is not available on my installation. I'll have to find out where to get it22:18
Jazzdudeok, got it22:28
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Jazzdudewarthog9: 4,10,1022:29
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