Wednesday, 2014-11-19

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freqis the minnowMAX on its way soon?00:04
prpplaguefreq: minnowmax is shipping now00:04
prpplaguefreq: however the demand is extremely high00:04
freqi ordered 2 months ago00:04
prpplaguefreq: then you need to double check with who you ordered it from00:04
prpplaguefreq: all of the pre-orders were filled as of yesterday00:05
freqdo you run one?00:05
prpplaguefreq: yes you could say that00:05
freqwell, i plan on putting crunchbang on mine once it's here00:05
freqi basically run a micro-itx version already00:05
freqi just want something powered off of usb. that's just awesome00:05
prpplaguefreq: please check with the distributor that you ordered with to make sure your order is still valid00:06
freqokay. they took my money00:06
prpplaguefreq: who was it?00:07
freqtechno dist00:07
prpplaguefreq: i would email them to confirm your order is still valid00:07
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freqOrder Status Confirmed00:10
freqLast Updated 2014-10-0300:10
freqso excited00:13
freqI sent an e-mail.00:18
freqprpplague: have your tests been good with the minnow?00:18
prpplaguefreq: yes they have, but i am somewhat biased in my opinion of the minnowmax, hehe00:19
freqyeah, i wonder if it's dual core with hyperthreading00:22
prpplaguefreq: no00:22
prpplaguefreq: the Baytrail series does not support hyperthreading00:22
freqokay. maybe i wont be very impressed00:22
freqwhat OS do you run00:22
prpplaguefreq: performance is very good indeed though00:22
prpplaguefreq: normally a custom linux build00:23
prpplaguefreq: but i've tested a which range of items, again, i am biased00:23
freqhave you tried steam00:23
prpplagueit's on my todo list00:23
freqhow about simple apps like googleearth00:23
prpplagueperfectly fine00:37
prpplagueno issues at all00:37
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warthog9freq: I had an intern run KSP on it00:47
warthog9freq: would you mind e-mailing me your confirmation e-mail?00:48
warthog9so I can use it to back track what's going on with CCo?00:48
freqi don't understand00:51
prpplaguefreq: warthog9 would like you to forward a copy of your confirmation email from technodisti for your minnowboard max order00:51
freqokay. i just didn't receive it yet00:52
prpplaguefreq: he can follow up with technodisti and the manufacturer circuitco00:52
prpplaguefreq: you didn't receive any type of email confirming your order?00:52
freqno, i just sent a request an hour ago00:52
prpplaguefreq: no i mean when you place the order00:53
prpplaguefreq: did you receive an email when you initially placed the order?00:53
freqyea i misplaced it00:53
prpplaguefreq: do you have an order number?00:54
zoba_btw I would say that Techno Disti is not the most responsive seller, and I've had to call multiple times to confirm (and was told I'd receive a return call yesterday and did not)... so, you may want to call them, freq00:55
prpplaguewarthog9 is with the minnowboard team and can assist on following up with some orders00:55
freqi have an order #.00:56
prpplagueif you provide him the information about your order he can contact technodisti for you00:56
prpplaguezoba_: have you received your order yet?00:56
zoba_prpplague: no I haven't.  A while back I was told the orders would go out last week, but they didn't.  I finally got in touch with Techno Disti on Friday and he said the order would go out on MOnday (yesterday) and that he'd send me a confirmation code.  I never got a confirmation code, and was too busy to call him yesterday or today00:57
prpplaguezoba_: warthog9 and i will look into this tomorrow with technodisti to see if we can get some answers01:00
prpplaguezoba_: what is your order number?01:02
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zoba_prpplague: order no is 3c9d07301:13
zoba_prpplague: thanks01:13
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nicksydneya general Intel bay trail question....has anybody encountered issue installing Ubuntu and/or Android on a Baytrail device ? in my case it is giving blank screen everytime after it select the from the boot menU (gummyboot) ?10:23
nicksydneyis it possible there is something in the UEFI firmware that stops any OS to be installed on such a device ?10:23
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blitz__hey guys14:13
