Saturday, 2014-11-01

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givemefive922fixed my boot issue from the other day, wrote zeroes at 2k block size to the drive, used the efi tool again and now it works.02:02
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PeterJOgdenjust got my minnowboard-max and loaded linux mint....can anyone help me figure out how to wiggle the GPIO pins?  If i got to /sys/class I don't have any directory for GPIO.02:51
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ranixPeterJOgden: are you compilin' your own kernel? If not, you need to, and I think it needs to be newer than 3.16.203:15
ranixPeterJOgden: you'll need to select the option to enable gpio sysfs support and also enable the gpio mux option in the kernel03:16
ranixthe default debian kernels don't have sysfs gpio support enabled by default03:16
PeterJOgdenthanks, this gives me something to google03:17
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Guest21588Hello. Will Ubuntu run OK on Minnowboard?08:22
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mario4If  Anyone.Contains['minnowboardmax'] && Anyone.Present then print('hello'); //Thanks23:19
nicksydney_mario4: hello....for 10min going after that :)23:35
mario4im still here :)23:37
mario4I'm just getting starting with the max board.. and I the whole EFI thing is new to me.23:38
mario4For example, I popped ina  bootable USB (containing just DOS) and it won't boot from it. By reading it seems that I need a special bootloader to boot any OS.. is that correct?23:39
mario4I'm wondering if I can get Win7 loaded on this..23:40
mario4I think I just wasted my time switching my bios to 32 bit.. i am also reading win7 UEFI only supports 64bit23:46
givemefive922mario4: There's an embedded 8.1 evaluation Microsoft supports
mario4i was hoping for win7 (reason is I have coded a driver for a custom USB device.. and have not yet looked at porting it)23:59

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