Tuesday, 2014-10-14

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aholler_calculus: in fact my experiences were totally contrary: broken design, incompetent maintainers, I've got attacked and blocked. not only once.04:58
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aholleruups, that should have been for carpman04:58
ahollercarpman: so your sentence looks for me like those from one of the marketing books ;)04:59
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SyntaxTerrorHi all15:40
SyntaxTerrorWe're quite new to this, we're looking to use a Minnowboard to boot Tizen, connecting a 2" OLED display and a capacitive touch film that's 4" (intentionally bigger). Can someone point me in the right direction? We're a software team that need to put this together for prototyping. Happy to pay for a member here to do this for us!15:44
SyntaxTerrorAny help would be much appreciated15:44
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macmeckprpplague: Hi, did you run any tests with the mpcie cards yet?17:40
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rZrprpplague, hi19:05
rZrprpplague, did you met some of my friends at l-c-e19:06
rZrprpplague, I have a record of you19:06
rZraudio only19:06
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BryansteinAnyone gotten  coreboot to work on the Max in here? I've built quite a few images and none of them boo?21:47
BryansteinIt sucks flashing the minnow with another minnow because it's like voodoo communicating with the programming port via the jumpers I use.21:49
BryansteinNever the less I do suceed in programming it but to no avail...coreboot fail :o(21:49
BryansteinI wish I wouldn't have missed Alpha64_ earlier. They were asking about coreboot also and I had some answer for em.21:50
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RzRBryanstein, mine is working fine21:53
BryansteinRzR, your what?21:53
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RzRwell i had 2 board one was ok not the other one21:54
RzRbut did not tried coreboot21:54
RzRi use intel fw21:54
RzRyou know the soon opensource one ;)21:54
BryansteinLol RzR that is what I'm talking about...coreboot...the board boots fine with intel firmware, the point is that I've been building coreboot in hopes of getting that to work an it hasn't been working21:55
RzRyea this is interesting21:55
BryansteinRzR, I have two boards also...1 that I use for testing things on and another that I use for a media center/nas21:55
BryansteinI'd like to make coreboot roms available for everyone(once they work) but getting it to work has been a task.21:56
RzRseems so21:56
RzRare you alone doing this ?21:56
BryansteinI'll start over from scratch here in a bit...if this doesn't work then I might give up.21:56
BryansteinRzR, well there are a few others who have tried but we are all doing it alone21:57
RzRwell share the status at least21:57
RzRit;s supposed to be supported21:57
RzRisnt it ?21:57
ranix_I'm having a hell of a time getting gpio working on a minnowboard running Debian. I've got a kernel with gpio sysfs interfaces enabled but I seem to be missing the actual driver required to use the gpios still. Does anyone know off the top of your head what kernel module actually handles gpio on the Max?21:57
BryansteinRzR, oh yes...It's suppsoedly works21:57
Bryansteinranix_, it just works if you have the right kernel21:57
RzRBryanstein, anyway I invite you to swap the boards21:58
RzRBryanstein, because of the 2 i had21:58
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RzRone is getting hotter than the other21:58
BryansteinRzR, I talked with the guy that actually committed minnowboard support to coreboot21:58
ranix_Bryanstein: I have a 3.16 kernel and it does not just work. I am compiling it myself and kind of need to know what the actual driver is so I can select it during menuconfig21:58
ranix_at least I think I do21:58
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RzRBryanstein, and what did he said ?21:59
BryansteinRzR, well hehehe he's very busy but it works, he couldn't share with me his rom because of their company policy21:59
BryansteinI didn't want the rom exactly...I just wanted to know why my builds weren't working22:00
RzRis there a bug to track ?22:00
