Monday, 2014-10-13

jake____hi all, gonna send this question out again, I've got a minnowboard max here, and I'm trying to supply power to it via the Low-speed expansion port. Ex. I put +5V onto Pin 3. When I do this however, the D2 LED on the Minnowboard doesn't turn on, and neither does it produce 3.3V or start up. Is there something missing, or is it just not possible to power the board from that connector?00:59
prpplaguejake____: it is possible to power it from the connector, it was part of our specification and tested01:00
jake____hmm, do you know what could be going wrong then?01:00
prpplaguejake____: sorry not currently01:00
jake____if I plug 5V on the barrel connector it works just fine, but just give +5v on the low power, and nothing happens01:01
jake____is there maybe a jumper setting or something?01:01
prpplaguejake____: nope01:01
jake____I shouldn't have to provide 3.3V, it should just come from the minnowboard's regulator?01:01
prpplaguejake____: i'll be happy to look into it next week when i get back into the office for you01:01
jake____ahh, thanks, that would be really helpful!01:02
jake____just feels silly to run a barrel connector from my lure back into the board, heh01:02
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RzRI have some audio from linuxConEu14:56
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RzRARM and x86 have a common enemy16:52
ahollerwhat's bad with another kernel in userspace? ;)16:53
carpmankernel in all spaces16:55
ahollerdon't you enjoy having to fiddle with the kernel all the time? now you get a second thing, using the same secure and easy to maintain language. ;)16:57
ahollerno more silly shell-shocked bash-scripts ;)16:58
carpmanI do enjoy fiddling with the kernel, its well thought out and well maintained, and if you have a valid idea on how to change things you don't get attacked or blocked16:59
ahollerhmm, my experience was different17:00
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RzRit's not me17:20
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Alpha64_anybody on here have experience with coreboot on the mbmax?18:30
Alpha64_Trying to use the Intel FSP Gold 002, and not having any success getting u-boot x86 to start18:32
Alpha64_using coreboot git master from a couple of weeks ago (last time I tried it)18:34
Alpha64_tried both coreboot's minnowboard max absf and creating it again from the parameters given in the coreboot commit that enabled mbmax support, neither seem to boot (no serial output, have to hold power button for 6 seconds to get it to power off)18:36
Alpha64_in summary, my questions are: what settings have been known to work?  what serial port should be enabled in FSP and coreboot?  Or, am I just crazy for trying to make this work?18:38
* Alpha64_ thinks a nap may be in order...18:49
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shuffle2 anyone know if these devices are supposed to work?21:21
shuffle2(re-asking now that it's hopefully during minnowboard-support working hours)21:21
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