Sunday, 2014-10-19

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sysop2the clones are already coming.01:30
sysop2how much longer before I can get a full case for the minnow board?01:32
sysop2also whats the news on the windows drivers?01:32
sysop2if you wisely dont click on irc links go to new egg and do a search for "ECS LIVA 2GB DDR3L RAM installed Mini / Booksize Barebone System "01:55
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warthog9sysop2: it shouldn't be hard to modify the half case I have up.  As for the windows drivers those should have been up a while ago, I know some of them are up on uefidk04:08
sysop2I see them, its just the downloads page looked blank for me for some reason04:12
sysop2to me. I mean04:13
sysop2cool. what are the embedded drivers?04:13
warthog9windows embedded04:14
warthog9which they should be calling out, and good lord they've made that page even harder to understand / navigate04:15
* warthog9 didn't think that was possible04:15
sysop2its cool at least I found them I can start on the windows part now.04:18
sysop2but the case is troubling I thought there was going to be an offical minnowboard max case?  a full case.04:18
sysop2I guess I could get a 3d printer and try making one.04:19
warthog9sysop2: we've never done a case, always relying on external entities to do them04:27
warthog9and the only case (to my knowledge) is the one I did up (the half case)04:28
sysop2ok well i will start with your half case and start modifying it. I cant believe no one else has built a case for this bad boy yet.04:44
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sysop2question. why does intel not want these boards to be used for consomer devices?05:12
sysop2consumer I meant05:12
prpplaguesysop2: it's the same for any of the open source boards (real open source boards) such as products05:20
prpplaguesysop2: because the boards haven't been certified for the specific use case that people are using them for in commercial products05:21
prpplaguesysop2: if they were improperly used, and there was fire, would be liable05:21
sysop2that means nothing05:21
prpplaguesysop2: plus, minnowboard != intel05:21
sysop2that is most ridiclous thing I have ever heard05:21
sysop2so if I build a consomer device out of this hardware you guys are going to be against me?05:22
prpplaguesysop2: no05:22
prpplaguesysop2: it's open source hardware05:22
prpplaguesysop2: do whatever you want with it05:22
sysop2ok I can deal with that.05:22
prpplaguesysop2: but 1) we don't gurarantee the supply of boards05:22
prpplague2) we don't guarantee that it will always be the same05:23
prpplague3) we don't guarrantee if for your use case05:23
prpplague4) you can't use the minnowboard logo05:23
sysop2ofcourse, I  would not use your logo.05:24
sysop2I already have a logo.05:24
sysop2so am I going to have to pay intel to mention that its intel inside?05:25
prpplaguesysop2: that's between you and intel, not minnowboard.org05:25
prpplaguesysop2: and yes i think you do have to do that05:25
sysop2fair enough.05:25
prpplague minnowboard != intel05:26
sysop2I will say elves made it.05:26
prpplaguesysop2: you can say it's base on baytrail intel processor05:26
prpplaguesysop2: you can't use the "intel inside" thing without intel approval05:26
sysop2thats fine, I would rather not pay them anything extra. but being able to say baytrail would be enough.05:27
sysop2thanks for the help.05:29
prpplaguesysop2: i'd check the intel site for into on what you can and can't do05:29
prpplaguesysop2: minnowboard can only advise you on the use of minnowboard05:29
sysop2I understand. and really do appreciate the help.  btw that power connector I was talking about awhile back. they got back to me they will build it. but since I didnt have a case I was unsure on what exactly I would need. so I put that part on hold.05:32
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nicksydneywarthog9: got news got MMA from a friend of mine...but tried it on MinnowMax not seeing anything on I2C10:05
nicksydneyprpplague:  MMA845x10:07
nicksydneyable to detect the chip on RPi ( but not able to detect it on MinnowMax...same problem with MPU6050 that I tried last night10:08
prpplaguenicksydney: btw, it's dave10:09
nicksydneyprpplague: oh hi..thought you were david :)10:10
prpplaguenicksydney: i have some mpu6050's and i didn't have any trouble using the OE images and the mpu6050s10:10
prpplaguenicksydney: so i suspect either a software issue with the image you using , or one of the level shifters that are on the max isn't working10:11
prpplaguenicksydney: i'llk be back in the office next week to look at some of the reported issues10:11
prpplaguenicksydney: we did a lot of tests with all the interfaces before release and didn't see any issues, but that doesn't mean there isn't one10:11
prpplague"jaded tests" ya know10:11
nicksydneyprpplague: i built my own kernel 3.16.3 but yesterday warthog9 helped me to check the config and it looks ok ..... if you could post your config so i can compare that would be good10:18
nicksydneyprpplague: i tried the same MPU6050 in RPi and it works fine it was able to be detected..i'm sure it's something that i might have missed in config somewhere10:18
nicksydneybut i can't put my finger where the problem lie10:18
prpplaguenicksydney: yea the i2c stuff is a little different on the max that what we've seen on some of the other boards10:25
prpplaguenicksydney: i am not sure if we just don't have enough of tweaked values for the pullup resistors or something10:26
nicksydneyprpplague: is there anything i can do to test hardware wise ? i'm not an EE so any help would be good if i do it if possible ?10:27
prpplaguenicksydney: not really i just need to get back to the office to do some hardcore testing10:27
prpplaguenicksydney: hehe technically10:27
prpplaguenicksydney: i am going to have my son do some testing10:27
prpplaguenicksydney: i am going to observe and see what fails10:28
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nicksydneyprpplague: cool....let me know if you want me to test from my side...i have MPU6050 and MMA845x10:28
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prpplaguenicksydney: will do10:29
prpplaguenicksydney: just happy you are spending time with it10:29
nicksydneyprpplague: no worries...i really hope i can fix this issue so i can move on to move on to use the sensor in Android10:30
prpplaguehehe i hear you'll have the L word available soon10:30
prpplaguefor max that is10:30
nicksydneyprpplague: that would be awesome :)10:32
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prpplaguenicksydney: at least terminal 3 has cooled off10:44
nicksydneyprpplague: :)10:46
prpplaguepun intended?10:46
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sysop264 bit android soon?  did I read that right?13:55
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sysop2does anyone know of a battery pack that works with the minnowboard max?19:09
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nicksydneysysop2: yes 64bit Android code already exist...Intel have done lots of work in pushing code into AOSP tree21:10
sauerkrausex86_64 is in aosp?21:25
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nicksydneysauerkrause: this will give you a bit of context
nicksydneysauerkrause: and this
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sysop2cool. when will we be able to install 64bit anroid onto the minnow board?  is there an ETA?23:33

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