Saturday, 2014-10-11

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Phibsdayum that mouser stock... still 002:29
prpplaguePhibs: because mouser and all the other distributors are getting pounded with orders02:32
Phibsdoesn't look like mouser has ever gotten any shipments02:33
Phibsbut not sure I'd be aware of any so...02:33
prpplaguePhibs: they;ve been getting 250 per week for over a month now02:33
Phibsah ok02:33
prpplaguePhibs: starting next week it goes to 50002:33
PhibsI'll jus wait02:33
Phibsno rush02:33
prpplaguePhibs: with the other distributors getting larger shipments too02:34
Phibsif it had dual network interfaces... I'd be all over it like white on rice.02:34
prpplaguePhibs: i hear that a lot but it was never designed with that in mind02:34
prpplaguePhibs: but we have a nic lure in the works02:34
Phibsfull gig throughput?02:34
prpplaguePhibs: that will add an addition nic interface02:34
Phibswhat is the current nic chi8pset02:35
prpplaguerealtek RTL811102:35
prpplaguethe lure will have the same chipset02:35
shuffle2what will the nic lure contain? seems like you can just connect any mPCIe card directly to the high speed port...?02:35
Phibsweird given the intelness of it :)02:35
Phibsdual intel chipset would make the max a *perfect* home router using VYOS02:36
Phibsthe realtek might be ok... I don't have experience w/ that specific chipset and linux driver, but they aren't known for quality02:36
prpplaguePhibs: well, of course minnowboard is an independent organization and not wholly tied to intel02:36
Phibsof course02:36
shuffle2i mean, why make a nic-specific lure02:36
Phibsshuffle2: if the onboard is rtl might as well make the lure rtl ;002:36
Phibsdoesn't help to have one premium nic and one cheap one ;002:37
prpplaguePhibs: and at the time intel's networking group could not guarantee availability of their pcie nics to comply with our open source hardware requirements02:37
Phibshave you guys stressed/benched that RTL?02:37
shuffle2i mean, you can use whatever one you want, just connect it to the pcie bus that's there02:37
prpplagueshuffle2: we had not planned to do so, but the amount of demand for it is pretty high02:37
PhibsI've been looking for a perfect tiny router ;002:37
prpplaguePhibs: yea02:37
Phibsthere are plenty of disgusting pcengines type junx out there02:38
prpplagueno saturation like typical arm devices with gige macs02:38
PhibsI have a few cubieboard2s, while much cheaper than the minnow, much slower and not as expandable/robust02:39
Phibsis there a nice metal case avail for the max or just the one from warthog9 ?02:40
prpplaguePhibs: there has been some discussion of getting one designed, but again, max was intended as a dev board02:41
prpplaguePhibs: we are seeing a lot more interest in the board which we did not anticipate or design for02:41
Phibsmaybe a max rev B would be cool if the current one sells so well, with better / diffrent specs ? :)02:42
prpplaguePhibs: probably not with different specs02:42
PhibsQuad core bay trail seems to be quite a good platform these days02:42
prpplaguePhibs: like i said, max was design to fill a specific role02:42
Phibsyea I know ;)02:42
Phibsjust dreaming02:42
prpplaguePhibs: as long as it is doing the job... no need for a change02:43
prpplaguePhibs: we do have a quad core version of the board coming down02:43
prpplaguePhibs: it;s the same board, just populated with quad core02:43
Phibs~ eta ?02:44
prpplaguemid december / mid jan02:44
Phibswhat cpu line ?02:44
prpplagueit's the same baytrail-i series02:45
prpplaguejust with the quad core02:45
prpplaguealthough the minnow max design supports baytrail-m as well02:45
shuffle2what is the i/m difference?02:45
Phibsis that the same as the Celeron J1900 ?02:46
Phibsah the  E384502:46
prpplagueshuffle2: baytrail-m is targeted at "mobile"02:47
prpplagueshuffle2: baytrail-i is more targeted at traditional embedded02:47
Phibs-M is faster02:47
Phibsa lot more expensive too02:48
Phibsbut similar beautiful TDP02:48
prpplaguePhibs: and has a completely different set of peripherals02:48
shuffle2ah is that why minnowboard has the holes for an actual heatsink? :p02:48
prpplagueshuffle2: indeed02:48
prpplagueshuffle2: i was trying to think ahead as much as possible in case "someone" did ask for the baytrail-m in the future02:49
Phibsthe northbridge usually runs hotter than the damn cpu :)02:49
prpplagueof course the northbridge is intergrated on baytrail02:49
Phibsprpplague: so yeah i'd be really curious to see the throughput running VYOS on a dual nic'd minnow dual core02:49
Phibsis the TDP for the whole package then, or just the cpu02:50
prpplaguefor the whole package02:50
prpplaguePhibs: well the dual nic performance showed no drop in standard iperf tests02:50
Phibsonce you add NAT rules / FW rules / fwding, we'd have to see02:51
prpplaguePhibs: once we did a total of 4 nics, the performance started to drop02:51
Phibsthat CPU is pretty amazing though02:51
Phibsfor the size/cost/tdp02:51
prpplaguethat was 4 nics from a single pcie channel02:51
Phibsvery nice02:51
* prpplague wanders off to finish packing for travel to ELCE tomorrow02:52
PhibsMy goal would be to have something like:
Phibsbut x8602:52
calculusthere is the sama-something or other from atmel that is dual nic, arm, and arduino headers02:54
Phibssandwich? :)02:55
calculussuper catchy, I know02:56
Phibswow cortex a5 ;002:56
Phibscute tohugh02:56
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aholler_finally intel becomes fanless07:29
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ahollerit just needed 20 yrs to make these damn pc's silent07:38
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ahollerthe c64 was silent and afterwards the pain started08:09
ahollerso even 30 years08:12
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shuffle2i think they've had fanless options for a while :p09:10
shuffle2pretty funny to see it chug while doing something like installing windows updates, hehe09:10
shuffle2well, disabling defender helps a lot09:29
ahollerfanless meant either very slow or something like watercooling in the x86-world09:34
ahollerthis finally seems to have come to end with 14nm.09:34
aholler(and the integration of gpus into the chip)09:36
ahollerunfortunately it will need quiet some time until other companies besides intel can use 14nm :(09:39
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shuffle2hum, am i doing something terribly wrong? i can't seem to find the proper windows drivers for a lot of devices on the 'max11:49
shuffle2or the E3825, more specifically11:51
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tbrwasn't there a special page with drivers or is that not yet released?12:05
shuffle2i've just installed "inf" package and
shuffle2didn't see anything else12:07
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shuffle2(is there something else?)12:13
shuffle2are linux drivers available?12:29
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shuffle2 anyone know if these devices are supposed to work?14:08
shuffle2SIO, TXE, I2C and some others14:09
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