Wednesday, 2014-10-29

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zobaDo I need to buy anything extra when I buy the minnowboard max, other than an ethernet cable?  Looks like it comes with a power adapter and USB card03:52
prpplaguezoba: the max does not ship with a power supply or anything else03:52
prpplaguezoba: just the board03:52
prpplaguezoba: what gave you the impression that it ships with a power supply and some usb device?03:53
zobaOh, that is good to know03:53
zobaThis page:
zobaIt'd be cool if there was a list of recommended power supply, and usb card - 1) So I'd know I have the right thing and 2) So I wouldn't have to go looking for it03:56
prpplaguezoba: that is for the original minnowboard, not minnowboard max03:58
zobaYeah, I suppose I get that now that you said it doesn't come with the cable03:58
zobaNice, thanks03:59
zobaI got the to the page I linked by going to Docs > Getting Started > MinnowBoard Basics04:00
zobaI'm pretty new to the MinnowBoard community, and thats just what made sense to me04:00
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zobaWell, I bought one04:16
zobaThanks for the help prpplague04:16
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ykhanBryanstein: pong10:38
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RzRprpplague: hi17:12
prpplagueRzR: hey buddy!17:12
RzRhow are you17:12
prpplagueRzR: how was the trip?17:12
RzRI am back for china17:12
prpplagueRzR: doing well enough17:12
RzRand safe :)17:12
RzRthe event was great17:12
prpplagueyour presentation got a lot of press coverage17:13
RzRand you know what mbm saved a demo17:13
RzRreally ?17:13
RzRsome of them where given17:13
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warthog9RzR: what demo did mbm save?17:19
* warthog9 is curious now17:19
* hrw too17:19
RzRthis is private17:20
RzRbut pm me17:20
hrwprivate is private17:21
warthog9hrw: suffice it to say now I want to make a little cape for a MBM and put it in my office17:22
warthog9I should do that, get some pictures, post to the internets17:22
hrwI got serial->usb arduino-like dongle today17:23
warthog9hrw: an FTDI cable?17:23
hrwwarthog9: cheap chinese something.17:24
hrwwarthog9: and I use Linux ;D17:24
warthog9hrw: did you see the driver patch to match the windows functionality?17:25
hrwwarthog9: ofcourse. lovely it was17:25
warthog9yeah, I've got a drawer full of FTDI cables, I'm scared to figure out if the chips are legit or not17:25
hrwwarthog9: recent linux will work with all of them.17:26
warthog9I suspect the knock-offs far, FAR outnumber the legit ones17:26
warthog9hrw: yeah I saw the patch to work around the broken ones17:26
hrw"CP2102 USB to UART Bridge Controller" - so no ftdi17:28
warthog9hadn't watched the video17:30
warthog9needs better epic music ;-)17:30
RzRdont laught I made it17:30
RzRw/ my favorite toy17:31
warthog9RzR: the mbm is your favorite toy?! ;-)17:31
warthog9RzR: took me like 2hrs to find the music I used in the drone video17:32
warthog9ohhhh you've got xbmc running17:33
RzRgimme an audio lure now ;)17:33
warthog9RzR: talk to prpplague ;-)17:33
hrwRzR: hdmi audio is not enough?17:33
RzRnot home17:33
* RzR is low tech 17:33
warthog9hang on, I've got one for you17:33
RzRbtw do u plan to present it at fosdem17:34
hrwRzR: I connected mbm to my right monitor which costed ~100$17:34
RzRbecause I am considering upgrading the talk we shared in shina17:34
warthog9or if you want to be REALLY fancy: ;-)17:34
RzRactually I already have an audio usb gadget17:35
RzRpluged on my NAS17:35
RzRthe perfect jukebox17:36
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ykhanwarthog9: Hi. Have you had time to test arecord on minnow ?23:08
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warthog9ykhan: *bows head in shame*23:51
warthog9ykhan: I have not had a chance, despite it being the top thing on my whiteboard todo list23:52
ykhanwarthog9: No problem :)23:55
warthog9ykhan: doesn't mean I don't feel bad about it23:56

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