Tuesday, 2014-10-21

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ka6soxwarthog9, ping?03:42
warthog9ka6sox: I am a meat Popsicle03:43
warthog9ka6sox: you see my /msg ?03:43
ka6soxwarthog9, are you an ABQ or PDX?03:58
ka6soxand yes, I did...03:58
ka6soxbut I'm not sure what you need from me :)03:58
warthog9ka6sox: PDX, we moved from ABQ about a year ago03:59
warthog9ka6sox: is that stuff hosted on one of your servers, or am I barking up the wrong tree?03:59
ka6soxyes, it is03:59
warthog9ahhh I need the ip then :-)03:59
ka6soxbut you have access to it all unless I'm missing something :)03:59
ka6soxokay let me find out.03:59
* warthog9 doesn't know he has access03:59
ka6soxdo you need to add more or move things...04:00
ka6soxand what was the URL?04:00
ka6sox(and if you want to do a PM thats okay too :)04:00
warthog9doesn't matter04:00
warthog9it won't be in the current dns04:00
warthog9moved everything, registrar, dns, etc04:01
warthog9I just forgot to write down where files.mb.o pointed to thinking it was in the data dump I had04:01
* warthog9 didn't realize that was hosted externally04:01
ka6soxokay see PM and I'll get you setup04:02
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nicksydneyfor anyone interested in Android Google has made a code drop in AOSP repo with a new tag 'android-l-preview_r2' which I assume is the latest Lollipop12:18
aholler_I thought the lollipop is something real sweet ;)12:26
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tbrinitial reports suggest it's not a full drop yet13:03
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hrwspeaking of android...14:28
hrwis there a usable build of android for minnowboard max?14:28
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warthog9hrw: https://01.org/android-ia/downloads/android-4.4.2r1-ia216:37
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hrwwarthog9: thanks. will check once get second max16:54
hrwprpplague: ^^16:57
prpplaguehrw: what's up?16:57
hrwprpplague: I want to make a deal: you get my max, I get new one ;D16:58
prpplaguehrw: ??16:58
hrwprpplague: non-booting board?17:01
prpplaguehrw: hmm, i guess i am out of the loop? you had another board failure?17:02
hrwprpplague: it's still the first one17:04
prpplaguehrw: WTH? you haven't gotten a replacement yet?17:04
hrwprpplague: nope17:04
hrwprpplague: and no one wanted broken one yet as well17:04
prpplaguehrw: let me find out what's going on, that should have been handled already17:05
hrwprpplague: thanks man17:05
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warthog9hrw: this just a firmware bricking?17:43
hrwwarthog9: second led is not going up after button press. was working17:44
hrwwarthog9: in short: connect power, led1 on. press button == nothing changes17:45
warthog9that's probably the U4 issue, you've got an early board?17:46
hrwwarthog9: 3214MMAX0486 one17:47
hrwwarthog9: possible that it's one of early ones17:48
hrwwarthog9: places where prpplague works like to send me early boards with some funny things17:48
hrwwarthog9: I have EA1 pandaboard with wrong ID soldered in. there are ~10 such board and were supposed to never leave TI17:49
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hrwwarthog9: so what is an issue with U4?17:57
warthog9hrw: solder mask issue17:58
warthog9I've had 3 or 4 go back with it18:00
warthog9it's pretty straight forward, but I agree with prpplague that should have gotten dealt with already, did you do an RMA request?18:00
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hrwhave to check18:03
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macmeckwarthog9: did you have a look at the delock mpcie sata controllers yet? you ordered some for testing, right?18:21
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warthog9macmeck: they came in just before Dusseldorf, I had a very brief time to look at them20:18
warthog9I think prpplague had a quick look too20:18
warthog9right now it's sitting at finger pointing over what's wrong20:19
macmeckwarthog9: hehe, okay...20:19
warthog9let me ping the person who's got my card and see if he's had a chance to do any more digging on it20:19
warthog9(sorry that's not the most useful answer, but Dusseldorf was a major black hole in the world and I haven't quite dug out of it all yet)20:20
macmeckwarthog9: I should have come by at the conference but i totally missed it20:20
macmeckwarthog9: I even was in Dusseldorf mon and tue20:20
warthog9you should have!20:20
warthog9would have been awesome to see you!20:20
macmeckwarthog9: cool, just let me know if you have any findings.20:20
warthog9did you see the picture of all the people waiting for the first MBM drawing?20:21
macmeckyeah, totally awesome20:21
warthog9it was crazy all week20:21
macmeckkind of cool I guess20:22
warthog9good and busy, just means the few of us are a little burnt out :-)20:22
warthog9ok e-mail sent20:23
warthog9hopefully they've been poking at it while I've been gone20:23
macmeckI tried another mpcie card in the lure which is working fine... so this delock card is just not working with the lure or my distributor sent me a faulty card20:24
warthog9well it doesn't work on mine20:25
warthog9and I think prpplague said his didn't get recognized either20:25
macmeckyeah, right. I needed to short the jumper to even get it powered on20:25
warthog9the Firmware team thought that it should show up under Linux (even if it didn't show under UEFI) but it doesn't for me.  Doesn't even show in lspci20:25
warthog9so it's one of 3 things20:26
warthog9(1) Firmware is training the pci-e lane incorrectly (2) the card doesn't follow spec to save it's life (3) the lure has some other nasty bug in it that doesn't show on all cards20:26
warthog9right now I have no way to narrow that down, at least until the Firmware guys get back to me20:28
macmeckokay, so we'll wait for them20:28
macmeckthanks for investigating20:28
warthog9I may even have to find someone with a pci-e protocol analyzer20:28
warthog9macmeck: doing what I can :-)20:28
warthog9have you tried any other mpci-e sata cards out of curiosity?20:29
macmecknope, I only had a wlan card... this one got recognized on the spot20:29
warthog9yeah the wifi cards I've got all worked (all Intel cards mind you but still)20:30
warthog9hmmm I've got some budget right now, maybe I should pick up a pile of other cards from Amazon20:31
macmeckother sata cards or wlan cards?20:32
warthog9sata, !Intel wifi20:32
macmecki think my wifi was not an intel card20:33
warthog9that's a good sign20:34
macmeckwell, if I can do anything further to help investigating, let me know20:36
nicksydneywarthog9: i've tried the MMA for the I2C with MinnowMax (similar to yours) but still not getting ...same issue with MPU605020:37
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warthog9nicksydney: not seeing it at all?20:41
prpplaguemacmeck: yea i did some tests20:41
prpplaguemacmeck: i did see the PCIe communication between the SOC and the device20:41
prpplaguemacmeck: i was able to see it being queried20:41
prpplaguemacmeck: but the firmware never marked it as available20:42
warthog9wonder if the firmware looks for a uefi blob, doesn't find it and disables the whole thing entirely?20:43
warthog9(obviously rampant random speculation)20:43
prpplaguewarthog9: yea20:44
prpplaguewarthog9: that's possible20:44
warthog9that would be obnoxious20:46
warthog9I might need to buy some extra cards20:46
warthog9see if it's just the delock or if something else triggers this20:46
prpplaguewarthog9: yea i have it on my agenda as well20:46
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macmeckcool guys! I need to rush... if I can run any tests, please let me know.20:56
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nicksydneywarthog9: yes nothing.....and i tested on RPi able to see it22:09
nicksydneywarthog9: it rules out the possibility of the MMA being faulty22:10
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sysop2warthog9, hi dude thanks for the andrid poke.23:36
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