Friday, 2014-10-31

warthog9nicksydney_: ok, I'm getting some of those on order so hopefully I'll be able to replicate soon00:10
warthog9givemefive922: that looks right to me00:10
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nicksydney_prpplague: let me see if i can order any on eBay as getting from Sparkfun to ship to the other side of the worls is WAY too expensive :)00:35
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nicksydney_prpplague: if not PCA9306 what specifically kind of board am i looking for ? is it like voltage convereter ?00:40
nicksydney_prpplague: something like this ?00:41
nicksydney_warthog9: thanks00:41
warthog9nicksydney_: don't thank me, you are the one who's finding the problem :-)00:42
warthog9nicksydney_: I should be thanking you!00:43
nicksydney_warthog9: was a good learning experience coming from a software background :)00:43
nicksydney_i have something like .. will this work ?00:45
nicksydney_and this one too
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nicksydney_prpplague: so for the PCA breakout board as per this diagram ..instead of the battery that shown there i use the +/- from the MinnowMax correct ?01:34
* prpplague looks01:37
prpplaguenicksydney_: correct, just use 3.3V to both the + and ground to the -01:38
prpplaguenicksydney_: then hook one side to the i2c on max01:39
prpplaguenicksydney_: and the other side out to your device01:39
nicksydney_ok cool..thanks01:39
nicksydney_so this kind of converter works differently that the PCA  ?01:39
prpplaguenicksydney_: it works in a similar manner per se, but it's a "hack"01:40
prpplaguenicksydney_: and isn't necessarily the best way to do things01:40
prpplaguenicksydney_: it works better with higher voltages, and slower timings01:40
prpplaguenicksydney_: i.e. with 9600 baud uart01:40
prpplaguenicksydney_: or something where you need to level shift a slow gpio signal01:41
nicksydney_prpplague: when you say "better with higher voltages.." yo referring to the bi-directional board ?01:44
prpplaguenicksydney_: correct01:45
prpplaguenicksydney_: it's more a hack to convert from 3.3V to 5V01:45
prpplaguenicksydney_: for thinks like uart signals01:45
prpplaguenicksydney_: higher speed stuff like i2c at 400kHz tends to have problem01:45
prpplaguenicksydney_: plus if you are doing 3.3V to 3.3V or down to 1.8V you have issues01:46
nicksydney_ahhh ok now i anything that require higher speed need to be careful what we are how do you normally define high or low speed ? or what is the cut off between low and high speed ?01:50
prpplaguenicksydney_: hehe of course high and low are not really quantitative terms in this regard01:51
prpplaguenicksydney_: it's all relative to what you work with01:51
prpplaguenicksydney_: i.e. i usually work with 1V and operate at GHz01:51
prpplaguenicksydney_: but a hobbyists that is working with 9600baud on a +5V arduino might have a different perspective01:52
nicksydney_prpplague: so can i assume that it is safer and more prudent to use something like the PCA9306 to do voltage conversion (regardless of the speed that we are working on) ?01:55
prpplaguenicksydney_: well you always need to consider the voltage and speed, but the PCA9306 is pretty robust and can handle most everything you might want to solder to gether01:56
nicksydney_ok i better put that down on my notes so next time better use something like the PCA so not to spend too much time troubleshooting :)02:00
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ahollerthey are down to 1v already? I wonder when the stuff starts failing if a cat walks by07:11
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nicksydney_Happy Halloween all !22:24
prpplaguenicksydney_: hehe22:30
prpplaguenicksydney_: you can see from G+ i am in the spirit22:30
nicksydney_prpplague: nice pics :)22:30
nicksydney_prpplague: need some optical experiment too :)22:31
* prpplague puts on purple socks as a side joke22:31
nicksydney_prpplague: not some embedded nonsense :)22:31
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