Saturday, 2014-10-04

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Bryansteinwarthog9, howdy02:05
warthog9Bryanstein: evening02:06
warthog9Bryanstein: I was about to pop out for dinner02:06
BryansteinAh food..humans need food02:06
Bryansteinwarthog9, you go enjoy yourself buddy...I'll chat you up later02:06
warthog9I at least like to keep up the pretense that I'm human :)02:06
BryansteinHmmm so I wonder is it you taking K9 around is K9 taking you around o_O02:07
warthog9mind you there's patches of my desk, and office floor that's traversable now so I might not be...02:07
warthog9Bryanstein: who's to say my real name isn't "The Doctor" ?02:07
BryansteinI'm actually finding that minnow v1 has quite a lot of application usage still :oP02:08
BryansteinWell until the capes hit the street...I have a comparison video that I'm planning on doing02:09
warthog9nice :-)02:09
BryansteinI've also found that pwm gpio's aren't where they say they are!02:10
warthog9hmmm the Calamari and the prototype are supposed to be available for purchase up on technodisti.com02:10
warthog9errr ohhhh?02:10
warthog9did I miss-document something?02:10
Bryansteinwarthog9, well those two least when I try to export them it doesn't work02:11
warthog9Bryanstein: are the in gpio mode or pwm mode?02:11
warthog9(in the firmware)02:11
BryansteinOhhhh, didn't know there was such an animal...where is that documented at :oP02:11
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Phibsdayum, when will the max be in stock :06:33
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RzRwarthog9, does it show ugly compared to yours ?15:58
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