Monday, 2014-11-17

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Bhaal13 IN STOCK!!!!!!!!!!!! OMG!@13:59
* Bhaal falls out of his tree13:59
nashioh crap I wish I had that much in my debit card14:01
prpplagueBhaal: hehe14:21
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warthog9Bhaal: good lord!17:16
* warthog9 should take a screenshot of that17:18
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dvharthey zenlinux17:23
* zenlinux waves to dvhart17:24
*** warthog9 changes topic to "Announcing the MinnowBoard - Open Source Hardware w/ Intel Atom! | wiki resources at | Please update your firmware (see g+/facebook/mailing list) | If you don't get a response, take your question to the mailing list | MinnowBoard MAX Dual core in stock at Mouser right now!"17:42
tbr3, 2, 1 … sold out!?17:48
warthog9tbr: mouser keeps claiming 12 in stock17:49
* warthog9 isn't sure how real-time their inventory is17:49
tbrhehe, post it to g+ if you haven't yet and *bam*17:49
warthog9tbr: I posted it up on G+, twitter and Facebook!17:49
warthog9(thanks to ifttt to the later two)17:50
warthog9(assuming that worked)17:50
warthog9yup it's everywhere17:51
* warthog9 should investigate "better" solutions for cross posting to all the social media sites17:51
tbrapparently there's nothing for G+ as they "don't have an API"17:53
* tbr has an cross-posting plugin for his WP instance, but they don't offer g+, only as a service, where they maintain an intermediate to the G+ API as moving target17:54
warthog9tbr: yeah, you can pull out of G+17:56
warthog9but not stick in easily it seems17:56
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macmeckwarthog9: did you receive any feedback from the firmware team concerning the pmcie sata controllers yet?19:30
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warthog9macmeck: I've got some, and it came up late last week and I need to go re-open the e-mail and figure out where they had left it20:51
warthog9macmeck: ok found the thread, and no one is quite sure yet20:56
warthog9(what the problem is)20:56
macmeckwarthog9: okay thanks. so you're still working on it, right?20:58
warthog9macmeck: it's on the todo list20:58
macmeckwarthog9: cool20:58
warthog9I've actually got a pile of other mpci-e cards on order to do some testing20:58
warthog9see if this is an issue with *THAT* card, or if it's more systemic20:58
macmeckwarthog9: let's hope for the best20:59
warthog9and it looks like I have 3 mpci-e sata cards on the list20:59
macmeckwhich other cards do you have?21:00
warthog9and which should be close to the delock21:00
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warthog9macmeck: if we find one that works, would that "resolve" your issue?21:01
warthog9or do you want to stick with the delock?21:01
macmeckyeah, would be fine21:01
macmeckno need to stick with delock21:01
macmeck seems to be just the same as the delock21:02
warthog9K, once we've got those in and spun them up I'll make sure to do up a table of cards that we've tried and work / don't work21:02
warthog9yeah ordered one of those syba's too21:02
* warthog9 stares at his order with 65 or so separate line items on it21:03
macmeck65... okay ;-)21:03
macmecki guess we'll find one that works21:03
warthog9well that has i2c, spi and mpci-e devices on it21:04
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macmeckalso 1-wire stuff to progress with the w1-gpio stuff we discussed on the mailing list lately?21:16
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HoloPedJust got my minnow max21:57
dvhartcongrats :)21:58
HoloPedIs possible to install win7 on it?21:59
HoloPedOr is only win8.1 supported21:59
dvhartThat isn't something I've tried myself22:00
dvhartwin 8.1 is the only thing I *know* to be supported22:00
HoloPedCan I install win8.1 on the SD card ?22:01
HoloPedor is a SATA drive mandatory ?22:01
warthog9HoloPed: sd card should be possible but you need to tell the firmware to claim the sd card is non-removable22:02
dvhartYou can install to the SD, but you need to mark it as non-removable in the firmware as windows refuses to install on removable media22:03
dvhartI believe ms has documented all this22:03
dvhartshould be a link off the wiki to their docs22:03
warthog9don't remember if there's a link22:03
warthog9FAQ points to
warthog9 looks to be the exact steps22:04
HoloPedthanks !22:24
HoloPedAnyone has a 3d printable minnowboard max case in STL ?22:55
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warthog9HoloPed: there's one linked from the wiki23:41
warthog9it's a half case, not a full case though23:41
warthog9also 4 boards left in stock at Mouser23:41

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