Saturday, 2014-10-18

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tbrRzR: speaking of duesseldorf, I went to one of the tizen talks. Seems the compliance situation improved a bit, but not much. e.g. one still can't easily do community ports and call them tizen. you'd need to do full compliance certification and that has some question marks...11:22
tbrthiago summed it up quite aptly though: Tizen doesn't have a community, so it's not a pressing issue.11:23
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nicksydney_ranix: hi...i managed to compile 3.16.3 kernel for ubuntu 14.10 and use include the config you posted ealier but still no luck with the you mind posting your complete config so i can compare with what i have ?13:01
warthog9nicksydney_: if you can post yours I can probably tell you what's wrong with it13:09
nicksydney_warthog9: thanks...this is the config that i'm using
nicksydney_warthog9: this is from /sys/class/gpio -->
warthog9nicksydney_: did you try explicitly loading the designware-pci driver?13:11
warthog9or have you verified if it's loaded (lsmod) ?13:11
nicksydney_warthog9: let me check13:12
warthog9and are you trying to get gpio, or i2c working (as those are rather different)13:12
nicksydney_warthog9: this is what i get for lsmod for design --
nicksydney_warthog9: i2c..i've got mpu6050 hooked up to the minnowmax13:13
warthog9have you loaded the i2c-dev driver?13:13
warthog9and what's in $( /sys/class/i2c-adapter/ )13:13
nicksydney_yes..i've loaded the i2c-dev..this is the output inside /sys/class/i2c-dev
warthog9nicksydney_: that looks right13:14
nicksydney_warthog9: this is inside i2c-adapter -->
warthog9that also looks right13:14
warthog9well about right13:15
warthog9what does $( i2cdetect -y -r 7 )13:16
warthog9give you?13:16
nicksydney_this is the MPU6050 that I have and this is the connection that i've done between the MPU6050 and Minnowmax
nicksydney_ i2cdetect -y -r 7  gives me
warthog9what about 8?13:17
warthog9(no need to re-paste it if it's the same)13:17
nicksydney_warthog9: for 8 it's the same as 713:17
warthog9try 613:17
nicksydney_5,6,7,8 is the same empty13:18
nicksydney_4 also empty13:18
nicksydney_sorry 5 not empty13:18
warthog95 only have 1 thing?13:19
nicksydney_this is 5 -->
warthog9yeah, that's not it :-)13:19
nicksydney_and this is 6 -->
warthog96 seems unlikely13:20
warthog9unless that chip does some very odd and weird things13:20
nicksydney_warthog9: i tried in RPi and it was able to be detected13:20
warthog9second, let me look up what accelermeter I was using on i2c13:21
warthog9MMA8452Q ( specifically )13:22
warthog9(was hoping it was an mpu6050 so I could verify that I've tested and I know it works so I know it's not some weird hardware error)13:23
nicksydney_i've ordered this and waiting for it to come13:25
warthog9nicksydney_: there has been a few devices we've got reports back about not working with the board on I2C, and we've at least seen on a scope some odd voltage jumps but we haven't been able to reliably reproduce, wonder if the mpu6050 exacerbates the problem13:25
nicksydney_is that the same as yours13:25
warthog9nicksydney_: similar but not the same chip13:25
warthog9nicksydney_: same manufacturer (assuming the e-bay one isn't a knock-off)13:26
warthog9so I'd beet it will work13:26
warthog9err bet13:26
warthog9beets would just drip beet juice all over the place13:27
nicksydney_:) the way you connect it is the same as this
nicksydney_seems like at the moment i'm stuck .... will wait for the MMA to come and test it13:28
warthog9nicksydney_: when I'm back in the office on Monday I'll order up an mpu605013:29
nicksydney_warthog9: thank you for that ...appreciate the help...been frustrating not able to fix this...even though in the process i've learned something new in terms of the kernel and config :)13:30
warthog9I might need to start a wiki page for i2c devices that have been tested and known to work13:30
nicksydney_that is a good idea and will help newbie like myself banging his head to the wall :)13:30
nicksydney_*NOT banging :)13:30
warthog9nicksydney_: when you get to i2c and spi busses you are well into "it mostly works" as opposed to pci-e "it just works"13:30
warthog9i2c and spi are kinda like the wild wild west13:31
warthog9most of the time it's fine, sometimes it goes boom ;-)13:31
nicksydney_wow...didn't know that..thought it supposed to work...normally when using Arduino that's what i'm used to :)13:31
warthog9arduino's are pretty forgiving13:32
warthog9when you get up to something like the atom on the MAX, not quite so forgiving and demanding for more exactness13:32
warthog9and like I said this could just be the bug we've had reported13:33
warthog9(it could be everyone who's had this problem is using the mpu6050 ;-) )13:33
nicksydney_true...hope it's a bug otherwise that means something is not right with the MPU that I have13:34
warthog9I'll get one ordered on Monday13:34
warthog9mind you it'll be the week after by the time I get it and have time to test it13:34
nicksydney_hoepfully i will get my MMA sometime next week so i can test it too13:35
warthog9so you might have a working setup by then13:35
nicksydney_warthog9: i've put this on order too so expecting will be coming next week13:36
warthog9what you doing with the accel and compases?13:37
nicksydney_planning to learn writing sensor HAL on Android13:38
nicksydney_so once i get it detected on i2c can start plugging in the HAL code13:38
nicksydney_the MPU6050 code is available so can make it easier to port it13:39
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macmeckwarthog9: did you by any chance find the time to check the mPCIe sata device on the seacat lure yet? you ordered some for testing, right?17:39
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RzRtbr: i'll give a talk about zelcoming new contribs18:02
RzRsending patches18:02
tbrRzR: what's zelcoming?18:03
RzRtbr: tsd14sh18:05
RzRwill demo tizen common on max too18:05
RzRwhat does the comminity needs now ?18:05
RzRfloss tiwen18:05
RzRit's there18:05
RzRthere too18:05
RzRmaybe open mass market devices ?18:06
RzRthere are a few18:06
RzRso now most of it is there , wanna join ?18:06
tbrjoin what?18:06
RzR the tizen familly18:07
tbrif someone hires me to do so. Tizen is still not welcoming to a general hardware adaptation community.18:08
RzRi can give u hints18:09
tbrwhile I could run something that very closely resembles tizen, possibly is even compliant, I would not be allowed to use the name Tizen in any context of it.18:09
RzRwhat arch are u in ?18:09
tbrUnder the severe risk of total legal annihilation by the Linux foundation and or the legal departments of Samsung and Intel18:10
RzRplease send me your concern to rzr@gna.org18:10
RzRi'll try to talk to the right persons18:10
tbrwho would be more right person than Mats Wichman and Thiago Maciera, whom I've both spoken to on wednesday and who share my view and concerns?18:12
tbrto paraphrase Thiago: Tizen doesn't have a community and doesn't aim to establish one.18:13
tbrI'm genuinely interested to know if there is anyone more right than those two.18:21
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RzRtbr: well  actually this is unfair to some community project i know19:29
RzRbut i see his point19:29
RzRlet's see what the future brings19:29
ahollerheh I've just read open mess market devices ;)19:34
ahollerfreud was here ;)19:34
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RzRbbl in china20:01
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vmrod25HI , question does anybody know if MinnowMax support Display Port Adapter ? I plug my MB Max but I can not see the UEFI . Thanks22:02
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