BryansteinRzR, no bug but there is a commit to coreboot stating minnowboardmax support22:01
Bryansteinranix, it's supported by the gpio subsystem.22:01
RzRbugreporting to coreboot may help22:01
RzRat least others can try to reproduce the issue22:01
BryansteinRzR, well I'll see...regardless I'll give it another try from the start then I'll give up22:02
RzRI would open the bug before giving up22:02
RzRyour effort is valuable to minnowmax community22:03
BryansteinWell yes indeed and my time is also valuable to me :oP someone else should and will definitely step up and get it done. Just the other day Alpha64_ came in asking about coreboot so I know they are doing what I am22:04
BryansteinIf I had one of those dandy programming capes that prpplague has it would make my life a lot easier :oD22:04
ranixroot@minnowboard:/sys/class/gpio# echo 225 > export22:05
ranix-bash: echo: write error: No such device22:05
ranixroot@minnowboard:/sys/class/gpio# echo 220 > export22:05
ranix-bash: echo: write error: No such device22:05
RzRprpplague is probably partying at linuxcon22:05
RzRBryanstein, well at least we're aware now that coreboot is not ready out of the box ;)22:06
Bryansteinranix, try 84 or 208?22:06
RzRi am leaving guys22:06
RzRkeep in touch22:06
*** RzR is now known as rZr22:06
ranixBryanstein: same behaviour22:06
Bryansteinranix, which kernel do you have?22:07
Bryansteinha...that should work22:07
ranixit don't22:07
dvhartranix - have you configured the pin as GPIO in the firmware?22:09
ranixdvhart: I have not specifically done such, no22:09
dvhartmost of the pins are muxed (I2C, UART, PWM, GPIO, etc)22:09
Bryansteinranix, try this echo 84 > /sys/class/gpio/gpio84/value22:09
dvhartsee the wiki page for details on that22:09
BryansteinThen try export22:10
ranixBryanstein: there are no exported gpios whatsoever22:10
ranixroot@minnowboard:/sys/class/gpio# ls22:10
ranixexport  unexport22:10
dvhartyeah, you have to export first22:10
dvhartcat /sys/kernel/debug/gpio22:10
dvhartdo you see the GPIOs of interest listed there?22:11
ranixdvhart: right now all GPIO pins are high and I can neither export the i2c pins 13 and 15 (243 and 242) nor do I see either pin transition from low to high when I do an i2cdetect -r (number) on any i2c bus22:11
dvhartso the GPIOs do show up in that file?22:12
ranixdvhart: the output of cat /sys/kernel/debug/gpio is completely blank22:12
dvhartthen you may be missing the driver22:12
ranixyes, that is what I said22:12
ranixI do not know what the driver is and would like to know what it is22:12
dvhartsorry, I just joined at :0922:12
dvhartit's gpio_acpi22:13
ranixawesome thanks22:13
dvharthrm, I suppose we should get a defconfig on the wiki for you22:13
BryansteinSorry ranix I checked my lsmod and it's built in so I didn't see it :oP22:16
ranixsall good22:16
ranixI clearly don't fully understand kernel configs yet somehow22:17
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BryansteinWell you seem to understand enough22:18
Bryansteindvhart, none of you intel whizbangs have built coreboot?22:18
dvhartBryanstein, in fact I have22:18
Bryansteindvhart, did it work?22:18
dvhartand we booted with SeaBios today22:18
dvhartit's not super easy yet22:19
dvhartbut we are working on that22:19
Bryansteindvhart, well shine some light on me22:19
dvhartranix, http://pastebin.com/5fZe2vEb22:19
prpplaguedvhart: where the hell have you been?22:19
prpplaguedvhart: you been out with tracey?22:19
dvhartprpplague, rtsummit this wwek22:19
dvharttomorrow I join the rest of you :-)22:19
ranixthanks much dvhart22:19
prpplaguedvhart: that doesn't excuse you from beer22:19
dvhartranix, I suggest using mergeconfig.sh (in the kernel) to merge that with the x86_64 defconfig22:20
dvhartthat should get you a sane starting point22:20
Bryansteindvhart, I've built a few images, trudged through the fsp and this and that binary tool22:20
dvhartBryanstein, it's a bit horrible atm22:20
dvhartBryanstein, my colleague back in Oregon got this going just this morning while I'm here in Duesseldorf22:21
dvhartso this is brand spankin' new22:21
dvhartso I don't have #exactsteps to share22:21
dvhartrest assured, we won't keep it a secret :-)22:21
dvhartprpplague, sorry I've been a bit of a hermit so far22:22
dvhartprpplague, I'll be around a lot more starting tomorrow22:22
