Wednesday, 2014-10-15

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ranixsuccess, the problem was that I was missing the gpio multiplexer driver01:21
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Bryansteinranix, you going to do anything cool with gpio?01:29
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ranixBryanstein: yeah, I'll let y'alls know when it's all working01:30
ranixplanning to do some open source stuff01:30 like what...pwm stuff, radio stuff...rov?01:31
ranixI've got a bunch of original minnowboards with a suite of hardware that plugs into them and does some pretty wild stuff but it's not public yet01:31
ranixautomation stuff01:31
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Bryansteinah..automation like home automation or plc stuff?01:32
ranixno can discuss, it's not like amazing but it is nifty and some of it is pretty innovative01:32
ranixthe minnowboard max is waaaay better than the original minnowboard for it though and it's just totally awesome it just happened to be released exactly when I needed it01:32
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ranixthe old minnowboard's 100pin connector was a pain in the dick01:33
BryansteinWell ranix I've found that v1 is actually pretty darned useful for certain you not have the breakout board for v1?01:33
ranixI designed my own lures01:34
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ranixit's really easy since these guys share all their design files and even have eagle libraries01:35
BryansteinSo you've made lures for the max too?01:35
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Bryansteinv1 i've found is much better as far as the buttons and audio goes if you've got an application suited for such01:36
ranixI have some eagle projects, but just today I got my minnowboard lures and hardware working with the Max by soldering a ton of little wires to my vias01:36
BryansteinHmm so how long before you have some information up about your project ranix ?01:37
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nicksydneyHi the minnowboard schematics on pg 20 for header JP1 pin 13 and 15 is labelled GPIO_I2C_SCL and GPIO_I2C_SDA can this be used for I2C devices ? i'm trying to connect MPU605003:00
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BhaalAre CircuitCo still making the Minnowboard Max?07:00
rZrI hope yes07:16
rZrprpplague, will tell how many07:16
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nicksydneyi'm running Ubuntu 14 for MinnowboardMax and i've installed the i2ctools ...i've hooked up the MPU6050 SDA to pin15 and SCL to pin 13 but i can't see anything when i run 'sudo i2cdetect 5' nor anything 'sudo i2cdetect 6'..any idea ?07:41
nicksydneythe VCC of the MPU6050 is connected to pin 4 while GND to pin 1 and i use multimeter and i can see 3.3v07:42
Bhaalprpplague is still away I think, not due back till next week perhaps?  Have been waiting till then to ask him rather than pester him while he is away...07:43
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prpplagueBhaal: yes we are still making max08:51
prpplagueBhaal: right now we are making 500 pieces per week08:52
prpplagueBhaal: starting in 2 weeks, we will be moving to 1000 pieces per week08:52
rZrhi prpplague08:58
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prpplaguerZr: hey09:02
rZrdid you get that faulty card  at linuxcon ?09:05
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rZrprpplague:  that's the one I unbricked09:07
prpplaguerZr: yea i was wondering where that came from09:08
rZrwell now you know09:08
prpplaguerZr: but didnt you say that you were able to flash the firmware on it?09:08
rZryes I was09:08
rZrbut I observed some unstability09:08
prpplagueoh why didn't you keep it?09:08
prpplagueok we'll have a look at it09:08
rZrthat one was given by warthog909:08
rZrwell just boot the uefi shell09:09
rZrand observe the heat09:09
rZrit will skyrock in less an hour09:09
prpplagueok we'll check it out09:10
* prpplague heads back to the conference09:10
rZrhave fun09:10
rZrprpplague: can you please record warthog9 talk w/ cellphone09:10
rZrprpplague: I have yours already09:10
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Bhaalprpplague: You are suppose to be away from the office :)   What happened to the ramp up schedule?10:01
ahollerreading is an lost art ;)10:03
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Bhaalaholler: You referring to me? >.>10:34
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nicksydney_tested the mpu6050 on RPi and it's working so not sure what i've done wrong for MinnowBoardMax10:49
_daniel_nicksydney_: hi10:54
_daniel_mpu6050 in DMP mode?10:54
nicksydney__daniel_: not sure DMP but the i2cdetect is not picking it up11:05
nicksydney_i did modprobe i2c-dev11:05
_daniel_so kernel driver cannot find the device on I2C?11:05
nicksydney__daniel_: this is what i have
_daniel_i see11:07
