Thursday, 2014-10-16

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nicksydney_ranix: i'm using ubuntu 14.10 beta 2 and this time i can see the /sys/class/gpio01:16
nicksydney_but no luck01:16
ranixnicksydney_: cool, what files do you see in /sys/class/gpio01:19
nicksydney_export, gpiochip126, gpiochip154, gpiochip82 and unexport01:19
ranixcool something is probably working. Can you do echo 220 > export01:20
ranixif you do and you get no output you should see a gpiochip220 node appear01:20
ranixif you ls again01:20
ranixthen you can echo out > gpiochip220/direction01:21
ranixand then echo 1 > gpiochip220/value01:21
ranixor 001:21
nicksydney_"sudo echo 220 > export" it says "bash: ./export: Permission denied"01:21
ranixto switch its state01:21
ranixyou gotta do that as root01:21
ranixor someone with permission to twiddle it01:21
ranixoh sudo01:22
ranixtry 8301:23
ranixthese are the mappings of gpio numbers to pin numbers01:23
ranixabout 3/4ths of the way down the page01:23
nicksydney_ok..echo 220 > export comes out empty01:23
ranixcool if you ls you should see gpiochip22001:23
nicksydney_sorry i made a mistake....01:24
nicksydney_when i do echo 220 > export inside /sys/class/gpio it says 'invalid argument'01:24
ranixah ok, you are probably still missing a necessary driver01:24
ranixyou might be able to just insmod/modprobe it01:25
ranixnot sure which one you are having problems with right now01:25
ranixconsult that pastebin01:25
ranixyou are like 90% the way there01:25
ranixin a couple weeks I will get a howto or something made for the wiki01:25
nicksydney_ranix: in the dmesg whenever i do echo 220 > /sys/class/gpio/export i get the message 'byt_gpio INT33FC:00: pin 66 cannot be used as GPIO"01:44
nicksydney_ranix: what kernel version you using ?01:58
nicksydney_the one that I have is
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sauerkrauseso my minnowboard v1 appears bricked. there anything I can do to troubleshoot it when the usb serial console isn't even working? or is this just toast?04:24
shuffle2have you tried restoring a clean flash image?04:34
sauerkrauseyeah, that was where all of this started. apparently the sdcard that shipped with it had developed some bad sectors, so I took another sdcard and made a clean install of the angstrom distribution on it04:35
sauerkrausereflashed the firmware to make sure that wasn't causing any issues as well04:36
sauerkrauseit worked for like one boot up04:36
sauerkrausethen I plugged in my usb hub and rebooted it as it had stopped responding and then nothing04:36
shuffle2i would try removing everything and booting it. it should load the uefi shell from flash, yes?04:37
shuffle2if it still doesn't boot i would dump the flash and compare it to the clean image04:38
sauerkrauseis there a way to get at the flash without the board booting?04:39
shuffle2read it directly over spi04:39
shuffle2with e.g. a spi flash programmer04:40
sauerkrauseahh, I guess I'd need to order one of those then04:41
shuffle2it's good to have anyways, then you can restore working flash image any time :)04:41
sauerkrausemaybe I'll just treat this as an excuse to get the max04:43
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sauerkrauseI've been looking for one and if I need to spend more than the cost of a max just to get this guy running again, that's as good a reason as any :)04:47
seaLneyou could use the max to try flashing your v1 :)04:47
sauerkrausethat would be pretty swag04:47
prpplaguesauerkrause: if you have a max that has been bricked due to firmware you can contact circuitco directly for an exchange04:50
sauerkrauseit's a v104:50
sauerkrauseand it was working until I rebooted it after it froze when I plugged in my usb hub this evening04:51
prpplaguev1? you mean original minnowboard?04:57
prpplaguejust contact rma@minnowboard.org04:58
prpplaguewe can get a repair done on it04:58
sauerkrauseawesome. thx04:59
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Laza_has anyone tried to solder a battery on the Minnowboard Max?08:03
Laza_(for the RTC)08:03
seaLneLaza_: i did about 2 months ago but the system still wasn't keeping time, not poked at it recently though08:29
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Laza_yea same problem here...08:41
Laza_BIOS clock won't keep time if I unplug the power jack08:42
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MikeGeorgeDoes anyone know anything about the Minnowboard distributors?19:23
MikeGeorgeI placed an order with TechnoDisti for a Max dual core and cannot get it touch with them for the life of me19:24
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nicksydney_has anyone successfully installed Ubuntu into a sdcard from USB live CD on MinnowMax ? I've done it but it's not booting up ....when the boot power up it sees the sdcard but it doesn't show fs0 it shows blk0 to blk3 but can't boot it ...any idea ?20:21
georgemnicksydney_: worked for me20:32
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nicksydney_georgem: does it show fs0 on yours ?21:08
nicksydney_i'm testing it with 14.1021:08
georgemnicksydney_: I was using 14.0421:09
nicksydney_how did you format the sdcard before using it ?21:09
nicksydney_i use gparted and just create an ext3 partition21:09
georgemI think I just let it format it for me21:10
georgemoh. that wont work probably21:10
georgemI think it needs a uefi partition21:10
georgemI could be wrong, let me look at it21:11
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nicksydney_thanks....i looked at gparted there is no UEFI partition selection21:12
nicksydney_sorry i'm bit new in this kind of UEFI thingy21:12
georgemyeah, checked mine. it has a 512M EFI System partition21:13
nicksydney_so how do you format it to EFI ?21:14
nicksydney_i'm using 8gb sd card btw21:15
nicksydney_or are there specific way to do installation in the Ubuntu installer when it asked for the partition selection ?21:16
georgemnicksydney_: I just told it to automatically partition the drive and it did it automatically21:26
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ranixhmm this was the wrong window for that youtube link23:02
ranixpotentially nsfw, be aware23:02
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