Wednesday, 2014-10-22

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nicksydneyprpplague: dave is that you ? just want to find out whether you get the chance to test the I2C ?00:23
prpplaguenicksydney: yep, just got back from the trip00:24
prpplaguenicksydney: ordered a bunch of the same parts00:24
prpplaguenicksydney: on my agenda for friday00:24
nicksydneyprpplague: cool thanks for the help00:24
prpplaguei'm sorry dave, i'm afraid i can't do that!00:24
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nicksydneyprpplague: hmm..why are you talking 3rd person ?00:27
nicksydneyprpplague: looks like i'm the one who is confused thought you were talking to yourself :)00:28
prpplaguenicksydney: hehe long day...00:28
warthog9that it has been00:34
warthog9it's one of those days where I wonder why I don't partake of certain libations00:34
Guest61047warthog9: like... shooting people?00:53
Guest61047what the... I'm a guest? ... damn, brb00:54
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warthog9no, not keen on the shooting people00:55
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warthog9I should hit the range, but I was thinking there's a nice bottle of Rum somewhere at home00:55
warthog9(bought it in Saint Lucia to share with everyone else since I don't drink, but there's always a way to start, right? ;-) )00:56
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* inflex wonders why he was a guest there... odd, must have been a split01:06
nicksydneywarthog9: have you started on the Rum ? or waiting for someone :)01:20
nicksydneywarthog9: i know prpplague will be more than happy to accompany you when there is Rum involved :)01:20
warthog9nicksydney: it's been opened01:25
warthog9I haven't had any really01:25
warthog9but if prpplague comes to visit I'll dig it out :-)01:25
nicksydneyi need one after 2 days fighting with kernel configs from 2 different versions of Android :(01:37
nicksydney...yeah and it's for x86 machines :(01:38
nicksydneywhat you think about this for MinnowMax ? suitable ?01:39
nicksydneythinking of buying this rather than use a HUGE hdmi screen01:39
warthog9probably work01:40
warthog9I've got a smaller Asus screen on my desk for my minnows01:40
nicksydneyhow big is the asus screen ?01:40
warthog9won't be $38 cheap though01:40
warthog9Asus VS197T-P01:41
nicksydneynormally with this kind of screen board you can change the TFT screen as long as it's  50pins and the pin layout is the same i correct to assume that ?01:42
nicksydneywow...the Asus is 19inch...too big for my desk :)01:42
warthog9I've got a 7in lilliput too but it acts a little weird01:42
nicksydneyfrom here ?01:43
warthog9looks about right01:45
warthog9ok heading home01:45
nicksydneywarthog9: see you01:45
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ranixman I can not figure out how to use spi on this thing05:21
warthog9ranix: what's the problem?05:26
ranixdunno. I've got a kernel with spi support enabled, and the pxa2xx ssp spi master compiled-in05:27
ranixI've never actually used spi in linux before05:27
ranixI am expecting to see a /dev/spidev<something> somewhere05:28
ranixbut I am also reading some nonsense about needing a "board file" somewhere in my linux source tree05:28
ranixoh, I am using a Minnowboard Max05:28
ranixgonna peace out, I'll be around tomorrow05:46
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warthog9ranix: you need a board file to actually get it up, since spi is one of those messed up things in the world13:58
warthog9ranix: has a basic board file for the MAX13:59
koenor an ssdt13:59
warthog9koen: thought the ssdt only worked with more recent kernels?13:59
koen3.17 or so14:00
warthog9that's pretty recent ;-)14:00
koenI forget if it already went in or not14:00
warthog9it's coming14:00
warthog9and it'll be the right way14:00
warthog9just not quite there yet :-/14:00
Laza_finally got the RTC clock/battery thingy working14:16
Laza_there was a missing resistor on the board14:18
prpplagueLaza_: what reference number?14:20
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Laza_R278, right next to the battery on the bottom side14:27
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ykhanHello all.16:51
ykhanA little help required. I am unable to record audio on minnowboard using arecord. I am using latest angstrom image for minnowboard.16:51
ykhanHas anyone tested audio recording on minnowboard using alsa-utils ?16:52
warthog9ykhan: v1 or max?16:52
warthog9should work16:53
warthog9I don't remember what I used to test it last but I've done it16:53
warthog9sure the mic isn't muted?16:53
ykhanYes. I have unmuted mic using alsamixer16:54
ykhanaplay works fine. Unable to record anything using arecord though16:54
warthog9mic plugged into the right port?16:55
ykhanYes mic is plugged into the blue audio port. Can you suggest any other way in which I might check that audio input is working ?16:56
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warthog9ykhan: sorry went afk, I think you can snag the raw wav output if you just cat the device20:29
warthog9(been a while since I had to debug audio input at a low level)20:29
ykhanwarthog9: np. I'll give it a try. Thanks20:30
warthog9ykhan: if you keep having problems ping me and I'll try and replicate on a board here20:31
ykhanwarthog9: Yes sure.20:32
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johan1When will the MAX board be available for orders?21:32
prpplaguejohan1: available now21:35
prpplaguejohan1: you just have to get in line21:35
johan1I don't mean preorders...21:35
prpplaguejohan1: mouser is still filling the preorders21:36
prpplaguejohan1: if you order now, you should get it shipped in about 10 to 14 days21:36
johan1ok. nice21:36
johan1what about Lures?21:40
warthog9technodisti has two of them for order, I don't know what their stock situation is though (looking to get you link and check stock #)21:42
warthog9 and
warthog9let me drop an e-mail to one of the CircuitCo guys, those should both be in stock :-/21:43
johan1k. thx21:45
johan1I only looked at the European suppliers21:45
johan1Looks like the PciE / mSata lure is still in development21:46
warthog9yeah, we've got some prototypes but those haven't gone to production yet21:46
johan1I'll put that on my whishlist for christmas then :)21:48
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