Wednesday, 2014-11-05

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jealihi there00:55
warthog9why are SD cards so SLOW01:03
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john2for the minnowboard max, what kind of receptacle for the J2 5V ?03:27
john2I'm thinking this
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mario4FYI to let everyone know my issue from a couple of days ago03:44
mario4upon install of win 8.1, i had 100% disk usage problems causing extreme slowness.03:45
mario4The resolution was to revert my disk from AHCI to IDE mode in the bios03:45
mario4my disk is a 32 GIG sandisk SSD03:45
mario4Also - has anyone has any luck with windows 7 on the max board?03:45
mario4I run the setup but it freezes upon boot....03:46
mario4during the glowing windows splash screen03:46
warthog9john2: I think there's one specced out in the BOM03:57
warthog9that one works03:58
warthog9john2: I think the one on there is the same one used for 2-pin fans03:58
warthog9mario4: that's odd :-/03:58
warthog9I haven't done windows myself03:58
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john2warthog9: thanks, any word on lures being for sale soon?06:45
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koenwarthog9: parcel received, many thanks!08:49
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mario4Also dissapointed that I can't power my SSD off the J2 of the max.. the blue power led blinks rapidly(50ms) and doesn't boot.14:19
prpplaguemario4: what is the rating on the power supply you are using?14:53
prpplaguemario4: to run a ssd from J2 along with all the other items onboard you will need a power supply rated at least 2.5A15:11
prpplaguemario4: with a 3A or better recommended15:11
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zobaI heard that the Minnowboard CPU is actually a quadcore, but that two of the cores were fused so it could be sold cheaper.  Anyone know if thats true?19:52
prpplaguezoba: HA19:53
prpplaguezoba: where did you hear that silly stuff?19:53
zobamy friend mentioned it to me19:53
zobaI am not familiar with how to CPU industry works, so I'm not sure with how plausible that is19:54
prpplaguezoba: no that is not correct19:54
prpplaguezoba: there are a number different varations of the baytrail available19:54
prpplaguezoba: the minnowboard max is currently being offered with a single core 1.46GHz, and a dual core 1.33GHz19:55
prpplaguezoba: you can look at the different variations here -
zobaYeah, I guess what this person was saying is that Intel architected the quad core and only built one architecture...but then sells the single/dual core with the other cores present, but not accessible19:56
prpplaguezoba: there are plans to offer a quad core max in the near future19:56
zobaOh wow, super cool19:56
zobaSign me up! :-p19:56
prpplaguezoba: there are some cases where that is can be done, but it is not the case for baytrail19:57
zobaAh ok, interesting19:57
ahollerand even if so, the fused cores might be malfunction. E.g. the good ones will be sold as multicore, the bad ones as singlecore19:58
zobaoh wow, that is interesting19:58
prpplaguezoba: for instance, the 1.33GHz dual core is not "designed" as a 1.33GHz19:59
prpplaguezoba: it's designed up to 2GHz, but that device only passed tests up to the 1.33GHz20:00
zobaThat makes sense20:01
zobathat makes sense20:02
zobahey prpplague, what is your involvement with the minnowboard project? I see you on here a lot20:03
prpplaguei designed the minnowboard max20:03
RzRand you did it well20:03
zobasuper cool.  I'm excited to get my hands on one20:04
zobaI have two Wandboards to mess around with, and was always kind of bothered by Arm... but I liked that they were quadcore.  My friend issued a challenge that the dual core Minnowboard would perform better than the quad core wandboard, so, we're going to be writing up our results once we get one :)20:05
prpplaguezoba: lovely20:06
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hamderHi! Just got my minnowboard :), but it wont boot a ubuntu iso installation. I using the USB 3.0 port. What to do?20:42
prpplaguehamder: minnowboard or minnowboard max?20:43
prpplaguehamder: i assume you mean max20:44
prpplaguehamder: if so, then are you following the instructions here
hamderYe i mean max20:44
hamderprpplague: Do I need to make a bootable drive using the direct write method?20:49
prpplaguehamder: have you installed ubuntu on a desktop pc before?20:50
hamderor twice, long time ago20:50
prpplaguehamder: hmm ok20:51
prpplaguehamder: well you will need to go to the ubuntu web site to download the 64-bit installer image20:51
prpplaguehamder: you can find instructions there on how to make the usb thumbdrive20:51
prpplaguehamder: the instructions are the same20:51
hamderI though I read that you were just to move the iso file onto the USB drive.20:54
prpplaguehamder: no20:54
hamderI will make the drive bootable then :)20:55
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hamderprpplague: 'n installing - thx21:02
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