nicksydney__daniel_: yeah i tried i2cdetec for 1,2,4,5 and 6 nothing came out that says 68 (that's the code that is expected for this chip)11:07
nicksydney_i2cdetect 3 came out with LOTS of info but it's connected to something internal in the board i presume11:07
_daniel_what does ls /sys/bus/i2c/device/ says ?11:08
nicksydney_the schematic page 20 says that its connected to I2C5_SCL11:08
nicksydney_inside /sys/bus/i2c/devices it says i2c-0 to i2c-611:09
nicksydney_for /sys/bus/i2c/devices/i2c-5 i did 'cat name' it came out with 'i915 gmbus dpd'11:09
nicksydney_unless i'm reading the wrong schematic ? .. my board does not have Rev it says 'Minnowboard Max Rev ___'11:11
ahollerthe kernel names i2c in order it discovers the busses. that doesn't have to be the same as the order in the schematics11:13
nicksydney_aholler: understood....just confused why it's not picking up the i2c device11:15
ahollerin arm-land I would say look at the dts, but for acpi more magic is needed ;)11:17
nicksydney_aholler: the device is detected using RPi running Raspbian  ....confused why in MinnowMax its not detected11:18
nicksydney_are there any i2c driver that need to be loaded ?11:19
nicksydney_besides i2c-dev11:19
ahollermaybe bus-speed, missing resistor or similiar. sorry, no idea about the max ;)11:19
nicksydney_i read this script from dvhart but that's also not helping too11:20
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ranixnicksydney_: hey, you still having trouble with i2c?23:18
nicksydney_ranix: yes i do23:18
ranixI just resolved my i2c problems yesterday23:18
nicksydney_what did you do ?23:18
ranixnicksydney_: do you have GPIO working yet?23:18
nicksydney_ranix: how to test ithe GPIO ?23:18
nicksydney_i'm using Ubuntu 14.04 64bit23:19
ranixnicksydney_: /sys/class/gpio/23:19
nicksydney_give me a second let me chec23:19
ranixif you can get to the point where you can change the state of the GPIO pins you should be able to get i2c working23:19
nicksydney_do i check if there is /sys/class/gpio only ?23:20
ranixyou should have /sys/class/gpio/export23:20
ranixif you don't you have some kernel config stuff to fix23:20
nicksydney_ranix: i can't see /sys/class/gpio23:21
ranixok, do you know how to build a kernel for debian/ubuntu?23:21
nicksydney_i know how to build plain vanilla kernel but not sure how to do it for minnowmax23:22
nicksydney_any link that i can read from ?23:22
ranix and are the documents I used to do it successfully23:22
ranixyou should use a 3.16 or later kernel23:22
nicksydney_ok..what is the specific driver for the GPIO ? perhaps it is available in Ubuntu 14.04 but it's not loaded i can try to use modprobe ?23:23
ranixand you should probably build it on a system other than the minnowboard or else it will take all day23:23
ranixso another ubuntu system23:23
ranixusing those docs you will get a kernel package that you can copy to your minnow and install with dpkg23:23
ranixusing "make menuconfig" or otherwise building the kernel is necessary23:24
nicksydney_is the module called i2c-gpio.ko ?23:24
ranixyou will need to enable the GPIO sysfs interface and you will also need to add support for GPIO multiplexers23:24
ranixmaybe, I am not sure23:24
ranixI fumbled my way through it myself23:24
nicksydney_i can see i2c-gpio and i2c-mux-gpio23:25
nicksydney_.ko files i meant23:25
ranixthose are probably relevant but you also need to enable support for the sysfs interface in your kernel config while building it, which does not have a kernel module23:25
ranixthe default debian and ubuntu kernels to my knowledge do not have that interface enabled23:26
ranixhere is a kernel config that a developer sent me that I used to help correct my config:
nicksydney_thanks...will cross check with the .config in ubuntu23:26
ranixthe pinmux/pinctrl was the relevant part for me23:27
ranixnp, gl23:27
nicksydney_i see this one is not there CONFIG_PINCTRL_BAYTRAIL=y23:29
nicksydney_sorry i meant this one CONFIG_GPIO_SYSFS=y23:29
ranixyep that is definitely relevant. I also needed the rest of the pinmux stuff which was also unset23:30
nicksydney_i see this one is not there CONFIG_PINCTRL_BAYTRAIL=y23:31
nicksydney_ok looks like need to recompile a new kernel23:31
ranixit's pretty easy with make-kpkg and the resulting .dpkg file will even update grub for you and stuff23:33
ranixehr .deb file23:33
nicksydney_ranix: you checkout the normal kernel from or any specific location ?23:39
ranixnicksydney_: I used apt-get to get the actual tested debian kernel from the package repository23:41
ranixapt-get kernel-image-3.16 or something23:41
ranixit grabs a tarball and puts it in /usr/src23:41
nicksydney_ranix: let me try23:41
ranixgoogle around for how to build a debian kernel or how to build an ubuntu kernel23:42
ranixthere are lots of docs, the hardest part imo is finding out which config options are which23:42

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