Thursday, 2014-10-23

ranixthanks warthog9 I'll give that a shot00:36
Bryansteinranix, you get spi going yet?00:37
ranixnope, need to figure out what this board file nonsense is all about00:37
ranixit looks like there are a lot of board files for non-x86 archs00:37
ranixbut x86 doesn't seem to have the same directory structure, which is throwing me for a loop00:38
Bryansteinranix, ah it's nothing, just build it against your kernel and then insmod the .ko00:38
ranixah, ok00:38
ranixthat sounds like a great idea00:38
ranixthanks Bryanstein00:38
Bryansteinranix, well I have it working...I use spi to flash coreboot to my other minnow00:38
ranixI had a dediprog sf100 lying around so I didn't need to00:39
ranixbut I still wanna get this spi display working00:39
BryansteinWell just edit the top line of the Makefile in the low speed spidev dir00:40
rZrwarthog9: the demos went fine ... if you care of the event
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BhaalOh man, didn't think I would see Mouser push out its delivery date to nearly 6mths06:08
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BhaalObviously their system is still being retarded :)06:09
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warthog9Bhaal: does it seriously say 6 months?06:29
* warthog9 sighs06:30
BhaalYep, and that is exactly what I did "*sigh*"06:40
BhaalI don't expect it is hurting things *to* much, but it could be...06:40
BhaalBut either way once Mouser starts showing a stock level I expect things will pick up sales wise...06:40
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shuffle2i got an email saying my mouser order basically became indefinite06:56
shuffle2luckily i got one in the mean time a different way06:56
shuffle2but yea probably not buying backordered stuff via mouser again...06:57
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seaLne_shuffle2: prplague was saying there should only be about a 10-14 day between ordering now and it being sent out. the pre-orders kept coming in faster than the boards could be made07:01
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shuffle2i got an email 4 days ago saying the status has changed to "Will Advise"07:05
shuffle2no word or minnowboard max arriving at my door since then07:05
shuffle2but as i said it doesn't *really* matter07:05
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Bhaalshuffle2: My pre-order which was placed before the Max went into production was sent after a few emails...  one saying it would be shipped soon, then Mouser screwed up the paperwork for international shipping, which meant all the stock they were receiving from CircuitCo was being sent to all the US orders...07:15
BhaalI then had to wait a another few weeks before my order was sent, but it didn't changed from "pending" to anything else other than "sent"07:15
BhaalWhat I thought was pretty cool though was the fact it was sent on friday Australian time, and arrived on the following monday...  ie: which is equivalent to an aussie business day overnight :)07:17
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ranixhmm, I have successfully built the low-speed-spidev.ko module but I can't insert it. Seems I get the following output:22:55
ranix[  894.647291] low-speed-spidev: module init22:55
ranix[  894.651817] low-speed-spidev: master=          (null)22:55
ranix[  894.657484] low-speed-spidev: Failed to register SPI device22:55
ranixis the "PXA2xx SSP SPI master" driver all that is required to utilize the low-speed SPI port on the Max?22:55
Bryansteinranix, umm pxa2xx-platform23:05
BryansteinI think that is it...can't remember but it sounds like it23:05
Bryansteinit loads one of those automatically pxa2xx-pci too23:07
ranixyep got those23:08
ranixcould having spi sound card support enabled throw a wrench in it23:09
Bryansteinnaw... umm lpss mode...should switch it to acpi23:11
Bryansteintry that23:11
Bryansteinit's in the firmware23:11
ranixcan give it a shot23:11
Bryansteinranix, what does lspci show?23:11
ranixBryanstein: a ValleyView LPIO1 SPI Controller23:12
ranixpciid 8086:0f0e23:12
BryansteinYea you're in pci mode...try switching it in the firmware23:12
ranixon it23:12
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ranixno change23:17
Bryansteinranix, does lspci still show the device?23:24
ranixBryanstein: I just recompiled a kernel with no support for spi sound cards and now it works23:25
ranixBryanstein: I think there might be something in that clobbering other spi modules23:25
ranixsuper big help giving me some more stuff to try though dude, thanks23:26
BryansteinWell that's interesting...I do know that it won't work without lpss set to acpi unless you have newer kernel/ I'm told23:27
yoctiBug 6627: normal, Medium, 1.7, dvhart, ACCEPTED , Minnowboard Max fails to load the SPI device23:27
ranixI didn't see that bug23:27
BryansteinWell either way ranix it won't work right in pci mode on 3.16.1, but that sound thing...interesting wouldn't think that it would have a negative affect23:28
ranixI'll run into this again when I build a proper yocto kernel with proper defconfigs from scratch so I'll comment on any bugs further when I do that23:28
ranixif I run into them a second time there won't be all these default debian options and I'll be able to get more info without flailing23:28
BryansteinI'm using Jessie too myself but with a minimal config23:29
BryansteinOnly modules just for the max23:29
Bryansteinranix, let me know if spi causes oops too23:29
ranixare you using the 3.16.3 kernel btw?23:30
ranixor 3.16.123:30
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