prpplaguedvhart: no worries, just a bit of jest for you22:22
dvhartranix: so the cost of this session ;-) is for you to add your steps to the elinux wiki!22:22
Bryansteinoh...well I've done all the crazy steps edited the absf and blah blah. I'd just be interested in knowing where I went wrong22:23
dvhartBryanstein, one problem point is the SPI config22:23
dvhartthere is a 4096 blob at the beginning of the image22:24
dvhartthat the coreboot stuff does not populate so far as I can tell22:24
ranixdvhart: ok, I will see what I can do22:24
ranixI am kind of flailing atm22:24
Bryansteindvhart, I know that...I made a flashrom file that had the layout in it22:24
dvhartthe current hack is to grab the first 4k from the shipping firmware and dd it over your coreboot.rom22:24
dvhartthat was a big piece of it22:24
dvhartBryanstein, ah OK22:25
dvhartyou were ahead of me then ;-)22:25
dvhartranix, hey, no pressure22:25
dvhartranix, if it's not panning out, feel free to send email to the list and CC me22:25
dvhartI need to get building your own kernel documentation up22:25
dvhartsorry about that22:25
dvhartranix, any particular reason you need to build your own?22:26
dvhart(Yocto has 3.14 and 3.17 recipes that work by the way - intel-corei7-64 BSP)22:26
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dvhartBryanstein, also, feel free to send me email if you want to chat gory details and we can discuss next week when I'm back.22:27
ranixdvhart: the Yocto 3.17 kernel was giving me some trouble, was having difficulty getting a debian userspace working with it. It couldn't seem to find the sd card, /dev/mmc0 didn't exist22:27
dvhartoh really22:27
dvhartone theing you can try there is making sure the LPSS Mode is set to ACPI22:28
dvhartboth the sdhci and spi are better supported in Linux with ACPI mode22:28
dvhartalthough by 3.17 they should both work just fine22:28
ranixwhen lpss mode is in acpi instead of pci, even the Debian kernel does not seem to find the SD card22:28
dvhart*blank stare* huh22:28
ranixI am kind of thrashing around22:29
dvhartI test that - but I always boot from USB322:29
dvhartsooooooooooo much faster22:29
Bryansteinlol well mine does and I have a tons of kernels and about 12 on sd22:29
dvhartbut, it does work22:29
ranixI'm going to be netbooting most of the time and I am only using the sd card because it should be easier right now22:29
dvhartare you building the driver in or as a module?22:29
ranixI've been using menuconfig so the exact status of "the driver" is foggy to me22:30
dvhartif as a module, are you using an initrd?22:30
dvhartdo you set it to M or Y22:30
ranixyou say "it" like I know what exact option contains the driver22:30
BryansteinI'd venture to say it's not in his initrd22:30
Bryansteinranix, toss your kernel config in pastebin22:31
ranixthe default debian kernel config has 3800 lines in it22:31
ranix1270 lines of non-"not set"22:32
dvhartranix, you want this bit from the fragment I posted:22:32
dvhart# MMC / SDHCI Support22:32
ranixack dvhart22:32
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Bryansteindvhart, I'll email you for sure...because I've been chipping at this for a bit and I think I have everything all lined up as it should be but it's not coming up22:33
dvhartYeah, I had to get some expert help as I was brand new to coreboot22:33
BryansteinWell I wish I had some expert help...I wasn't that new to it but I was sure new to the fsp side of things and all these Intel "binary" tools22:34
BryansteinI got by editing the vbios with wine :oP22:34
dvhartI know I know22:34
dvhartI'm making noise internally - trust me22:35
dvhartI feel your pain22:35
dvhartbaby steps22:35
Bryansteindvhart, thanks for the glimmer of hope...I was just saying that I'd give it one more try then I was going to leave it for others to tackle.22:36
dvhartI know people are interested, so that means I'm interested22:38
dvhartWhich payload do you care about?22:38
ranixalright, I found some pertinent stuff and am compilin'22:39
ranixthanks for all the help guys22:40
* ranix salutes.22:40
dvhartIt's late and the Linus and Dirk show is first on the agenda22:40
dvhartTime for me to call it - night folks22:40
ranixgood night22:40
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