Thursday, 2014-11-06

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mario4prpplague: I have a 5v 2.5A supply... I have HDMI/Ethernet/Keyboard/Mouse/SATA plugged in.  When I try to power my SSD from J2.. it's an no-go. I currently have to power it externally.03:56
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ka6sox-chromewarthog9: ping?05:24
ka6sox-chromewhat CAD apps might there be outlines and other bits for?05:24
warthog9ka6sox-chrome: pong05:24
warthog9good question05:24
warthog9not sure we've got one, I assume your thinking lure?05:25
ka6sox-chromeyes, actually05:25
warthog9ka6sox-chrome: that's a question for prpplague I think05:25
ka6sox-chromebonus points for LS/HS connector placement.05:25
warthog9we've got the allegro files, but I'm not sure how easy those are to import into a cad program05:26
ka6sox-chromeokay maybe the community has some...05:26
ka6sox-chromeI'll leave it here and see if anyone responds :)05:26
warthog9ka6sox-chrome: actually I might have something05:26
warthog9"low-speed" lure?05:27
warthog9gerbers and eagle files05:27
ka6sox-chromeyes, I'm going to do a Low Speed one05:28
warthog9don't think we've got anything for the high-speed connector yet05:28
ka6sox-chromeokay no problem05:28
ka6sox-chromeI have eagle and can use that for comparison05:28
warthog9I'll try and bug prpplague tomorrow, see if he can squeeze something like the proto for the high speed out05:28
ka6sox-chromemmm...prototype lure...05:28
ka6sox-chromelow speed is fine for me right now.05:29
ka6sox-chromebut gettting one for the HS would be Bonus for folks.05:29
warthog9yeah, need to work on that05:30
warthog9it's either that or I need to hire carpman to make me up one ;-)05:31
ka6sox-chromehe might like that.05:36
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hamderDoes anyone know whether the HDMI on the minnowboard max supports CEC?18:04
prpplaguehamder: the i2c bus for edid is generic and does report the CEC devices, however there has been no specific tests done for the CEC support18:05
prpplaguehamder: as CEC support was not part of the design requirements18:05
hamderprpplague: Ok. I will try and see if I can figure something out18:07
prpplaguehamder: if you use i2cdetect on the i2c bus for the hdmi18:07
prpplaguehamder: and you have it connected to a display that supports cec18:08
prpplaguehamder: you should get an i2c device listing18:08
prpplaguehamder: for cec along with the edid eeprom18:08
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hamderprpplague: Are there any installation for i2cdetect?18:17
prpplaguehamder: i am sorry i did not understand your question18:17
hamderprpplague: Total newb here. i2cdetect is a program that i need to install and run right?18:20
prpplaguehamder: yes18:20
prpplaguehamder: if it isn't already installed18:21
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hamderprpplague: I'm running the newest version of ubuntu18:21
prpplaguehamder: ubuntu has i2cdetect as part of the i2c tools package18:22
hamderprpplague: Great18:22
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