blitz__is there someone who runs archlinux on the minnowboardmax?14:14
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arfollblitz__: I do... it works well16:29
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HoloPedHey all18:21
HoloPedhow do I set my SD card as non removable so I can install win8.1 on it ?18:21
HoloPedIts the MAX version18:22
prpplagueHoloPed: msft has a page with complete instructions, let me see if can find the url18:22
HoloPedok thanks18:24
prpplagueHoloPed: i would recommending using a usb3 thumbdrive for the media instead of uSD18:24
prpplagueHoloPed: better performance18:24
HoloPedwhat do you mean ?18:25
HoloPedInstall the OS on the thumbdrive ?18:25
prpplagueHoloPed: yes18:25
HoloPedhow much faster it is ?18:25
HoloPedI already have a fast SD18:26
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HoloPedbut no USB3 drivers18:26
prpplagueHoloPed: a lot faster, hehe18:26
prpplagueHoloPed: even with a usb2 thumbdrive you are going to get better performance than running the OS from uSD18:26
HoloPedhow about a SD in a usb card reader ?18:27
prpplagueHoloPed: same thing18:27
HoloPedas in, faster than just the SD ?18:27
prpplagueHoloPed: the interface to the uSD, even a fast one, is just 4 bit wide and usually limited to 50MHz or less18:27
HoloPedI see18:28
HoloPedthanks !18:28
prpplagueHoloPed: so no matter what system you are using, SD interface is going to be slower than most native USB devices such as thumbdrives18:28
HoloPedoh cool, I found that my SD card came with a tiny USB3 card reader18:29
HoloPedAre there decent USB3 hubs?18:30
HoloPedI need the usb3 port for a camera18:30
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prpplagueHoloPed: ok so you are going from USB3 -> to 50MHz sd18:30
prpplagueHoloPed: so you still are limiting yourself on bandwidth18:30
HoloPedI see18:30
prpplagueHoloPed: plenty of usb3 hubs on the market18:31
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HoloPedAre there tiny SATA SSD drives  ?18:45
HoloPedThis board is going on a quadcopter, so every gram counts18:45
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prpplagueHoloPed: i'd recommend using a mSATA with the Flotsam lure19:00
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HoloPedcan I buy that anywhere ?19:02
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HoloPedor is it still just schematics19:02
prpplagueHoloPed: Flotsam lure will be available in a few weeks to order19:02
HoloPedok great19:02
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HoloPedwhere does it connect, on the bottom ?19:04
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HoloPedor on top ?19:05
prpplagueHoloPed: bottom, let me get you a picture19:06
prpplagueone sec19:06
HoloPedmaybe there is a SATA-mSATA adapter I can use?19:07
HoloPedthat would be smaller than that board ?19:08
prpplagueHoloPed: i suspect any adapter you find will certainly weigh more...19:08
HoloPedany idea how much the Flotsam lure will weigh ?19:09
* prpplague grabs one to check19:10
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prpplagueHoloPed: with mSATA card and standoffs, its 42.6 grams19:14
HoloPedyou da best19:14
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ahollerflotsam copter?19:35
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warthog9zoba: you around?22:38
zobawarthog9: yeah, mostly22:39
zobareally crappy internet right now so I keep fading in and out22:39
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warthog9zoba: noticed ;-)22:40
warthog9zoba: no worries :-)22:40
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warthog9if it was an issue I would have put a temp ban on you22:40
zobahaha ok22:41
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freqyou guys checked on those orders today huh23:02
prpplaguefreq: oh yea23:02
freqmine shipped! what did you all do?23:02
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prpplaguefreq: we killed a chicken and spread the blood around the shipping department23:03
freqlol thank you23:03
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freqnow i gotta work on my hardware firewall before it gets here!23:04
prpplaguefreq: while chanting "ship to freq! ship to freq!"23:04
freqi'm so excited23:08
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