Thursday, 2014-10-02

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prpplagueGPSFan: updated pdf schematics and eagle board files for witch-e00:25
prpplagueGPSFan: i'll update some more things tonight as well00:25
prpplagueGPSFan: i have 2/3 of phase2 done00:25
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GPSFanprpplague, dandy, I'll take a peek if it ever stops raining here.00:49
prpplagueGPSFan: hehe01:10
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RzRhi MNW2CRB1.X64.0071.R30.1408131301 is unstable15:26
RzRI am about to flash intel fw15:26
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RzRhi prpplague16:49
RzRI've noticed some unstabilities on one board running MNW2CRB1.X64.0071.R30.140813130116:49
RzRwhile the other one seems ok16:49
prpplagueRzR: oh?16:49
RzRI havent run deeper test16:49
RzRlike screen doing random solid color after few minutes16:50
RzRcould it be an hardware issue16:50
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prpplagueRzR: possible16:57
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RzRI'll try again once intel release floss fw17:03
RzRand bugreport that somewhere17:04
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warthog9RzR: what problems you seeing?17:55
warthog9RzR: I've seen the color thing with cheaper micro-hdmi cables and a loose connection17:56
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calculusoh that screen, I was thinking the terminal multiplexer screen17:59
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RzRwarthog9:  hi18:21
RzRwarthog9: I was busy w/ your stl case model :)18:21
RzRwarthog9: well what is seems more annoying is that the mmax is getting hoter than hell18:22
RzRwarthog9: I thought it was caused by a faulty firmware (I can give you the details tommorow)18:22
RzRwarthog9: but the other one I have seems to work fine  w/ the same cable18:23
warthog9RzR: I've had a couple of people report hot MAXes, I haven't been able to duplicate on my boards.  Are you sure power management is on / enabled?18:23
warthog9RzR: what exciting things you doing to my case model?18:23
RzRwhere to emable pm in fw settings ? I'll reset to default18:24
RzRwarthog9: nothing yet18:24
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warthog9RzR: should be on by default, it's mostly an OS thing that needs to be on18:24
RzRwarthog9: was just considering where can I print it18:24
mosfethi prpp18:24
mosfeti am back to pester you18:24
warthog9RzR: ahhh, I could try and fix it so that you could just order one from shapeways18:25
RzRwarthog9:  I want to demo this at my tizen talk :)18:25
RzRwarthog9: the libre & replication concept18:25
RzRwarthog9: printing it is more fun18:25
warthog9RzR: do you want to print one there, or just have one to show?18:25
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RzRwarthog9: show mbm and cases printed in different places18:26
RzRlocal places18:26
RzRto match the philosophy18:26
RzRI am roaming into various makers diy hackers group :)18:26
RzRtime to give them credit back18:27
mosfetGreetings prpp18:27
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RzRwarthog9, I may print it on reprap Asimov18:38
RzRwarthog9, will keep you up to date18:38
prpplaguemosfet: the bom as it is posted has all the information that is to be shared under the creative common CC-BY-SA license18:53
prpplaguemosfet: i'd recommend attempting to contact circuitco sales again18:53
mosfetdo they have any contact person18:54
mosfetphone number18:54
prpplaguemosfet: the demand for minnowmax is extremely high and i suspect your email probably got lost in the mix18:54
mosfeti could not find any such details on their website18:54
prpplaguemosfet: , 214-466-669018:54
mosfetany person?18:54
mosfeti will try again18:54
prpplaguemosfet: in the future, please ask here on the channel18:54
mosfetyes...i typed ...but i thought it also got lost...18:55
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warthog9RzR: should print on that19:16
warthog9RzR: I've had a few people print them on FDM printers to good effect19:16
warthog9RzR: I'm actually probably going to need to dig into the model in the next few minutes to get some dimensions so I can go and have some plastic cut19:23
warthog9that's clever19:31
RzRit may even reuse the skeletton to print over it19:32
warthog9won't work on my printer, but that's clever (and makes me ponder getting another printer again)19:32
warthog9still need the print heads and such19:33
warthog9can't print those19:33
warthog9if I get another printer I'm going big though19:33
RzRso let's print a printer that manage to print them ;)19:33
RzRhow long did it took to print the mmax case ?19:35
RzRmine could be printed tommorow in a couple of hours19:35
warthog9on my printer it's like 12-14hrs I think19:36
RzRreally ?19:36
RzRwhich model ?19:36
warthog9mind you the numbers I remember are from the Form1 not the Form1+ I now have19:37
warthog9and the 1+ is supposed to be ~2x faster19:37
RzRthis printer to assimov is what macos is to linux ;)19:40
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prpplagueGPSFan: did you have a chance to review those updated schematics?23:19
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GPSFanprpplague, no, was out of town all day, just got back...23:25
GPSFanI'll try to look tonight.23:25
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