Wednesday, 2014-10-08

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RzRwarthog9, I see you're in linuxcon too17:51
RzRwarthog9, you'll met my workmates there17:52
prpplagueRzR: hey, not without me!17:53
RzRI wish I'll met you in person there17:55
RzRbut an other time ;)17:55
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Bryansteinwarthog9, ping20:09
warthog9Bryanstein: pong20:10
Bryanstein is down20:10
warthog9err it's up for me...20:10
BryansteinI can't dl firmware either from the intel site :o|20:10
warthog9yeah works for me at intel at from frontier at home20:11
warthog9that's starting to sound like a major backbone router flap20:11
BryansteinWell this: shows that it is down20:12
warthog9that doesn't mean it's down20:12
warthog9that means it's view of the internet can't get to it20:12
* prpplague checks from here20:12
warthog9that's a VERY different statement20:12
warthog9base server is pingable from frontier20:13
prpplaguei'm not getting a dns lookup20:13
prpplaguecarpman: ping20:13
warthog9prpplague: try www.minnowboard.org20:13
warthog9I had a dns issue on the !www one too (obviously differen't problem)20:14
warthog9actually Bryanstein try www.minnowboard.org20:14
warthog9nm downforeveryone... claims www is down too20:15
Bryansteinwarthog9, I tried that too20:15
warthog9Bryanstein: what isp you on?20:15
BryansteinNow I can try it from one of my servers on a level3 backbone20:16
warthog9second I've got the ultimate test machine20:16
warthog9traceroute to (, 30 hops max, 60 byte packets20:17
warthog9 1 (  6.927 ms  6.891 ms  6.828 ms20:17
warthog9 2  * * (  73.953 ms20:17
warthog9 3 (  55.330 ms  55.356 ms  55.460 ms20:17
warthog9 4 (  110.015 ms  110.192 ms  110.011 ms20:17
warthog9 5 (  68.008 ms  68.155 ms  68.017 ms20:17
warthog9 6 (  68.342 ms  68.372 ms  68.228 ms20:17
warthog9 7 (  68.441 ms  68.346 ms  68.370 ms20:17
warthog9 8 (  68.551 ms  68.571 ms  68.635 ms20:17
warthog9it's up20:17
warthog9 9   (  68.099 ms  68.150 ms  68.059 ms20:18
warthog9you have a network flap from charter20:18
warthog9I would bet your level3 machine can get to it20:18
Bryansteinwarthog9, it's bigger than a charter issue:
warthog9are you getting dns issues or connectivity issues?20:22
BryansteinIt seems to be more of a DNS issue20:23
warthog9can you try tracerouting to ( and tell me if it succeeds?20:23
BryansteinOh I can ping it and run mtr on not so20:23
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warthog9can you run `dig @`20:25
warthog9and/or `dig @`20:25
Bryansteinwarthog9, it doesn't like it that nameserver isn't responding back20:26
Bryansteinlook at that link I shows it all20:26
BryansteinI tried digging it from google's dns and no dice either20:27
warthog9Bryanstein: that doesn't tell me the "why"20:27
warthog9and google's dns is HORRIBLE for debugging20:27
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warthog9ok lets try this: `traceroute`20:27
BryansteinWell none of this will actually tell you why, at least seeing that it only resolves in 3 countries out of 20 tells you something20:27
warthog9actually you telling me it doesn't resolve tells me far more than the page20:28
warthog9and paste me out the log (or stick it on a pastebin site somewhere)20:28
warthog9the dns servers that have the max are un-routable it looks like :-/20:31
warthog9where it's working have enouch of a cache to keep serving the content20:32
BryansteinWell that's easy to see...there is no global propagation of the DNS as of right now20:32
warthog9I.E. the Intel, my home and server's all work because the dns is cached20:32
BryansteinWell there you have it...I just wanted to dl the firmware :oP20:33
warthog9well effectively right now we don't have dns servers20:33
warthog9for the max?20:33
BryansteinI wanted the latest non debug version20:33
warthog9 <-- shows an error for "" ?20:34
Bryansteinwarthog9, last I checked...that wasn't working...that is actually what clued me in to something20:34
BryansteinOh well at least it resolves now20:34
Bryansteinwarthog9, take the s off20:35
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warthog9yay for coincidental outages20:35
warthog9when it rains, it pours right?20:35
BryansteinLol sure thing...well I have my firmware...back to my mission!20:36
warthog9Bryanstein: ok uefidk has the owner digging into it, I'm working on20:48
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ranix_Anyone got a link or some useful info on how to manipulate the low-speed expansion i2c / extra gpio pins on the MinnowMax?21:28
prpplagueranix_: both the i2c and gpio on the max are standard21:29
prpplagueranix_: you can look at generic instructions for i2c chardev and standard entries for gpio in sysfs21:30
ranix_prpplague: I'm seeing on the wiki that you can switch between i2c and gpio for some of the low-speed expansion pins on the Max21:30
prpplagueranix_: yes to switch between the functions, you can change those in the bios setup21:31
ranix_and my (stock Jessie) Debian kernel seems to have no built-in driver for the expansion i2c port21:31
ranix_ah ok21:31
prpplagueranix_: the default configuration is to have the i2c present with the i2s pins confured as gpios21:31
prpplagueranix_: yea you need at least a 3.16 kernel to have access to most of the peripheral interfaces21:32
ranix_cool I am just using a 3.14, that'd be the problem21:33
ranix_thanks for saving me a bunch of time prpplague21:33
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prpplagueBryanstein: try now21:54
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