Sunday, 2014-11-02

mario4I realize there is no mention of support for Win7.. but either A) I'll have to be the guinea pig or B) find someone with previous experience here00:00
shuffle2i have win8.1 running on mbm00:10
shuffle2works ok00:10
shuffle2i would suggest just porting your driver00:10
shuffle2soon even 8.1 will be outdated, and 7 is quite older, but i realize this might be some kind of heresy00:11
mario4indeed.. there are lots of reason I need to try and stick to Win7 as much as possible (it's the devil I know). Once i've exhausted all options.. i'll conside the "standard way" ...I'm downloading Win7 64 as we speak/.... prepping a boot cd00:13
mario4err.. boot USB key I mean00:13
shuffle2fwiw i just use to make uefi compatible boot disks00:14
shuffle2dunno if that's what was tripping you up00:14
shuffle2i installed onto a sata-connected ssd from a usb key00:15
shuffle2with x64 firmware00:15
mario4im flashing back to x64 UEFI00:15
mario4i dl'ed rufus00:15
mario4and i'm almost finished getting win7 6400:15
mario4then my plan was to use rufus to prep my 16G USB key00:16
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mario4i'll try to boot the setup00:16
mario4i also need to rig a SSD to be powered by the board00:16 powering the ssd with a desk supply :|00:17
mario4can I steal 5v from the board (i.e. is there enough juice? I'm currently on a 5v 2A supply)00:17
shuffle2probably but i haven't tried00:17
mario4i have a jig.. i'll just power the HDD separetly for now.. no set up to solder right now..00:20
mario4i have a 32GIG SSD and a 100gig HDD.. which to use?00:25
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mario4looks like I have win7 64 already installed on my SSD.. I'm going to back it up and try to boot from it.00:35
mario4Can't boot from it.. it's formatted as a single NTFS.. appears to be the problem with this UEFI00:59
shuffle2if you installed windows on uefi you can't change to legacy mode later (and the reverse)01:01
shuffle2at least, not without wanting to kill yourself01:01
mario4yeah.. i think it was installed in legacy mode01:01
mario4oh well.. i'm 'rufus'ing my usb stick with the install01:01
mario4GPT partitioion for EUFI ?01:02
zobaHave you guys ordered Minnowboards from Technodisti?  I haven't heard anything about my order from them and I called on Friday and when the guy answered, it sound like I had woken him up... He just said "Hello?" and it didn't sound like a business line01:04
mario4@#$% there are UEFI iso images too??01:07
mario4why the heck did they change everything01:07
mario4i ordered mine from mouser01:11
mario4do you think anyone will write in a  Compatibility Support Module (CSM) so the minnowboardMax can boot legacy stuff?01:16
mario4i mean.. what's the point of being bleeding edge if you can't teach a new dog old tricks?01:16
mario4We're booting!! (USB win7 64 install)01:26
* shuffle2 lays a big turd on old things01:26
shuffle2especially CSMs01:26
mario4So did my mbm01:26
mario4just froze01:26
shuffle2use win8.1, you'll save yourself a lot of time01:27
mario4will it fit on a 32g ssd?01:28
shuffle2it installs from ~3.5GB ...01:31
mario4im using this...01:31
shuffle2use x64...this isn't the 90s01:31
mario4x64 gives me what when the mbm only has 2gb of ram ?01:32
shuffle2better code/newer features01:32
shuffle2more security01:32
mario4that would be the product of better code, not wider registers..01:33
shuffle2e.g. the exception handling model on x64 windows is much better than x8601:34
shuffle2you have >4GB of vm address space to work with01:34
shuffle2you have high entropy aslr, kaslr, no 16bit backcompat01:34
mario4too lazy to download yet another iso01:37
mario4ill try this one.. while i download x6401:37
mario4got a link a non-eval version?01:38
mario4hmmm the install is going.. but freaggin slow.. went from 0 to 1% in 10 mins..01:56
mario4and 2%01:56
mario4at this rate i might actually download x64 before this thing is done.01:57
mario4at 15%.. now we're movin people02:00
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mario496% and we're crawling..02:20
shuffle2tip: disable the antimalware thing as soon as you can02:26
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shuffle2cpu can't really handle it02:26
mario4 can it play video? (XMBC)02:27
shuffle2yup...make sure to install gpu driver02:28
shuffle2after that it's actually pretty snappy02:28
mario4could i install windows to the microsd card?02:46
mario4is there anything fast enough i could stick in there?02:46
mario4and what is this "coreboot" business?02:49
mario4whats the boot time for win8 ?02:56
