Tuesday, 2014-11-04

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sysop2hi guys. can I ask a stupid question. why does the celeron  2955U dual core 1.4 ghz have almost triple the geekbench score of the dualcore minnowbaord  (2750 vs 1000)02:10
sysop2I would think the would have had similar numbers.02:11
prpplaguesysop2: you'd have to ask someone that created the geekbench tests as they aren't something that most people use for bench marking02:23
prpplaguesysop2: plus i would double check to make sure that you are referencing the minnowboard max, and not the minnowboard02:24
sysop2whats a good bench mark.02:24
sysop2I meant max sorry02:24
sysop2I have an acticle that tested it under several and if its something that runs under linux I can test it right away.02:25
prpplaguesysop2: link?02:25
sysop2sure hold on.02:25
prpplaguesysop2: i don't see a comparison with max ther02:30
sysop2there is not, but there is the total geekebnch score which I compared to the geekbench score I got running it under linux on  the minnowboard02:30
prpplaguesysop2: first, most likely you are using an older kernel that limits the processor clock to 1GHz02:32
sysop2yes. max. I should just say MM becasuse I keep leaving off the max02:32
sysop2older kernel? running kubuntu 14.04?02:32
prpplaguesysop2: second, there is no direct information on what ddr3 clock frequency is either02:32
prpplaguesysop2: yea02:32
sysop2what kernel do I need?02:32
prpplaguesysop2: iirc 3.17 is the min for having the correct clock frequency to be used02:33
prpplaguesysop2: but even with that, the bench mark doesn't take into account the number of memory channels nor the clock rate for the ddr302:34
prpplaguesysop2: so there are a number of factors that can influence those numbers02:34
sysop2you are correct sir! I am running 3.13.02:34
sysop2I am glad I asked in here!02:35
sysop2the reason I was asking was that the chromeboxes use that cpu and I was wondering how they stacked up.02:36
sysop2but since they run chrome no one has got any non android bench marks on that hardware itself. (at least that I have found)02:37
prpplaguelooks like none of the E38xx series have been rated as of yet02:37
sysop2if I am runing almost a full 1/3 of what it can run I cant wait to see what it can do!02:38
sysop22/3 I meant02:38
sysop2thanks again prpplague!02:38
prpplaguesysop2: remember, benchmarks are tricky things02:39
prpplaguesysop2: in order to compare apples to apples, you have be very very careful with the test conditions02:39
prpplaguesysop2: http://www.notebookcheck.net/Intel-Atom-Z3775-Tablet-SoC.115894.0.html02:40
prpplaguesysop2: the baytrail-T is the exact same core as the baytrail-i on the max02:40
prpplaguesysop2: that comparison is typical as to what you would expect from the 1.46GHz baytrail-i on max02:41
sysop2ok so its about the same then. awesome news.02:42
prpplaguesysop2: baytrail-t is for "tablet"02:42
prpplaguesysop2: baytrail-i is intended for "industrial" or basic embedded02:42
prpplaguesysop2: same core02:42
sysop2so whats the difference between the celron and the atom now? is it just that the atom has better power usage?02:55
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inflexIsn't the Atom still limited to 4GB and such?04:50
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tbrinflex: if, then not because of 32bit anymore06:20
sysop2the new ones are 64bit, like the max06:26
tbrmy point, yes06:49
tbrcould ofc still be an artificial memory controller limitation or such06:49
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