Friday, 2014-10-17

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nicksydney_at last able to install Ubuntu on sdcard and boot up with the problem seems like the USB flash drive should not be plugged out....MinnowMax boot up and seems like somehow it detect the sdcard first and boots up from there....if i remove the USB drive it won't boot...weird02:40
nicksydney_now off to build a new kernel to add new config to make the I2C working ... still having issue :(02:54
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prpplaguenicksydney_: that's a boot order issue that you can resolve in the bios setup screen08:35
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RzRMNW2CRB1_IA32_RELEASE_2014_08_13_1324.bin is not working on my max15:35
RzRprpplague: any hints15:35
RzRon reboot I have :15:35
RzR ._15:35
RzRthat's all15:35
prpplagueRzR: sorry i am out of the office can't help much currently, and i've not done that much testing with the 32-bit firmware myself15:37
prpplagueRzR: sounds like possibly a bad reflash though15:37
RzRdid reflash w/ SPI15:38
RzRfaulty board ?15:38
RzRI have the other one15:38
prpplagueRzR: using what tool and software?15:38
RzRbut I wont touch it before the demo15:38
RzRdediprog and flashrom15:38
RzRlet me try to reflash the 64 efi15:39
prpplagueRzR: yea retest with the 64 to make sure15:39
RzRwell after some delay15:39
RzRit appear fine15:39
RzRbut there is a problem15:39
RzRI wanna show tizen:common 64 on 1st board15:40
RzRand tizen:ivi 32 on 2d one15:40
prpplagueRzR: so it eventually booted?15:40
RzRseems yes15:40
prpplagueRzR: ahh, then what the issue is that it was clearing the nvram portion of the spi flash15:41
prpplagueRzR: it has to re-write that for the 32bit configuration15:41
prpplagueRzR: second boot should be quick15:41
RzRit's not15:43
RzRstill that "._"15:43
RzRon 10th line15:43
RzRor 7th one15:43
RzRbat any expected release from intel soon?15:43
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prpplagueRzR: do this, before you flash the 32bit version can you use the dediprog to do a full wipe of the spi flash, then do a flash of the 32bit firmware?15:53
RzRwell i did write and dump it was the same16:05
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prpplagueRzR: usually the dediprog and flashrom software doesn't do a full erase16:13
RzRprpplague: doing this now16:16
RzRprpplague: btw do you want the record i have of you ?16:21
prpplagueRzR: i am sorry i did not understand your question16:23
RzRyour talk at linuxcon16:23
RzRa friend did record it w/ his phone16:23
RzRonly the audio part16:23
prpplagueRzR: ahh, it was actually ELCE, the linux foundation did a full recording and will make it available in a few months, but thanks anyway!16:23
RzRi wish i could also listen to what did warthog9 said too16:24
RzRi wanted to have that before going to china16:24
prpplagueRzR: the videos will be posted soon16:24
RzRthat's great16:24
RzRwell i'll keep you in touch16:25
RzRhow long will it take to erase the whole flash16:27
RzRok done let's flash again16:40
RzRbtw i think it's safe to take dediprog16:40
RzRat this event since some are supposed to be given there too16:40
RzRprpplague: seems worse now16:43
prpplaguevery odd16:45
RzRi am flashing MNW2MAX1.X64.0073.R02.1409160934.bin17:04
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RzRprpplague: same17:10
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prpplagueRzR: ok sounds like a hardware issue then19:17
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ranixRzR: I have successfully reflashed my devices with dediprog and a flashrom several times20:34
ranixehr, flashrom and a dediprog sf10020:34
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RzRranix, I did also20:46
RzRno problem on flashing20:46
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nicksydney_prpplague: thanks for that21:52
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