shuffle2coreboot is some replacement bios. imo it's pointless but whatever...03:03
shuffle2i haven't timed it, it's pretty fast though03:03
shuffle2installing the microsd should work as long as you can make the sd card appear as a non-removable device (or maybe windows explicitly supports it, i haven't tried that either)03:04
shuffle2you can see by attempting to select it as the install medium in the installer03:04
mario4first boot is slow03:08
mario4it's asking me to name the PC, clicking next.. and it's not snappyt at all (15 seconds per click)03:08
shuffle2turn off the antimalware scanning03:09
shuffle2and install the gpu driver03:09
mario4not there yet03:09
mario4"Finalizing your settings"03:11
mario4"please wait" (im dying here)03:15
mario4still waiting...03:22
mario4i should have been watching a movie or somehting03:23
mario4ok im in the desktop, but it's really unusable03:32
mario4where is this setting to turn off the AV03:32
shuffle2go to last page and uncheck the box03:34
shuffle2should close the app once you turn it off03:34
mario4winkey toggles between a desktop (with a start bar) and a tile page03:35
shuffle2yes, start typing on the tile page03:35
mario4is there another way? this one seems to not work.. of course it doesnt help i need to wait 10 seconds between key preses03:40
shuffle2what do you mean it doesn't work?03:42
shuffle2maybe the search doesn't complete quickly...03:42
shuffle2winkey+r-> "C:\Program Files\Windows Defender\MSASCui.exe"03:43
mario4i did03:44
mario4i started cmd.exe03:45
mario4i just typed cd..03:45
mario430 seconds before it returns03:45
mario4task manager says the disk is 100% active..03:48
mario4that's probably whats killing me.. but i don't see a process doing it03:48
mario4msacui.exe just loaded03:49
mario4real time protection was off03:49
shuffle2i just booted mine...35 seconds to boot to windows loader (on debug firmware), then windows takes about 15 seconds to boot03:50
shuffle2cmd and all that is instant as you'd expect03:51
mario4maybe i'm missing a storage driver?03:51
mario4when you go in task manager03:51
mario4under processes03:51
mario4I see CPU 0%03:51
mario4mem 22%03:51
mario4disk 100%03:51
mario4network 0%03:51
shuffle2try disabling defender03:51
mario4is was off03:52
shuffle2it's different from just disabling realtime protection03:52
mario4where is that?03:52
shuffle2if you see the ui it's still active03:52
shuffle2on the last tab somewhere03:52
mario4i can't click on the last tab03:53
mario4they are all disabled03:53
shuffle2oh you're on win8?03:53
mario4except the first.. where i can see real time prot=off03:53
shuffle2or 8.1?03:53
shuffle2oh um you should be able to do it then03:53
shuffle2are you a local admin?03:53
shuffle2anyways the builtin resource hogs are defender and the .net background compilation service thingy03:56
mario4wish i could tell you03:56
mario4everytime i click something i have to wait03:57
shuffle2you can disable defender and just wait out the .net compilation stuff, it shouldn't be active while you're actively using the computer anyways03:57
shuffle2yea it's painful in the beginning03:57
shuffle2i guess just get the chipset/gpu drivers installed...03:57
shuffle2helps if you setup rdp, then you can do it async while you do something useful :p03:58
shuffle2or drink a lot of beer/coffee03:58
mario4check and check03:58
mario4im on a multi mon setup..03:58
mario4i got the services panel up03:59
mario4any services i can turn off?03:59
shuffle2idk, i didn't disable anything that way04:00
mario4interesting.. "Windows Search" is in the "starting" state04:06
mario4im going to disable it (eventually)04:07
mario4along with superfetch04:07
mario4i dislike that taskmabager can report that disk is 100% used but cannot tell by whom04:08
shuffle2it could be that it's not being heavily used but the io latency is absurdely high04:08
shuffle2i had that problem when one of my hdds was dying04:09
shuffle2but maybe you just need to install some drivers or something04:09
mario4i just queued a reboot04:11
mario4lets see if this works..04:11
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mario4didn't fix anything04:21
mario4disk still 100%04:21
mario4im going to try this tomorrow... i'll idle in here in case anyone knows about this problem04:26
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john2on the max, any standard for onboard sata power yet20:30
john2seems like Power Connection J2 (SIP2_FAN) is the way to go?20:36
tbror use a spliced power supply cable20:54
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