Thursday, 2014-10-30

warthog9ykhan: ok refresh my memory here, you've got a mic plugged into the mic input, and arecord runs without error but nothing gets recorded?00:03
ykhanwarthog9: Yes. arecord -vvv shows mic input levels to be 0%.00:04
warthog9what kind of mic you got?00:05
ykhanwarthog9: I've just forwarded a mail to minnowboard mailing list with subject "[MinnowBoard] Unable to record audio using arecord". You can see the log there.00:06
warthog9ykhan: but what mic do you have?00:06
ykhanwarthog9: Its mic with headphones. I've tested the mic on my PC and it works fine.00:07
warthog9ykhan: ok found my v1 that seems to work ;-)00:17
ykhanwarthog9: Great. Are you using the latest angstorm images ?00:18
warthog9ykhan: working on it ;-)00:20
warthog9ykhan: ?00:22
ykhanwarthog9: Yes that one. Also did you make any changes to kernel command line or alsa configuration or just used the default configuration (out of the box when SD card is prepared according to instructions ) ?00:23
warthog9I'm probably being bad and not following the instructions ;-)00:23
ykhanwarthog9: Just wanted to make sure our setup matches as closely as possible. :)00:26
warthog9ykhan: doing it "right" now00:26
* warthog9 waits for mkefidsk to finish00:28
ykhanwarthog9: Sorry for bugging you. Thanks00:30
warthog9ykhan: I'm paid to get bugged :-)00:30
warthog9and seriously, this is like the first genuinely technical thing I've been able to do this week, I'm kind of relishing it00:31
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* warthog9 has been working on helping the firmware team understand open source most of this week00:32
ykhanwarthog9: That's great to know :)00:32
warthog9grief, I think the firmware on this board is messed up00:39
* warthog9 flashes the latest00:39
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ykhanwarthog9: I've tested audio on different boards same way but faced problem on minnowboard. Perhaps I am missing something. Hadn't rejected the possibility of defective board but then other team with other minnowboard reported the same problem.00:41
warthog9I have a board here that will very likely be flak-tastic00:42
warthog9err flake00:42
* warthog9 doesn't know the pedigre of any of his v1 boards in his cube00:43
warthog9I barely know the pedigree of the v1 boards I have at home00:43
warthog9and those won't help with this testing as I've broken various audio ports on those *whistles innocently*00:43
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warthog9ykhan: you are going to laugh at me, I think I bricked the board ;-)00:46
ykhanwarthog9: I was just wondering about broken audio ports..!! :)00:47
ykhanwarthog9: I am sure you will have a spare lying around ;)00:48
warthog9I physically broke my ports00:49
warthog9usually when I was lifting the upper section of K-9 and the audio cable got caught and *YANK*00:49
warthog9ykhan: dediprog to the rescue00:51
warthog9it's re-flashing now00:52
warthog9and getting to firmware it looks like00:53
warthog9ok it gets to firmware but it refuses to map the sdcard00:54
* warthog9 wonders if the sdcard even works on this board00:55
* warthog9 tries a second board00:56
warthog9ok board #2 is just toast01:01
ykhanwarthog9: :)01:02
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cpghi warthog9 … great to meet you at the gsoc reunion01:05
cpg(carlos from amahi here)01:05
warthog9cpg: it was awesome to meet you at the reunion!01:05
cpgi am contacting circuitco as well as some local shops here in sunyvale to see how easy it would be for them to pick up the mbm design and do something for us01:06
warthog9ykhan: I think I'm stuck01:07
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warthog9ykhan: not sure what I need to do next to get this ancient thing booting01:07
warthog9ykhan: let me snag K-9 when I get home and see if I can get anywhere more useful, the mic line should still work on him01:08
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warthog9cpg: cool!01:08
warthog9cpg: you found the design files and such?01:08
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ykhanwarthog9: Ok no problem. You can look into it later. Thanks again :)01:11
warthog9and with that, I'm heading home01:13
cpgyes, i saw them, however, i do not have easy access to hardware tools, so i just trust they work :)01:20
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givemefive922Hi, anyone tried to get industrial temp minnowboard max made from circuitco?07:45
av500one can always try07:50
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givemefive922Trying to boot my yocto image from USB flash drive and it seems like I have a grub2 issue I can't resolve.  using mkefidisk I chose the target to be /dev/sda, this didn't wrok so I tried things on the grub shell like set root=(hd0,msdos2) but that didn't work either.  How can I get to the bottom of this?13:03
av500no idea13:05
av500ask in #yocto maybe?13:05
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warthog9givemefive922: can you paste out the mkefidisk line19:47
warthog9givemefive922: and v1 or max, along with what are you trying to boot from?19:47
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nicksydney_prpplague: any news on the MPU ?20:41
warthog9nicksydney_: mpu?20:51
nicksydney_warthog9: i'm still having issue with I2C either with MPU6050 and MMA845x22:04
nicksydney_warthog9: still not detected but both are detected nicely in RPi22:04
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givemefive922@warthog9: what do you mean b1 or max?22:38
givemefive922oh, nvm.22:39 corei7-64.hddimg /dev/sda \ and it's a minnowboard max with a usb drive for booting22:40 /dev/sdb $yoctodirectory/corei7-64.hddimg /dev/sda22:41
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prpplaguenicksydney_: looking into the drive strength of the level shifters on the max.23:26
prpplaguenicksydney_: looks like for some devices it isn't meeting the required fall/rise times23:26
prpplaguenicksydney_: but i am looking into ti23:27
nicksydney_prpplague: thanks mate23:28
nicksydney_prpplague: don't have osci to help out ..otherwise i could help you out from here too :)23:34
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prpplaguenicksydney_: the original i2c validation didn't have any issues23:51
prpplaguenicksydney_: so i need to find out specifically why certain components are working as they are now23:52
prpplaguenicksydney_: in the mean time, if you can purchase a pca9306 breakout board, you can check to see if that solves the problem for you23:53

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