Monday, 2014-10-06

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FolkeneHi everybody !07:56
FolkeneDoes somebody can help me? I got trouble with I2C on the Minnowboard Max.07:58
_daniel_just ask the question08:05
_daniel_if there is someone who can help you, will directly answer to your question :)08:06
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FolkeneOk, I installed the last version of ubuntu, installed the module I2C-dev but I cannot see any data through the I2C (#5 & #6). I would like to know if I missed something? I already checked they are well activated in the BIOS08:12
FolkeneAnd the kernel version is 3.14.1908:39
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tbrIIRC 3.14 is the bare minimum09:28
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FolkeneI know, It's why I downloaded the kernel 3.14 and compiled it. I checked that everything I need was enabled in my kernel config but it looks that something is missing.09:46
tbrit's still a while until the americans wake up09:59
tbrwait or shoot a mail to the mailing list09:59
FolkeneI'll wait :)10:03
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prpplaguerZr: you are welcome to take some quotes from there19:30
prpplaguerZr: that pretty much describes the motivations on open hardware19:30
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